A85) THE GLOBALIST PLAN; Cavid 19 Is Being Used to Assist Moves Towards Global Governance,   (S. Dobbs, started in Feb 2021, latest update Dec 2021):

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Info short cuts: Dr Zelenko, who has treated Donald Trump, sums up many of the notes below, (link). A former Vice President of Pfizer, virologist Dr Mike Yeadon, warns about a nefarious vaccine agenda, (link),* see 3 min vid, (link). Dr Merritt on vaccines, vid (link). Senator Robert Kennedy warns about Bill Gates and vaccines, (link). Vid; the oligarchs + eugenics, (link) 

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Official CDC survival rates from Covid 19, (7th Feb 2021): 0-19 yr olds 99.997%, 20–49 yr's 99.8%, 70 + 94.6%, these use co-morbid figs so many of the main causes of death are really from cancer etc, so the real % will be far higher.

Latest news, 20th July 2021: The Government of Israel, where the voxxination program is ahead of the rest of the world, now claim voxxinated people get infected with covid as much as non-voxxinated. April 2021 research, from the renowned Salk Institute, found the spike proteins produced by the voxxines are highly dangerous if they enter the blood stream, (link). A recent peer reviewed Study from Japan found these spike proteins do enter the blood stream, contra to what the voxxine companies had claimed, (link). The Deltai Variant cann't exist, it's been invented to cover up "voxxine" effects, link

See the "Full Notes on the mRNA and DNA "VACCINES," (link).

Summary of the Plan: Exaggerating the Cavid outbreak paved the way for the lackdowns. Untested gene based voxxnes were offered to governments as the way out of lackdown. Voxxine passports will follow, then I.D chips or Bill Gates' Vax Tattoo Passport in the hand, allowing 24/7 tracking. Once familar this will be used to buy and sell in a cashless society.

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Introduction to the Plan: In February 2020 I believe God anointed the headings below, although the contents under them are based on my own research. There are increasing numbers of individual whistle-blowers emerging, (tens of thousands), particularly Doctors and Virologists', revealing different aspects about what’s really going on. However, each focusses on their own area of expertise often making it hard to get an overall picture. As a watchman I’ve attempted to gather together all the information I’ve gleaned over the past 18 months so that others can assimilate over 800 hours of my studies in just a few hours, (excluding the videos). Alternatively view the area you’re most interested in and follow the links from there to the experts. I have compiled a list of good info websites, (link). Try Tor, I wouldn’t use Googles browser if searching for info, it supresses rankings. As censorship is increasing rapidly surely now is the time to get informed before we lose our internet freedoms altogether?

So is there any evidence of an end time’s conspiracy? Naomi Klein coined the iconic term “Shock Doctrine,” in her book of the same name, about the way in which the elites create emergencies to expand their power in a time of crisis, (link). Is the exaggerated covid pandemic being used for this purpose and will an elite extend the crisis to accomplish a political objective? In the wake of the covid 19 outbreak the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Bill Gates and Charles Schwab, (founder of the World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), are all advocating the introduction of a digital I.D cards and a new cashless, payment system, (link). The UK, USA and many other nations are already seriously considering this without any consultation with the public. Some conglomerates are already refusing to take cash, claiming, as the excuse, that this will help stop the spread of corona viruses. Multi Billionaire Warren Buffet, who's also linked to Gates, has stated; “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning,” (link). These “Evidence of a Conspiracy” notes continue here… (link)


THE GLOBALIST'S PLAN: (I believe that God anointed the following headings as a general confirmation, in Feb 2021, but the analysis is obviously my own):

A) The Covid 19 death figures were exaggerated:  In 2020 the Bill Gates and Rockefeller influenced World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), encouraged nations to use a new co – morbid method of collecting corona virus data. This had never been used before and is only used for covid 19. Instead of the number of people who had actually died of covid 19 being collected the number of people who died of anything at all whilst they happened to also have covid 19 was collected instead, (whether they died of covid 19 or something else). This was nothing other than clever accounting. For e.g. if someone went into hospital to die of terminal cancer, and whilst there the Doctor’s thought they may have contracted covid 19 as well, (even if no test was actually used to verify this, and the symptoms of covid were only mild), under this new system, when that person died this would be recorded as death by cancer and covid 19 jointly, (i.e. cancer co – morbid with covid 19), even if the covid on its own was unlikely to have been fatal. That death would then be added to the overall death figures for covid 19 and was included as part of the graph people saw on T.V each night. The public, (who were kept in the dark about this), were left with the impression that these figures were all fatalities from Covid 19 when this was not the case. This had never been done before and cunningly exaggerated the death rate for covid 19 by at least eight times. It's a manipulative deception rather than a lie, though. When the U.S’s C.D.C finally allowed the official figures to be viewed by the public, in Aug 2020, the well-known Baptist minister, John MacArthur, stated; “The CDC … said that, in truth, 6% of the deaths that have occurred can be directly attributable to COVID. 94% cannot. Of the 160,000 people that have died, 9,210 actually died from COVID. There is no pandemic.” I managed to get a transcript of his sermon, (link), before the video was removed by YouTube soon after it was released. The exaggerated death rate was used by the W.H.O to push for economic lockdowns. For more info on this section click here, (link)...

