A85) THE GLOBALIST PLAN; Covid 19 Is Being Used to Assist Moves Towards Global Governance,   (S. Dobbs, latest update May 5th, 2021):

If you are short of time you could just read the summary of this article below: Any links or notes added after 6th May, 2021 will be in this organge colour. 

I] Introduction: Back in February I drew up a rough diagram containing the subtitles in "II] The Globalists Plan," below.  This was just for my own benefit but was unexpectedly anointed by the Holy Spirit. I took this to mean that God was showing me it was more or less correct and something I should share with others. For those who believe the claims on T.V that no conspiracies exist it’s worth noting, here at the start, that Nick Rockefeller has said, ''The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world '' - Nick Rockefeller [Aaron Russo interview].

*“Operation Lockstep;this document appears to be evidence, i.e. the smoking gunThis 2014 interview concern’s a subsection of a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report, and evidence that the pandemic was panned years in advance, Link, address; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw8SmAq4to This  called for a false viral pandemic to be declared in order to get the public to willingly accept all the authoritarian measures that we have since seen from March 2020 onwards, such as quarantines, (lockdowns), mask wearing and social distancing etc. The real aim stated, though, was to control the population. This is inevitably controversial because, as with every other release of incriminating information these days, the existence of this report is now denied by the Rockefellers. It is worth noting that the fact checker site “Reuters” is owned by the Rothschild’s, another globalist, oligarch family in league with the Rockefellers, so operates to cover up and deny such evidence, and cannot, therefore, be trusted as a facts checker site. I first saw this video early on in 2020 and specifically checked that that version had been downloaded online years before the Covid 19 pandemic had started. Here’s a shorter version, link, along with an interesting Rockefeller quote. The full Rockefeller 2010  Document can be downloaded from this link.

 II] Summary of the Globalist's Plan:

A) The Covid 19 death figures were exaggerated by collecting co – morbid data for the first time: This artificially boosted the death rate by at least nine times, to pandemic levels, providing a justification for…  

B) The Lockdowns: Most economists believe that the Lockdowns will lead to economic depression, (which links to point E, an economic reset). They were accepted by the public because the media convinced people that they were essential to "help save lives."

C) Propaganda via Globalist Influence over the Main Media: There is now no alternative main T.V. media within W. Europe, whilst Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all now censored by their globalist’s owners. In the UK, despite Brexit, the BBC still has a Europhile Chairman. The nationalist and anti-globalist, D. Trump has just been banned from Facebook, possibly permanently. He was already banned from Twitter. BBC Panorama used a Gates stooge to attack whistle-blower Drs, first few minutes of this link.**

D) The U.S lockdown increased postal voting, which influenced the result of the U.S election; this also enabled voter fraud, allowing Biden and the Democrats into power with their pro E.U, globalist’s agendas.

E) The Global Economy: Most economists believe that the lockdowns will cause a depression, which will be used to justify a Great Reset of the global economy, promoted by the W.E.F, I.M.F etc. with moves towards a command, Chinese style system to solve the crisis.

F) Increasing authoritarian control; is already now generally accepted by the public on the basis that they believe it is necessary to “help save lives." Here’s an e.g. of a Church meeting being invade by police even though social distancing was in place, Link.

G) Track and Trace; introduced to prepare the public to have all their movements monitored in the future. 

H) Vaccines; part 1: New, untested, gene-based vaccines are promoted through the media, brought in under emergency laws designed for biological attacks during war. URGENT! Recommended vids from two of the world’s top vaccine expert's, the whistle blowers, i) Dr Bossche, (a vax creator and senior coordinator of  the Ebola vaccinations in Africa for (GAVI), who warns that the evolution of deadly variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity due to irresponsible use of the present vaccines. And that these vaccines will also reduce peoples natural defences against the next pandemic and all other illnesses, link, (with expanded explanation by “The High Wire," link). 

I)* Vaccine Passports that can be scanned, tracked and traced: Due to the “pandemic” I.D cards are now accepted by the public for the first time since WW2. Everyone’s movements can now be monitored even more closely. This prepares people for the next stage…

J) Chip in the body/hand vaccine passports; already being developed by the Pentagon as mini chip sensors that can be injected into the body (possibly with vaccines), to give early detection of Covid 19, link article and video. This then prepares the way for the acceptance of…

K) A Chip in the hand to buy and sell in a cashless society - the 666 mark of the beast.  This technology has existed for some time now. It’s a small rice sized/shaped chip that is injected into the flap of skin between the forefinger and thumb. It operates as a credit card chip but can also contain other info. In tests they are already using the right hand or forehead, just as the bible warns us.  Tesco’s are already replacing self-service tills with cashless ones, partly because corona viruses can be passed on by cash, as are other stores, in line with W.E.F plans for a cashless society. In July 17, 2019, "Life Site News" reported from Helsingborg, Sweden, that “Thousands of people in Sweden are consenting to having microchips placed under their skin to aid them in financial transactions.” According to Fortune magazine, Sweden’s Biohax International, set up in 2013, has now inserted microchips into 4,000 people in Sweden and others from across Europe. 

