I have also included "alerts" here, for e.g. urgent calls to prayer for certain issues. For all other prophesies see full lists in Indexes A, B, C.


             Date to site     Ref No      Prophecy Title, name and the date the prophecy was received by the person:


             March 2019     B17        Why Didn’t Anyone in the Bible Ever Direct Prayer or Worship to the Holy Spirit? [Can this Open to                                                                           Deception as  Derek Prince Warned? Does a misreading of “three (distinct) persons” as “three                                                                                  separate persons” instead lie behind this?]. S. Dobbs, March, 2019 . [RE-WRITTEN].

             April 2018        B16         An End Times Warning, (Published in "New Covenant," February 1978)

             Mar 2018         B15         Warning against joining Interfaith Meetings and Movement; (Patricia Higton, in the late nineteen eightie

             Feb 2017          A72         The E.U, atheism, a One World Government, Luciferianism and Satan’s perspective, (S. Dobbs, 2017)

             Jan 2017           C82        Protection advice for UK, (and USA) Christians, (S. Dobbs, 16th Jan, 2017)

             Jan 2017           A71        Video: “The Wave of Deceit and Delusion is here,” (Victoria Segres Bates, 7th Jan 2017)

             Nov 2016           A70        Brexit Parayer, the E. U and Last Days, (S. Dobbs and others, Nov 2016)

             Oct  2016          C79         Prayer, like Sizzors, Needed To Fully Cut Us Free From the E.U, (Gill, Feb 2016)

             Mar 2016          C78         The False Hope of a  Christian Global Apostolic Governemnt, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2016)

             Nov 2015          A69          The Coming One World Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2011)

             Oct 2015           C74          Ez 38, the God of Magog War, Followed by a Move of Gods Spirit in the M. East, (S. Dobbs, 2002)

             Oct 2015          A68          The Falling Away, Grassroots Christianity, Interfaith, 666, One Wld Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2014)

             Sept 2015         C71          The Raising up of the Black Race in the End Times, (S. Dobbs, 2003)

             Sept 2015         C70          Three Judgements and Gods Last Word on America, (John Mulinde, 2004)

             Aug 2015         A66          The Danger of Ministers Falling Away, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2015)

             July 2015         C69          A division in the US, the Interfaith, Decisions to Make, (S. Dobbs June 2015)

             July 2015         C68          A Pearl Harbour for the US Church - A Vision, (J. Kehrli, 1984)

             July 2015         C67          The USA will be split into four Nations, (D. Smith, 2009)

             July 2015         A65          The Times are Dark. The Kingdom of Light, (David Noakes, 2015)

             July 2015         C65          UK Grassroots Move of God and a fake Move within this, (S. Dobbs Oct 2014)

             July 2015         C64          Many will soon abandon the faith across the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2014)

             July 2012         B13          Seek an Inner Revival, (Anonymous, 2002)

             Aug 2011         C56          The Growth of Paganism in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2011)

             Sept 2010        B12          Avoid Deception and Overwhelming Spiritual Attacks, (S. Dobbs, 2011)

             Sept 2010        A62          An Occult Anointing and Fallen Angels Will Sweep Across the USA, (S. Dobbs, 2010)

             Sept 2010        C55          Acid Rain Cloud in the UK, (R. Smith, 1994)

             Sept 2010        A61          The Bride Will Leave Christendom, (W. Thomas, 1993)

             Sept 2010        A60          Two Boats, the True and False Churches, (M. Alleckna, 2010)

             Aug 2010         A58          False Teachings That Will Enter The Church, (S. Dobbs, 2006)

             July 2010         C54          A Sinking Ship, Falling away and a Grassroots Move in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2006)

             June 2010        A59          False Prophets and Bad Sheppard's. David Noakes’, (D . Noakes, 1994)

             May 2009         A52          The European Union, E.U, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2007)

             April 2009         A51          Moral decline in Europe. Political links with the USA. (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007)

             April 2009         A50          Vision of Christian Ministries, (B. Jenkinson, 2008)

             March 2009      A48          A word for 2009 onwards, (Sharon Stone, Nov 2008)

             Oct  2008          A47          Vision -Economy on Life Support, (B.H, 1997)

             July 2008          B11          Why does God allow deception into the church? Humility. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

             July 2008          C47          Christian Leaders in Africa. (S. Dobbs, 2004)

             June 2008         A46          A New Era, (B. Franklin, 2008)

             June 2008         C45          Waves of Deception entering the UK, (David Noakes, 1990)

             June 2008         A45          Europe will be the Spiritual Centre of the Beast Empire, (S. Dobbs, 2007)

             Winter 2007       A44         1906 End Times Word From Azusa Street.

             Winter 2007       A43         The Interfaith Movement, a False form of Christianity, to the End of the Age, (S. Dobbs 2006)

             Winter 2007       C41         Great Judgements, (Stanley Frodisham, 1965)

             Winter 2006       A42          A Realigning of National Churches in the Body of Christ. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

             Winter  2006      A40          Interfaith and the Dangers of Self Promotion Amongst Christians, (S. Dobbs, 2005)

             Spring 2006       C33          Vision for the American Church, (Rev B . Franklin)

             Spring 2006       C27          The Church of the U.S.A will be Filtered by Deception. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

             Summer 2005    A11          "Ez 38, Gog of Magog War, Israel, Then Gods Spirit Moves Across the M. East," (S. Dobbs, 2002).

             Summer 2005    A25          A Counterfeit Christianity, One World Religion, the Beast from the Earth, (S. Dobbs, 2003)