B) The Lockdowns: Most economists believe that the Lockdowns will lead to economic depression. The lockdown’s and other restrictions were accepted by the public because the media convinced people that they were essential to "help save lives." By mid 2020 over 35,000 Doctors had signed “The Great Barrington Declaration,” (link)this soon rose to over 50,000 Doctors, which criticised the lockdowns for doing more harm than good to the public’s health.  On the 13th July 2021, the UK’s P.M announced that due to the lockdown the national debt had risen to its highest level ever since WW2. Should an economic depression arise as a result of the lockdowns, after the stimulus packages wear of,  (or be provoked by the oligarchs as is expected), this will leave indebted nations vulnerable to the influence of the big Finance Houses and Global Banking Institutions, most of which are influenced or controlled by the same oligarchs. Sweden did not fully lockdown and yet suffered no worse effects and is actually reporting less cases of covid than most nations in 2021. The World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), proposed a “Great Reset” along with the phrase “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy,” as the solution to the economic problems that will inevitably arise as a result of the lockdowns, (link), (which links to point E, an economic reset).

C) Propaganda via the Oligarch's Influence over the Main Media Corporations: The oligarchs who control most of the world largest Industries, including pharmaceuticals, oil, banking, also control most of the main media and social media corporations as well, either directly or by funding others. E.g’s. Bill Gates owns 50% of the Guardian Newspaper and gives $2 million p.a. in funding to BBC, (link), CNN is 100% lined up with the globalist Administration of Biden and the E.U has almost all European News Stations aligned with the globalist agenda. An e.g. CNN is 100% lined up with the globalist Administration of Biden and E.U agenda’s. The US still have Fox News and several independent Christian News Stations that are speaking out, however, I’m not aware of any in W. Europe. Despite Brexit the BBC’s agenda is still set by its pro – E.U Chairman. People are also being misled by the many false fact checking sites like Reuters, (owned by the Rothschild’s). The new multi billionaire oligarchs, who run Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are also aligned and are censoring the voices of most whistle blower Doctors, Virologists, Nurses, and politicians.  The BBC have joined a censorship cabal, along with Associated News, Facebook and the other usual players, to block information about vaccine and covid 19 information reaching the public from non-aligned, free sources and scientists,  (link). A BBC Panorama Program used a Bill Gate's funded Doctor to attack new, outspoken whistle-blower Doctors – (see the first few minutes of this link). Most of the media corporations, (100% across the E.U), are in “Lockstep” with the oligarch agenda. Members of the “Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour” have admitted they encouraged the use of fear to control people's behaviour during the Covid pandemic and have now admitted its work was "unethical" and "totalitarian," (link)... continue

D) The U.S lockdown increased postal voting which assisted voter fraud; allowing Biden and the Democrats into power with their pro E.U, globalist agendas.

E) The Global Economy: Most economists believe that the lockdowns will cause a depression, which will be used to justify a Great Reset of the global economy, promoted by the W.E.F and supported by I.M.F etc.  This will involve moves towards a command, Chinese style system to solve the crisis.

F) Increasing authoritarian control; Most of the public now accept a loss of liberty because they have been deceived and brain washed, by the media, into believing this is necessary to “help save lives," during the “pandemic.” The U.K’s former Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sunction, warned, on Radio 4, in March 2020, that we must not give up our liberties like this, because there are those who plan to introduce authoritarianism and they won’t return our rights once the health crisis is over. I would argue that they will also keep the crisis going until they have completely usurped power in the western democracies. The vaccines appear to be the means by which they are now doing this. Police forces around the world have been zealous and even relished, the prospect of enforcing new draconian rules upon ordinary citizens. Here’s an e.g. of a Church meeting being invade by police in Ireland even though social distancing was in place, (link). Boris Johnson is presently, trying to extend the corona virus legislation by another six months. Tory MP Mark Harper, of the Covid Recovery Group, said the Act contained “the most draconian detention powers in modern British legal history” ... for further details, (link). Christian democracy activist arrested in Australia, an e.g. of whats coming to the USA and UK, (link), also see the Conclusion to this article.

G) Track and Trace; Dr Yeadon, (former President of Pfizer) warns about the unreliability of PCR tests and believes that increasing them could be causing a false increase in Covid numbers, (link). The introduction of track and trace prepares the public to have all their movements monitored in the future.