L) Vaccines; part 2: Vaccine whistle blower, important link, (with expanded explanation by the “High Wire,” link). Dr Bossche also predicts that vaccinating during a pandemic will cause vax resistant strains of coronavirus that threaten humanity. It is odd that Bill Gates was able to predict the present “pandemic” and also claims that the next one will be worse, link. ii) Dr Yeaden, (former President of Pfizer) warns about the tests.  link. The recommended age for AstraZeneca’s jab has just been raised again, in the UK,  from over 30 to over 40 today, (7th May), reflecting further safety fears.

M) Using Climate Change, Man’s Co2’s and Overpopulation: The facts concerning Climate change are being presented in a distorted, clever accounting way, to deceive the public into thinking global governance is needed to address and solve the problems, (see longer notes below). The focus on man’s tiny release of CO2’s is made the focus with other far larger releases of greenhouse gasses completely ignored and kept from the public’s attention, (see fully notes in M below).  

N) Global Population Reduction: Some believe the dangers concerning the use of the present vaccines in the west is evidence that the elite deliberately want to harm people’s immune systems, to dramatically reduce population in the longer term. Alternatively they may be intended to stimulate a worse pandemic this winter, as Dr Bossche warned. This would help the elite maintain the momentum in moving towards a new more authoritarian society, an agenda which is nowhere near completion yet. I think the present vaccines will cause more deaths, in line with Satan’s will, than the elite expect. Time will tell.

O) Authoritarianism and the Loss of True Democracy: Checks and balances,” on democracy are already being called for by the World Economic Forum this year, (2021), paving the way for a Chinese style, command, authoritarian, One World Government in the future, (with some private businesses and billionaire allowed when in line with the state). The U.N's Agenda 21 and 2030 are believed by many to provide the means to reduce the influence of nations compared with global Institutions in this way.

Conclusion: Even though the real death figs from Covid 19 are probably no higher than from flu in preceding years so much has, nonetheless, changed in just the last twelve months. One thing is certain if we are now headed into the end times we cannot trust the secular Media, the Pharmaceutical Companies, the Gates Foundation or international bodies they influence such as the U.N or the W.H.O. The bible warns us that the end will come like a flood... as it was in the days of Noah, (Matt 24; 37 onwards). Those seeking a One World Government appear to be using people’s health fears as a way of buy passing their normal resistance to the introduction of new, authoritarian mechanisms of control. I believe the Covid 19 "pandemic" has been used as the centre of a strategy from which everything else stems, a sort of humanistic, health based, trogon horse that most of the pubic don't recognise as malevolent.

“Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect,” (Matt 24; 44).


III] Full Notes on the Globalists Plan, (it was just the headings that I believe God originally anointed): 

Introduction: Back in February I drew up a rough diagram containing the subtitles below. This was just for my own benefit but was then unexpectedly anointed by the Holy Spirit. I took this to mean that God was showing me it was more or less correct and something I should share with others. As a watchman I feel obliged to do this. It concerned a Plan which has Covid 19 at the centre of a many stranded Globalists Strategy to move towards global governance. I believe that the idea put about by the secular media in the last few years that “there are no conspiracies today” is to annul any suspicions about their Strategy, so the public won’t listen to those who are warning about it. Of course groups have always conspired for more power historically. If I get time I will add more links as proof for the points I’m making below. I encourage everyone to download the Tor web browser, though, (which is still legal in the UK), and check these things out for themselves a.s.p. Google now censors most decent information concerning this, by giving it a low ranking, so it’s buried low down in the search listings and is hard to find. At the same time they appear to be giving high rankings to anything supporting the globalist’s agenda, even when those articles have far fewer hits. Google own YouTube where the same thing is happening with videos. Since 2020 Facebook have, likewise, been running algorithms and removing any posts, no matter who they are by, if they don’t line up with the globalists agendas, in particular anything relating to elites conspiring for power, Covid 19, the lockdowns or vaccinations, identity passports or a chip in the hand etc. I would get informed now if I were you before they start censoring emails and taking down private websites. I’m not sure how long I will be able to continue with this website so it may be wise to copy anything you want to have access to in the future. I hope to add more links and good sources of info to this article over time to help those who haven’t yet started keeping watch to get started with this. I will add an appendix for these at the end later. Jesus told us to keep watch so this is surely now important and part of our Christian walk? In the end times the devil will have the main media covered, so it will lie and deceive us into moving in line with his plans. I hope to add more links and good sources of info to this article over time to help those who haven’t yet started keeping watch, (as Jesus urged us to), to help them get started with this for themselves. I will add an appendix at the end too, later on.

A) The Covid 19 death figures were exaggerated by collecting co – morbid data for the first time: An e.g. since 2020 if someone now goes to hospital to die of terminal cancer and, whilst there, appears to contract even just mild Covid 19,  their death will be then be recorded as being from Cancer and Covid 19. Another death is then added to the overall Covid death rate. The public are not aware of this and wrongly assume that every death recorded was definitely from Covid 19 when this is not the case. It was the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), that encouraged nations to adopt this new system. Bill Gates donates half a Billion dollars a year to them. However, despite Gates petitioning the W.H.O they would not initially declare this a pandemic. Gates then donated another $200 mill and within days the W.H.O declared this a pandemic. A coincidence? Money speaks and, in a similar way, Gates, (along with other Globalists Billionaires, for e.g. Warren Buffett), influence many National Health Services, managers of hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Institutes and Media Companies around the world.  Many Third World Nations have to conform to the W.H.O agenda or they could lose, for e.g. their AIDS funding from the W.H.O, the Gates Foundation and other “philanthropist” Billionaires. The Rockefeller Foundation is the organization responsible for creating a “blueprint” or prototype for the W.H.O, it was called the: International Health Division. Bill Gates’ Father had a long standing connection to the Rockefellers whose fingerprints are all over this issue of the pandemic, as we will see. This exaggeration of the Covid death rate gave these globalists an apparent reason to call for…

