Rev 13 


     END TIMES POLL, (started in May 2020), see botton of page!

    31st, Oct, 2023: In the light of the recent Hamas Israeli conflict I think I should highlight these words for you to watch out for and test,  (C74), (C75). Watch these three one min vid clips  from US Col. Macreggor on todyas Hamas Israeli conflict and its international implications, Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3. Could this lead to Gog of Magog war with Israel, Ez 38?

    End Times words received since 1992: Gods mandate to me, in early 2003, was; "as the smaller prophet in the smaller nation, (i.e. the UK), make the prophecies available to the larger prophets in the larger nation, (i.e. the USA), [which Ive done repeatedly since then]. " I was then led to build this website via two words from others in 2003 & 2004, the above is the design I was given. The site was completed in 2005 then, after repeated Islamic hacks in 2013, was rebuilt as .co.uk. Beware of self effort and wish fulfilment "prophecies" or trying to speak your own version of reality into being, (which can = witchcraft). These pedictions appear to me to be starting to come to pass and lining up with the end times scriptures in the bible

    I feel the need to tidy up and explain this Home Page: This is fundamentally a Prophecy Website, set up in 2005. I prefer not to seek prophecies but let God initiate the process. The flow of words had largely dried up by 2018 after I was called to an activist role. I've had problems fulfilling most of this due to health issues so temporarily put those notes and watchman warnings on this site. The two, therefore, got mixed together on this Home Page, which isn’t ideal. However, I am unable to add to my watchman wordconnect.org website but needed to share this info. Prior to this, in 1988, Ez 33. 1- 9 leapt out of the bible at me, highlighted by an anointing, revealing that I was called to be a watchman and that it is absolutely essential that watchman hand out warnings about the enemy attacks they see coming upon the church. If they fail to do this they will be held personally responsible for the harm those attacks cause. I was shown later that, quote; "it is better to hand out warnings badly than not at all."  Whilst I believe God showed me that this analysis "grounded" the prophecies on the site this was intended as a temporary solution. I’ve not been able to move on from this yet. Adding to the health issues my landlord is also selling up and I’m being evicted in the middle of a housing, rents and homelssness crisis. Im getting pretty overun!

    Get informed and active v theIHR’s and the surrender of our sovereignty to theWHOo, (link)*

    WARNING: A POTENTIAL INCREASE IN DEATHS, (LINK), (a watchman not a prophetic warning!)

    To avoid bot censorship the spellings "voxxine," "cavid1/9," etc were used throughout.

    Use this site, to send an email to all politicians, follow the simple instructions

    Start of final Voxxine Article, (ongoing)

    i) Understanding the Jewish idiom; “no one knows the day or hour," (link). ii) Where the great apostasy, (of 2 Thess 2 v 3), will start & how it'l manifest, (A40*). iii) The sign that the Ez 38, Gog of Magog war has arrived, (C74). iv) All Israel will then turn to Christ (C75), (see Rm 11; 26). v) Revivals across the M. East and World will then follow. See Isaiah Ch 19; Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, parts of Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait + Iraq, unite in God, all the lands promised to Abraham in Gen 15; 18. vi) End Times Revivals will vary in intensity; the greatest in Chinese and African /majority black churches, then the M. Eastern and S. American churches, then the E. European, Western and Asian churches. See words on the 7 Lamps from the "Rev 13" link in bar above. Beware of false "revivals," though, as deception will be on the increase too, so dont give yourself over to anything spiritual as it may be of the occult. Only accept biblical manifestations of the Spirit. Follow Jesus' example in this!

    Today: "The Globalist Plan to Build a One World Government," (A85). For their progress so far, see second half of (A89), and (A72) on the E.U. Keep studying Rev Ch 13 in the bible. In 2021 the G7 Nations agreed to intro CBDC's, i.e. a digital currency for a cashless society, with Chinese style credit controls, (link), see (A24). BBC Radio 4 is advocating hand chips, (link).

    Please send an em to your M.P, (link), they are only getting Big Pharma's info, controlled by the Big Bankers, Rockkefellas, Rotheschhildds etc and oligarchs like Bill Gattes, who also control most of the main media, (link), plus 80 - 95% of Co.'s via Bllackrockk and Vanguarrd influenced shareholdings. We now already live in an oligarchy, not a free market, with their control now manifesting in the political arena too.

    Pray to delay the Voxxine I.D Pass, Bill Gattes' boi-digital, Voxx hand tattoo mark, (link), which could = 666 later. Please save these & other prophecies as more censorship is surely coming, with probable, faked internet terrorism crisies used as the excuse, or the new power of A.I which will soon be able to fake videos. 

    A Strategy to legally, safely and effectively email all of the UKs MP's with some of the above Info and videos, (link). A site that can now help yu do this even easier, (link)

    Detailed, ongoing voxxine article, this is taking some time, as new info keeps emerging, so I may have to redo this, (link).

    Info and new videos, (link) since the pundemic started, on issues such as authoritarianism, propaganda, NWO  etc.

    The Prophecy Today Magazine's online review of the end times and similar warning to beware and keep watch, (link)



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               Derek Prince
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      "Protection from Deception"


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