H) Vaccines, Part 1: Dr Zelenko, who has treated Donald Trump, sums up many of the notes below, (link). See section L), below, for a brief overview of the Wests mRNA, (Pfizer and Moderna’s), and DNA viral vector, (AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson’s), vaccines. Latest news, 20th July 2021: In Israel, whose vaccination program is ahead of the rest of the world, it is now mostly vaccinated people who are getting ill from corona viruses, (link). Instead of protecting health the vaccines appear to assist the virus when vaccinated people are next exposed to a corona virus, as has also been found in all/most animal studies since 2004, thereby increasing the present state of crisis. They lead on to the next step of people accepting Vaccine Passport I.D cards. Bill Gates already has a chip in the hand bio metric I.D system ready for use after that which could also track and trace everyone 24/7 for the rest of their lives, the ultimate form of authoritarian control. Virologist and a former Vice President of Pfizer, Dr Yeadon, has stated; "PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines… they’re being made in pharma, and regulators have stood aside (no safety testing), I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes,” (link)Full notes on the Vaccines, recommended, (link).

I) Vaccine Passports that can be scanned, tracked and traced: The promotion of the vaccines is essential if the oligarchs want to introduce vaccination passports as I.D cards. Due to fears about the “pandemic” I.D cards are now generally viewed as acceptable by the public for the first time since WW2. Here is Dr Yeadon’s last warning call to resists taking vaccine I.D cards, 3 min’s long, (link).*** Dr Fauci now wants people to accept three initial vaccine jabs or have their “Vaccine” Passport taken away from them, which looks like a sign of things to come. France already has Vax Passports and Italy brought them in for all workers on 21st Sept, 2021. These I.D cards will prepare society for the next stage…

J) Digital I.D chip implants or Bill Gates’ digital bio-metric Tattoos: A digital bio – metric I.D vaccine status tattoo is advocated by Bill Gates. These are also chips that have been developed by the Pentagon as mini sensors that can be injected into the body, (possibly with vaccines in the future), to give early detection of Covid 19, (link article and video). The main media have mocked the idea as a ridiculous conspiracy theory even though this technology already exists. Nano technology can now also be used, with injectable magnetised nano particles which can clustered together to form larger chips inside the body or brain. Larger digital I.D implants have been around for decades and form the ultimate method of control as they can track someone’s movements 24/7. We chip our pets, the signs are that the elite want to chip us, it will not then be possible to get away with protesting against them on the streets without being arrested. The elite could then keep us under house arrest by declaring pandemics whenever they wanted, and Googles “Deep Thought” A.I system would be able to detect anyone who broke the curfew. The founder of World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), Charles Schwab, (who is very closely linked to the Rockefellers and Gates and was behind Event 201 with him, which prepared with war games for a corona virus 6 – 8 weeks before it started), predicted in 2016, that we will all have a chip in the head that will link us to the internet, by 2026), (link). Injecting nano particles into people, (as are already included in the present “vaccines”), provides the platform from which internal chips can be created later. This technology also prepares the way for the acceptance of…

**K) A chip in the hand to buy and sell in a cashless society - the 666 mark of the beast: The W.E.F are already calling for a move towards a cashless society and the UK, US and other governments are giving this serious consideration without any consultation with the public. This technology has existed for some time now. It’s a small rice sized and shaped chip that is injected into the flap of skin between the forefinger and thumb. It can operate as a credit card chip but can also contain other information too. It could, therefore double up with a vaccine passport chip, which if introduced earlier would break down barriers in people’s minds towards accepting this. In tests they are already using these chips in the right hand or the forehead, just as the bible warns us in Rev 13; 17, referred to as “the mark of the beast.” 

We are already moving in this direction fast. Tesco’s are already replacing self-service tills with cashless ones, because, they claim, corona viruses can be passed on by cash, as are other stores, in line with W.E.F plans for a cashless society. The Fed are now even considering the introduction of a digital, (cashless), currency this summer, (link). IBM now have a microchip just two nano particles wide, (see their own video at the top of this page, link), which could be injected into people or more easily operate as a chip in the hand. In July 17, 2019, "Life Site News" reported from Helsingborg, Sweden, that “Thousands of people in Sweden are consenting to having microchips placed under their skin to aid them in financial transactions.” According to Fortune Magazine, Sweden’s Biohax International, set up in 2013, has now inserted microchips into 4,000 people in Sweden and others from across Europe. I doubt if that would be classed as the mark of the beast since the anti-Christ hasn’t even been revealed yet but we could be fast headed that way.