B) The Lockdowns; these damage national economies and are expected, by most economists, to lead to a global depression possibly worse than that of the 1920’s, (leading on to point E, the Great Reset of the global economy). The Rockefeller Foundation Report, of 2010, link, also link, suggested that to control the masses a fake viral pandemic should be declared in order to gain the public’s consent for lockdowns and the other authoritarian measures we see being implemented today. This was, therefore, all pre planned, ten years before our supposed "pandemic" by these Globalist’s. Most people would not have accepted these restrictions if they haven’t been told they were in the midst of a pandemic. The 210 Report is seen by many as a means of moving towards Global Governance. The lockdowns supress those who resist and protest about this. The publics have never been asked or consulted about any of this. By mid-2020 over 35,000 Drs had signed the Great Barrington Declaration, link, criticising the Lockdowns for doing more harm than good to the public’s health, https://brandnewtube.com/watch/the-great-barrington-declaration-oan-news_TKYVvlIrgRUkk2y.html However the elite were able to repress this info and promote thier agenda successfully due, again, to their influence over the media.

C) Propaganda via Globalist Influence over the Main Media: Interestingly Bill Gates recently became a part owner of the UK’s Guardian Newspaper. There are no independent, non globalist T.V News station in the U.K or E.U. At least in the USA there are two major Channels that compete with one another. Fox News, which although it is now coming under pressure to conform, still supports Trump’s anti globalist stance and wants to keep the USA as a sovereign nation. Larger still is CNN, founded by Billionaire Ted Turner, (who donated $1 billion to the U.N to help it achieve its globalist’s agendas). CNN, (now owned by Warner Media LLC), still lines up with Biden, the Democrats, the U.N, the E.U, the International Monetary Fund, (I.M.F), and World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), all of which want to move towards a command economy and merge the US in with a New World Order. The E.U only have the latter form of globalist’s media, as does the UK, (since it has only just left the E.U and still has a pro – E.U Chairman of the BBC). So there is an information void across W. Europe with all the main channels supporting the Globalist agenda. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also all owned by Globalists. In 2020 they all started censoring info that opposed the Globalists Agenda and now often bans or gives Christians and whistle blowers lower rankings. There is, therefore, nothing but pro globalist’s propaganda on the mainstream media across Europe, to the detriment of its citizens, particularly Christians. They are being told that this globalists propaganda is scientific fact and that anyone who has an alternative perspective, even medical experts, are whacky conspiracy theorists who should be ignored. E.g. if you post anything on Facebook that disagrees with the full lockdowns that post will now be detected by algorithms, then checked by their staff, and removed. The media has also been used to criticise Governments whenever they fell out of line with W.H.O policy. Within a democracy the fear of public opinion has led to most Governments conforming as a result, rather than being accused by their opponents of “endangering lives.” As a result even the Trump Administration and Johnson's Brexit Government in the UK complied with the lockdowns despite originally advocating herd immunity instead. The entire world effectively lined up with the globalist’s W.H.O’s agenda. The nationalist and anti-globalist, D. Trump has just been banned from Facebook, possibly permanently. He was already banned from Twitter. BBC Panorama used a Gates stooge to attack whistle-blower Drs,  first few minutes of this link. https://ugetube.com/watch/ask-the-experts-2-bbc-panorama-response-2021-03-01-oracle-films-documentary-video_ZebHojvcp16mCWy.html   

D) The U.S lockdown increased postal votes, which influenced the result of the U.S election: The Democratic Party benefited more from increases in postal voting. This enabled Biden and the Democrats to come to power with their pro - globalist supporting agendas. Postal voting also made it easier to engage in voter fraud. The timing was no coincidence. Trump was originally expected to win the election due to his good record on the economy and employment both of which were ruined by the lockdown.

E) The Global Economy: A Great Reset of the global economy is being promoted this year by the World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), the I.M.F and others, on the basis that changes to the system are now needed to deal with the devastating economic effects of the lockdowns, (which the elite planned and caused). They have declared their plan to change all the western democratic nations systems into Chinese styled command economies, controlled by the elite. This is also reflected in one of the W.E.F phrases for 2021, "you will own nothing and be happy." A cashless society is also being discussed and a card less chip based payment system that we see warned about in Rev Ch 13, (point K). None of this would be possible without the lockdowns, which were enabled by the exaggerated Covid 19 death figures and the subsequent W.H.O declaration of a pandemic. This is a highly intelligent and well thought out Plan, (I would suggest by the Rockefellers and their allies again, including Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett), with all bases covered in advance. 

