A71) Video: “The Wave of Deceit and Delusion is Here,” (Victoria, Segres Bates, 7th Jan, 2017):

Someone recently sent me this remarkable video from a prophetess in the USA. I cannot yet find it on You Tube. It summarises what I have been receiving prophetic warnings about myself since 2005 but relays this message in a much deeper way due to the depth of emotion that comes across in this video. I think this maybe Gods final word on the subject. Please click on the following link. It is the video near the top of Victoria’s Facebook page found at; 

https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=victoria%20segres%20bates  (Victoria Segres Bates, 7th Jan, 2017)

I may try to find a direct link to this video on You Tube later on, (Steve Dobbs, site owner).