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    UPDATE 14th Jan 2020: After launching missile attacks on two US bases in Iraq on the 8th of Jan, Iran has since declared its intension to drive all US forces out of the Middle East. This would open the way for an attack on Israel. In recent years Turkey and Iran have forged strong ties with one another and have both declared a desire to attack and destroy Israel. In 2016 President Erdogan accused the CIA of being behind an attempt to assassinate him and stage a coup in Turkey. Whilst Turkey is still in NATO it has further strained relations with the other members, particularly the USA, since buying a missile defence system from Russia whom it has now also formed closer ties with. Since the US withdrew its forces from Syria in 2019 Russia, Iran and Turkey have now become the three main players influencing the future of the civil war in Syria. This was followed in 2019 by Turkey targeting the USA’s Kurdish allies by launching a large scale ground offensive into Northern Syria to remove them. According to prophecy No C74 once Turkey invades the small western section of Iraq, where the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria meet, this will be a sign to the church to warn Christians that the Ezekiel 38, Gog of Magog War is about to start against Israel. This war is thought by many to be an end times sign, perhaps even the start of the last 7 or 8 years. It is interesting that many religious Jews are also expecting the imminent fulfilment of the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. They already have many of the artefacts ready for the building of the Third Jewish Temple, the instructions for which are contained in Ez 40 onwards. Many believe this Temple will be another, even surer, end times sign. Ez 39; 29 also states that the Spirit will then be poured out on Israel.

    I believe there will be a great flood of spiritual deception just prior to and during these events in the M. East, consisting of various counterfeits of the Holy Spirit and other attack sweeping across the churches of the western world. This will result in many becoming apostate, (possibly marking the start of the great end times falling away from the faith), see Warnings list.

    Word No C75 predicts that as Israel returns to God at this time this will then also trigger a great global end time’s move of the Holy Spirit. This will become the most awesome and powerful amongst Chinese and majority Black Churches around the world, (see A26), but will impact the rest of the churches too in varying degrees. A great spiritual conflict will then ensue, (see for e.g. prophecy No A4), as the Beast Empire will rapidly emerge in the world around us at the same time. This Global Government will ultimately be led by the Antichrist, as per Rev Ch 13. He and his Beast Empire will only be destroyed by Jesus Christ’s Second Coming and His physical return to earth at the end of those last seven years, (after a 3.5 year global persecution of Christians, see Dan 12; 7). These things could all be about to happen very soon, taking many Christians by surprise…“as it was in the days of Noah.” It is perhaps important to remember Jesus’ warning parable concerning the five wise and five foolish virgins as it is so easy to sink into discouragement and distractions at this present in-between time. 

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