F) Increasing authoritarian control: Here’s an e.g. of a Church meeting being invade by police even though social distancing was in place, Link,  https://youtu.be/WRm_Ylur5Ts Authoritarian control is now generally accepted by the public on the basis that they believe it is necessary to “help save lives” - based on media propaganda falsely telling them that Covid 19 is spreading at the level of a “pandemic.” In the UK we have been pummelled with the message “help save lives and the NHS” with the demonization of anyone questioning the media accounts. People were even encouraged to bang saucepans outside every night to show their support for government policy, with many criticised by their neighbours for not joining in. This reminds me of the beginning of the of the oppressions during the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1950’s. New police powers are also being reluctantly accepted by the majority as a result of Covid. Lockdowns can now be declared at any time in the future, without warning, and arrests made of those gathering in groups of just three people. Huge fines can now be given, (up to £10K in the UK), for noncompliance. Historically this is unheard of in the western world. This has all been enabled by the globalists controlled media playing on people’s consciences and their fear of death in line with the 2013 Rockefellers Plan. Due to all the censorship the following is the only negative thing I have heard expressed about the W.H.O policies on the main media since the pandemic started. On 30th March, 2020, Lord Sumption, the former UK Supreme Court Judge, warned that the public needed to stand up and defend their civil liberties now before it was too late, because there were those who wished to use the pandemic to usher in authoritarianism, who had no intention of removing the rules once the pandemic was over. Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 “World at One Programme” Sumption… also stated; “it was important to recognise that hysteria can turn societies into “despotisms… Anyone who has studied history will recognise here the classic symptoms of collective hysteria. Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we exaggerate the threat and stop asking ourselves whether the cure may be worse than the disease… He heavily criticised police in Derbyshire… for stopping people exercising in the Peak District saying that such behaviour risks plunging Britain into a police state… He also criticised the government’s “hysterical“ approach to stem the spread of the Coronavirus by closing essential businesses and instructing people to stay at home, arguing that the move would wreck the economy and saddle future generations with a mountain of debt.” Link. Also link and BBC link. We have now travelled further down that path since then.  In March 2021 the New Police Crime Bill restricted the rights of protesters so much that if protests are now thought to be making too much noise or are disturbing local businesses, (as protests marches always do),  they can be stopped or banned in advance. So today in the UK the public can be locked down and placed under house arrest at almost any time in the future, with this being very heavily policed, and we no longer have any real rights to protest about any of this. Using Lord Sumption’s definition we are, in effect, already living in a police state in the UK today. And it only took one year to get us here.

G) Track and Trace; using Aps on mobile phones to trace and lockdown anyone who has been in contact with anyone who was later found to been infected. They tried to introduce this in the UK in Oct 2020 but there was a low level of compliance and the system also failed to work. However, some believe that the globalist’s planners often do an initial introduction to prepare people to accept an idea then back off before resuming the program for real, as this breaks down people’s resistance to new restrictions and controls. This system prepares the public for everyone to have their movements monitored. It is and will be presented as a necessary health measure for the good of mankind. We can see how clever the Rockefeller Foundations Plan of 2010 is in using health scares, real, imagined and exaggerated, to manipulate the public into following their agendas. It is shocking how quickly these things have come about. But then the bible warns us that the end will come like a flood;

H) Vaccines; part 1: [If short of time please scroll down to the first video, link as what Dr Bossche has to say eclipses any comments by me].  It is odd that Bill Gates was able to predict the present “pandemic” and like Dr Bossche also claims that the next one will be worse, link, so both sides of the new vaxxes debate expect the worse. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/science/1395976/bill-gates-pandemic-yellowstone-eruption-coronavirus-covid-19-evg/amp The recommended age for AstraZeneca’s jab has just been raised again, in the UK, for the over 30's to over 40's today, (7th May), reflecting further safety fears.I’m not medically trained so can’t comment on a lot of this. One of the question’s I have, though, is;  since no one has yet isolated the Covid 19 virus, and no laboratory yet has a full sample of it, how can it have been studied thougherly enough to have produced vaccines that are effective against it? Also who put the pressure on to change the very definition of what vaccine is in 2020? This was changed from something that gives full immunity from a virus to something that helps reduce the symptoms of a virus as is the case with all the UK’s Covid 19 vaccines on offer? And why is such information kept from the general public? This is a highly suspicious since it was changing the definition that allowed the present jabs to be classified as vaccines even though they aren’t even intended to fully immunise people against Covid 19, (SARS Covid 2). Instead they reduce symptoms and the chances of dying but those vaccinated can still catch and pass on the virus to others. This makes something of a mockery of having a vax passport system as evidence people are not contaminated. Once classified as vaccines they could then be rushed out to the public without the need for tow years of testing and trials, (which weren’t even completed on animals), under emergence laws designed for use during times of biological warfare. Is that right or wise, surely the dangers of attempting to vaccinate the entire population of world is more risky than this potential virus itself? And who makes these decisions if not the W.H.O which is under the influence of Bill Gates, a software billionaire with no medical qualifications whose parents were closely linked to the Rockefellers. He donates $500 million to the W.H.O every year as mentioned above. This all looks very suspicious to me, especially as the collection of death figures were also redefined into co- morbid deaths for the first time too. In 2019/2020 those with wealth have changed both the definition of what a cause of death is as well as what a vaccination is.  Also why aren’t the public being told that they are receiving non authorised vaccinations in what is even referred to as “trial” by the NHS in England? It will take a further two years study of their effects before these vaccines can be declared safe and officially authorised in the normal way. In the UK it isn’t even legal to use the public in a trial or test run for a vaccine in this way unless people have been made fully aware of the risks involved. Since this hasn’t taken place, aren’t our governments actually breaking the law for reasons of political expediency? It appears they doing this because they are so keen to have an excuse to end the lockdowns, which are damaging economies around the world. There appears to be no guiding body that can be trusted to oversee any breach of national law or speak in defence of the public for reasons of public health. It appears that the Gates Foundation influenced W.H.O organisation are the final health officials who decide on these matters now.  The big Pharmaceutical companies and the main media are supporting them for their own reasons and associations. It appears to me that we are now living in a globalist world already and the rule of law in the old system can be overruled and accountability no longer exists. Political agendas remain unchecked and appear to now trump everything else even concerns about public safety.

