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     Rev 13 


    Understanding the Jewish idiom "no one knows the day or hour," (link).

    Revivals and a Great Apostasy. Next, is A40* possibly 2 Thess 2 v 3? The M. East, the Ez 38 Gog of Magog O/T prediction, (C74), with all Israel then turning to Christ, (C75), (Rm 11; 26?). See also Isaiah 19 on Egypt, Syria, Iraq! Please send latest voxxine research, (link), to your M.P, (em links), they are only being given Big Pharma's info, (controlled by the W. Oligarchs, e.g. the Rockefeller's, Rothchilds, Bushes & Bill Gates, as are most T.V Corporations, (link)). NWO and Vaxx link info,i)ii) iii). Pray to delay the Voxxine I.D Pass, the intro of Bill Gates' digital Bio Vox tattoo chip, the U.K and most other Government's consideration of a cashless society and the U.S.A's trial of hand chips to buy & sell, (Rev 13, 666). Radio 4 promotes hand chips, (link). Canadian truckers can now have their bank accounts frozen by their gov't. Websites, texts and em's may soon be censored, as Youtube, Fb and Google already are, so please save these prophecies! Since Biden came to power the G7 alliance is now emphasised - (A24)

     To avoid bot censorship"voxxine," "cavid" & "lackdown" were used as replacement words throughout the site.


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