L) Vaccines, Part 2, an Overview: Dr Zelenko, who has treated Donald Trump, sums up many of the notes below, (link). Recent research found that the spike proteins produced by the mRNA and DNA vaccines DO escape into the blood stream, and the side effects can be even worse than from the virus itself. These include bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke, heart attack, seizures, paralysis, uncontrollable tremor, anaphylactic shock, antibody-dependent enhancement of disease, extreme muscle bruising and pain, an impact on women’s menstrual cycles, virginal bleeding, miscarriages, infertility and death. The Israeli I.P.C recently said of the Pfizer jab, “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.” All this, combined with the likelihood/possibility that vaccinated people will experience cytokine storms and/or the effects of Antibody Dependant Enhancement if they get infected with a corona virus later on, (as most animals have in trials since 2004), has resulted in many Doctors referring to the supposed “vaccines” as bio logical weapons, deliberately designed to injure and kill people. Most now believe a depopulation agenda must be present since it is impossible for these drug companies not to be aware of the animal studies. I believe that creating a health crisis is an even more immediate agenda to the elites during this time, when they are attempting to cease power in the western world.

Summary on the Vaccines, (link). Full Notes on the mRNA DNA Vaccine's, (link).

M) A Depopulation Agenda: Most whistle blower Doctors and leading virologists are so shocked at the extent of the side effects of these “vaccines” and the likely fatalities they will cause when vaccinated people are infected with corona viruses in the future,  that the vast majority are now claiming that a deliberate depopulation agenda must be present. Every effort is being made by the oligarchs in control of the media to censor the testimonies of these expert virologists and other Doctors so their information doesn’t reach the public. Every effort is being made by the oligarchs in control of the media to censor the testimonies of the expert virologists and other Doctors so their information doesn’t reach the public. The Gates family have been connected to the Rockefellers eugenics movement for two generations. Eugenics fell into disrepute since the fall of the Nazis and now masquerades in the name of population control and global sustainable development. Leading virologist Dr Yeadon has stated; "It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation," (link). Click here for full notes on a possible depopulation agenda, (link).

N) Using Climate Change, Man’s Co2’s and Overpopulation: The facts concerning climate change are being presented in a distorted way, to deceive the public into thinking global governance is needed to address and solve the problem, (see longer notes in “N” below). The focus on man’s relatively small release of CO2’s is made the focus with other far larger releases of greenhouse gasses completely ignored and kept from the public’s attention. Volcanic activity, especially under the sea, has also been on the increased, and observed by NASA, but kept from the public’s attention too, (link). It is of no use to, and even obstructs, the oligarch’s political agenda because they cannot pretend to offer any solutions to this. There is no mention in the bible of the devastating end time’s natural disasters being the result of man’s use of fossil fuels either. Video, (58 mins in), the oligarchs use cliamte change as a cover for eugenics and population reduction, (link)Click here for full notes on Climate Change issue, (link).

O) Authoritarianism and the Loss of True Democracy: Checks and balances,” on democracy are already being called for by the World Economic Forum this year, (2021), paving the way for a Chinese style, command, authoritarian, united western government in the future, (with some private businesses and billionaire allowed when in line with the state). The U.N's Agenda 21 and 2030 are believed by many to provide the means to reduce the influence of nations compared with global which will assist this. A technocratic science based authoritarian system seems to be in the planning, which I believe will then emerge soon after as the One World Government of Rev Chapter 13.

P) Conclusion: Video about this all being planned, from the major Doctors and whistle blowers and Virologists, (link). Vid warning by Dr Hodkinson, “its all been a pack of lies,” (link).  All the evidence suggests, to me, that we are  in the middle of coup for power across the entire western world. The exaggerated covid 19 “pandemic” appears to have been used as a pretext to implement new authoritarian measures, now ready to be used to control the population should there be protests on the streets against the coming changes. I think most people who have studied this issue agree that an oligarch elite are seeking to implement a more authoritarian system. These oligarchs don’t have armies so are using the power bases that they do have, i.e. their immense wealth, their extensive networks, the banking industry, main media corporations, social media companies and the wealthy pharmaceutical industry. The World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), and Bill Gates planned and financed “Event 201” which ran war games and rehearsed how to control the media, (i.e. how to use censorship), during a corona virus pandemic, 6 – 8 weeks before the covid 19 outbreak had even started. Most scientists also now believe the covid 19 virus was enhanced through gain of function research in the Wuhan Lab, making it a man-made virus. Dr Fauci has recently admitted, (under questioning from U.S Senators), that he has been channelling funds to those Chinese scientists, at the Wuhan Lab, since 2014, (link), to work on corona viruses from bats for the US National Institutes of Health and other western organisations. So this “pandemic” does appear to have been planned. Surely we would have to burry our heads deep in the sand to believe that there wasn’t a conspiracy for power now taking place. Conclusion continued...


List of Good, Medical, Whistle Blower and Other Sites - LINK.