The limited information provided by the main media to the public about the safety of these new genetic therapy based jabs, (which were illegal in 2019), is already proving false.  The AstraZeneca vaccine is already banned for use by under 30 year olds, (even in the UK now), due to the danger of strokes. Surely strokes are a greater danger amongst the elderly though? That is what we were originally told. Could politics also be involved here too, since most of the elderly have already been vaccinated, many with AstraZeneca’s jab which is now seen to cause strokes? And if there were so few death’s from strokes with Johnson and Johnson’s jab why was that also totally withdrawn for a season due to the same danger? Who is testing these jabs? Can we really trust the vaccination companies own tests and those from labs that Bill Gates has given funds to in the past? His money seems to be everywhere. And if deaths and side effects are so rare are there so many testimonies online, and so many side effects reported amongst even the people I know? Imperial evidence appears to stand in vast contrast to what the media are reporting on T.V.

With $80 billion + profits likely to go to the most successful vaccination Company why are we not being told about the vested interests of people like Bill Gates, (who many believe to have a highly sociopathic nature).  Gates owns shares in, Pfizer, (possibly a majority shareholding), and is thought by many to also own Moderna. He has invested and/or given grants to all four of the main gene therapy vaccination companies in the western world, to assist in their development. Gates admits being highly competitive, he is far from displaying genuine philanthropy as everything he does appears to make eventually make him money, or help promote his agendas and profile. And why does the main media not inform the public about the control Gates has within/over the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), (to which he donates $1/2 billion every year), the very organisation that sets the agenda and gives global advice about health policy to Government’s? The U.S health adviser Dr Fauci has long term connections and is even employed by Bill Gates.  And Dr Whitty, the UK’s adviser for the pandemic, has received grants from Gates in the past. These two men advise our Government’s on the use of Gates vaccines and neither, (nor any of the UK’s health advisory board on the “pandemic”), are even viral experts.  Whitty is basically a number cruncher who is good at producing graphs that mislead the public into thinking co-morbid death figures are all actually death by Covid 19 figures when that is clearly not the case.  Whatever way we look at it something is very wrong here. The W.H.O and the big (supposed) Philanthropic Organisations, such as the Gates Foundation, and probably Rockefeller Foundation, appear to be using their vast wealth to become a law unto themselves. This is despite Billionaires like Gates and his new Billionaire associate Warren Buffet, (who now invests his Billions and is a partner in the Gates Foundation), have no medical qualifications. What has happened to the world that now a big Billionaire businessman and average software engineer are now dictating the vaccine policy for the entire world? The pharmaceutical industry has also been under the sway of the even more influential Rockefellers, (whom Bill Gates parents were liked to even before he was born). Global vaccination policy is being surreptitiously co-ordinated by a Cabal of the world’s wealthiest billionaires who don’t even have any medical experience themselves. These people are experts at using money to get their way, to influence business, economics and politicians often too. They have huge influence of the media, (almost totally across the Eurozone, which still influences the BBC despite Brexit), which they are now using to get the public to follow and accept their vaccination policies.  And the same public are kept in the dark about all of this because they still believe the media is unbiased and free, as it may have once almost been, that it is their servant rather than the source of new propaganda. The majority of the public are so unaware of these things that it sounds to most like some unbelievable storey line within a novel or sci-fi book and yet it is all true.  

Whilst all these worrisome connections exist behind the scenes those who disagree with this elite and its agendas are being supressed from communicating with the public about all the potential dangers, these rushed out jabs could and will cause.  We are talking here about tens of thousands of Drs, Nurses, and some of the world’s top vaccination creators and experts who have been speaking out, as whistle-blowers, and warning about both the vaccinations and the tests, ( as well as the harm caused by the lockdown policies on public health), at great cost to themselves. They are being given lower than expected rankings on Googles search engine, their critic’s articles higher rankings even when viewed far less. The whistle blowers videos on YouTube are usually removed once they become apparent and start getting a lot of views.  Facebook now removes anyone posting them too. Twitter and Instagram remove posts that refer to them. The main fact checking site, “Reuters” is run by the Rothschild’s family, who also support globalism and influence the E.U, and usually deride the competence of these leading vaccination experts as well as Drs and nurses.  So we appear to have a David and Goliath situation emerging. On the one hand we have the globalist’s oligarchs promoting the vaccinations, who also now control most of the main media which they use to manipulate public opinion and, therefore, democratic governments into compliance with their vaccination policy, whilst on other hand we have individual vax experts, Drs and nurses giving private testimony and advice on the outskirts of our communications networks because they are not allowed a voice elsewhere. There is no pen debate allowed either.  Only those who do their own research or are warned by friends even know there are different opinions concerning the vaccinations? The main media discredit the whistle blowers as tin foil hat styled cranks even though many are scientific experts at the top of their fields, more qualified than the non-viral advisers often put in place to guide our governments on the vaccination policy and safety. No wonder two of the four vaccinations were withdrawn within months of the public being assured on T.V that they were totally safe.  Many of the whistle-blowers will probably never work again, and are having their reputations derided by the media outlets, (those in Cahoots with the globalists and Pharmaceutics companies, (most of these companies have been found guilty in courts in the past for negligence and even criminal behaviour). It seems clear to me who we can rely on with the most confidence, it is surely the top level whistle blowers as they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by speaking out. The oligarchs and the Pharmaceutical Companies linked to them are set to make tens of billions of dollars from these vaccines and so can’t be trusted as they have vested interests. Governments are being manipulated by the globalists influenced media into compliance or are already lined up with the same oligarchs, as seen within the E.U and Biden administrations.

There are literally hundreds of Drs testifying in this way but you won’t find their reports left for long on the main online media sites or across Europe at all. We have to go to smaller websites that will allow these whistle blowers to speak. In the USA Fox as well as Christian sites such as CBN still allow the whistle blowers to speak but there is almost no outlet for them across Western Europe, where the public remain ignorant.  

I’ve put links below to two of the world most prominent vaccination experts who have now become whistle blowers. Neither are anti-vaxxer’s and neither suggest that there is a conspiracy afoot as I believe myself. The first video is thought by many to be the most important anyone could ever watch:


The above video is an interview with the highly qualified, leading Vaccinations creator and expert, Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, PhD), who has worked for the Gates Foundation, and oversaw the Ebola vaccinations in Africa. He gives his medical insights concerning the present gene based vaccinations and the irresponsible way in which they are presently being used. A warning though, the globalists supporting media and Big Pharma are now flooding the internet with denials and attacks on Dr Bossche, rather than listening and giving serious consideration to his heart felt, and scientifically informed concerns. I doubt whether many in government are even aware of this scientific perspective or the potential dangers he presents here:

The High Wire program, breaks down the science in the video interview above, for the common man, which is between two doctors, in this expanded version of the above video. [The High Wire were also responsible for the well-known, influential documentary entitled “Vaxxed” which blew the lid on the cover up by the CDC in the USA by using an insider as a whistle-blower to bring attention to vaccinations causing autism in many children]:

 https://thehighwire.com/videos/a-coming-covid-catastrophe/ (expands the interview with Dr Bossche).

rewritten to here

New, untested gene therapy based vaccines are being rushed out, using emergency laws designed for times of biological warfare, so are buy passing the normal 2 years of testing required. Already the AstraZeneca vax has been banned for use on the under 30’s and the Johnson and Johnson vax has just been temporarily withdrawn, both because of concerns over strokes. The public were originally assured these vaccines were safe without sufficient evidence for this. We are now being used as the guinea pigs without being told which is illegal in the UK. Thousands of Doctors, Nurses and vax experts have been speaking out about the dangers, however, their testimonies are being repressed by the main media because vaxxing forms an important part of the globalist’s agenda. The Pharmaceutical Cos, (who have proven to be unscrupulous in the past), are set to make $100’s of billions from these vaccines, and governments don’t want their vax rollout programs undermined by criticisms as this would lose them political capital. Since the Globalists are inflating the figures for Covid 19 deaths it is very likely they are under reporting the side effects and deaths from the vaccinations. There is much evidence now appearing to support this, (why not try downloading and using Tor to find the evidence yourself). The lives of human beings do not appear to rank very highly within the Globalist agendas but then as this is all to do with the emergence of a One World Government Satan is the real architect behind this, he has deceived the globalists and hates all mankind. The potentially biggest danger is that using these types of vaccinations during a pandemic, when a lot of people are already infected but asymptomatic, will be new superbugs emerging within the vaccinated population. In the next video a leading Vax expert, Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, PhD, who has worked for the Gates Foundation, is a vaccinations creator, and oversaw the eboli vaccinations in Africa so is highly qualified to speak), gives his medical insights concerning this link,


Dr Bossche states that since Covid 19 can mutate within just 11 hours the viruses already inside those vaccinated could mutate before the new vaxxes take full effect and so thousands of new drug resistant super strains could emerge. These could soon hit us as real pandemics this time with much higher death rates - manmade pandemics with fatal effects across nations. Those vaccinated will also start producing antibodies specifically designed to deal with Covid 19 not the new strains or drug resistant super viruses, with less of their own natural antibodies to deal with other illnesses too, leaving them more vulnerable overall than those who do not get vaccinated. The High Wire program breaks down the science in that video interview for the common man, in this extended version link, with an expanded explanation; 


The globalist media deride the use of Hydroxychloroquine, saying it doesn’t work but fail to mention that many Doctors swear by it and claim the results are excellent when it’s combined with high doses of zinc. Perhaps this is because using a non vax cure would have derailed the globalist’s agenda? In this final video another vaccinations expert, Dr Mike Yeadon, (Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research),  gives his views on how the entire pandemic is being handled irresponsibly, and that the  inaccurate and misleading testing programs need to stop immediately, link.


Bill Gates, (who many believe to be a sociopath), has invested in all four of the wests main vaccines, all of which are based on the new untested genetic technology. He has an appalling record concerning his vaccination programs around the world over last ten years. U.S Senator Robert Kennedy, (brother of J.F.K), was so concerned about the harm Gates has been doing he stopped his environmentalist work and has focused entirely on warning about the Gates Foundation during that time, link.


We must keep a biblical perspective, if Satan is using the pandemic as the centrepiece from which to enact many other strategies in order to bring about a One World Government then of course we can’t trust his deceived globalist’s foot soldiers who are so eager to use their new untested vaccines on us. And it would be foolish to believe the world’s media concerning their safety. The devil is the prince of the power of the air after all and he wants to do as much harm to mankind as he can. This not just about control, this is an attack on mankind itself as per the Book of Revelations.  And it may not be God who releases plagues upon the earth, or the 4th Horse of the Apocalypse, Rev Ch 6, it’s starting to look as though it is may be the globalist’s themselves, unwittingly or not.

[For those who have had the vaccine, even if it does turn out to deplete ones natural antibodies, the first line of defence are natural killer cells anyway, and studies have shown that they can be significantly enhanced, (up to ten times in just six weeks), by eating red, black and blue berry fruits, especially blueberries, and cardamom and black pepper].  

 I) Vaccine Passports that can be scanned, tracked and traced: I.D cards are accepted and used for the first time since the War because the public are told by the secular media that they are in midst of a pandemic. The real death figures for Covid, so far, do not justify this. The passports are scanned when entering certain shops pubs libraries etc. Those who don’t participate with the system will effectively become pariahs, banned from cafes, cinemas and even some forms of employment and the best housing etc. It’s a subtle form of coercion. This system is already well advanced in Israel, (one of the first nations to vax and use passports everywhere). Many of the Israeli’s who do not wish to be involved are already reporting that they are coming under huge pressure to conform due to the restrictions now placed on them by their government. They claim the worst pressure is coming from ordinary members of the public, though, (from many of those who have been vaxxed and carry passports), who are now claiming that the non-conformers are “disease spreaders” and “are endangering the lives of the rest of them.” This isn’t true, though, since the new genetic based vaccines being used today do not stop people from catching or passing on Covid, they simply reduce symptoms and deaths, which takes the pressure off health services. Those vaxxed can, therefore, be asymptomatic and not know that they are carrying and potentially spreading the virus themselves. Thisis why they are still asked to wear masks and social distance which wouldn’t be necessary otherwise. Theses vaccines do not actually kill the virus as normal vaccines would, (apart from perhaps China’s vax which, I believe, is of a more traditional type). The globalists use the power of the media to again brainwash the public with propaganda, so that many ordinary people chose to unwittingly become their henchmen to enforce their agendas on the rest. This reminds me of the dogs who serve the ruling Pigs in Gorge Orwell’s book “Animal Farm,” who Sheppard the other animals into compliance with the Pigs new form of authoritarianism through fear. It is reported from Israel that although perhaps the majority of people don’t particularly agree with the severity of the passports etc only the staunchest most hard core are withstanding the immense pressures to conform. The rest just yield to the majority and state. Many are warning, even pleading with us, in the other nations to stand our ground now whilst we still can. For Christians this mainly means praying against the implementation of these measure before they come into existence. We can see, from the situation of Trumps defeat in the USA, how much harder it is to pray successfully after the enemy has already gained ground. It’s like trying to expel an enemy from a city after its army has already breached its walls.  We can see how the devil is using all this to developed a pattern of behaviour that could soon be utilised by him to turn the population of the whole world against Christians, particularly during the final 3.5 years of persecution before Christ’s Return.

Matt 24; 9, “and ye shall be hated of all nations for my sake,” (K.J.V).

J) Chip in the body/hand vaccine passports: These are already being developed by the Pentagon as mini chip sensors that can be injected into the body, (possibly with vaccines), to give early detection of Covid 19. Initial for use by sailors as Covid 19 can spread rapidly on board ships. The sensor detects chemical reactions associated with Covid, the person then takes an immediate blood test. The results can be returned within minutes, giving an early warning system for infection, link article and video from CBN, (Christian Broadcasting News). I am suspicious that the nano gel that is already used as a protective coating around the vaccines we now have could already be operating in this way without the public being told? Or that it could be incorporated into all vaccines in the near future leaving people no choice but to accept it if they choose to get vaxxed. This then acclimatises people to such technology and prepares the way for the acceptance of…

K) A Chip in the hand to buy and sell in a cashless society - the 666 Mark of the Beast: This technology has existed for some time now. It’s a small rice sized, shaped chip that is injected into the flap of skin between the forefinger and thumb. In tests they are already using the right hand or forehead, (for those who can’t use their right hand), just as the bible warns.  It operates as a credit card chip, allowing the persons hand to be scanned as the payment system, other info about the person could also be included on it as well as track and trace technology… This is exactly what most Christians have for a long time thought Rev 13; 16 – 18 is warnings about. There are loads of videos and articles about this to choose from. According to the bible no one who receives the mark will be considered by God as belonging to Him and cannot be saved. In the ultimate test they will have chosen this world over sacrifice and martyrdom for Christ. It’s clear to see, though, how many who claim to know Christ but, like the five foolish virgins, but are not keeping watch, could be lulled into accepting this. Many will be softened up by the familiar technology contained within vax passports and virus chip sensor implants before then, cleverly presented as essential for public health and the good of mankind.  The introduction of a cashless society, (as part of the W.E.F Great Reset that will initially still use credit cards. We need to prepare ourselves now, in advance, like the five wise virgins, not just with knowledge but preparing to pay the ultimate price, death, in order to receive eternal life. Engagement, even with these dangerous vaccines, could be the start of the slippery slope of compromise. It is only the chip to buy and sell that is mentioned as unacceptable to God though, so each person has to decide where they drew that line. That chip is somehow linked to the name of the beast and antichrist although I’m not sure how.

In July 17, 2019, over a year and a half ago now, "Life Site News" reported from Helsingborg, Sweden, that “Thousands of people in Sweden are consenting to having microchips placed under their skin to aid them in financial transactions.” Sweden’s Biohax International, set up in 2013, has patented such a microchip and, according to Fortune magazine, has now inserted microchips into 4,000 people in Sweden and others from across Europe. We can see how having the entire population vaccinated each year could help get the population used to this new type of chip technology.

L) Vaccines; Part 2:

M) Using Climate Change, Man’s Co2’s and Overpopulation: The same elite are also using the issue of Climate Change to promote their agenda. They claim that overpopulation, and the resulting CO2’s from industrialisation, are threatening the future of our species. This is being used as another external threat to acquire the public’s support for bringing in more authoritarian controls. So both the fear of Climate Change, Pandemics and a future economic depression caused by the lockdowns are being used as justifications for birthing a unified system of global governance that they claim we need in order to deal with these problems. 

An exaggeration of the environmental crisis is being used. This will assist green politicians, (most of whom are already lined up with the Globalists agenda), in being voted by the public into power in the future. The green movement has been infiltrated v the influence of Rockefeller and Rothschild money since the 2nd World War towards this end. The truth about Global Warming and Climate Change is being distorted by the influence of the investment by these elites, e.g. by funding for research, grants, influencing who gains employment in this field and who writes the papers on environmental issues. Here’s how this issue is being distorted and presented to the general public in a way that serves the agenda of these globalist oligarchs.

Pictures on T.V, of factories with chimneys issuing forth great clouds of thick black fumes into the sky are shown on the T.V. Immediately as the public, we are on board with the message because we all want to see an end to such pollution.  Then, linked to those pictures, we are told that the greatest danger to the planet are man’s release of C02’s, without any discussion of this or placing this in a broader better informed perspective. The public are, instead, presented with this information as if it were undisputed scientific fact. Although efforts are now being made to exaggerate the figures the following, were, until recently, used and agreed upon by both sides and so are, I think, still the most reliable: Man releases 3% of the world’s CO2’s each year. The globalist corporate media state that whilst that may not sound much this  build’s up to more than 30% of the total gasses over a 10 year period - which does sound a lot. The message is repeated that this is the greatest danger to the future of the planet, with the pictures of dirty fumes bellowing out from factories and cars shown again in the background. The figures are presented to give a completely distorted view though. This is done to promote the emerging globalists agenda of control through a unified One World Authority which they will claim is needed to control man’s release of CO2’s.  

What they fail to mention is that total CO2’s make up only 8% of total Greenhouse gasses.  Man’s 3% release of CO2’s is, therefore, only 3% of that 8%, not 3% of the total greenhouse gasses as is implied.  3% of 8% is only 0.24% of total Greenhouse gasses. Even over a 10 year period man is, therefore, only really contributing an additional 2.4% to total greenhouse gasses through our release of CO2’s. This is eclipsed by other factors such as CO2 and other greenhouse gasses released from leaves rotting each year, and from that emitted from erupting volcanoes, as well as gasses emitted from animals too. This form of clever accounting is highly manipulative and deceptive. Few amongst the public consider doing any calculations themselves and so most are taken in by this con trick. This is even more extreme than the way in which Covid 19 deaths were exaggerated through the use of co- morbid figures for the first time in 2020, as a foil to declare a global pandemic. 

The pubic are also kept in the dark about the fact that 90% of Greenhouse gasses consist of water vapour, most of which is released from the oceans not by man. Nor are they told that there have been large and accelerating increases in volcanic activity under the seas in recent decades, which has been heating the oceans from below. This is proved by NASA’s own studies. In other words the seas are being heated from the sea beds below not from any impact man may possibly be having by heating the air above. Reports from NASA and elsewhere, (link to info), reveal that volcanic vents, all around the world, along the edges of the most of the tectonic plates under the sea, are spewing out boiling magma which is heating the seas from below. There is nothing the globalist oligarchs can, at present, offer as a solution to this and so it is of no political use to them. This information is being hushed up by them as a result, despite it being a far greater threat to climate change than man’s release of CO2’s which by comparison pale into insignificance. Sun spots were found in studies by Piers Corbyn, (Jeremy Corbyns elder brother), and other experts, to have far more impact on climate change and global warming each year than anything else. Studying the sun also gave accurate predictions for Climate changes ten years running unlike the other methods that focussed on man’s CO2 releases. Although what happens within the sun each year has far more effect on global warming than anything else it  isn’t something the globalists oligarchs are able to offer solutions too so is not mentioned by their corporate media. They can’t offer to control the sun, unlike man’s CO2’s, and so focus on the CO2’s issue instead, as a threat that will cause the public to acquiesce and  allow them to bring about plan for global governance. Again these oligarchs distort the facts, (as with Covid 19 deaths), in order to deceive and manipulate the public into accepting their agendas of control…  

My view is that as these elite oligarchs cannot do anything about the sun or volcanic activity they cannot use those issues to advance their bid to control society. So instead they focus on man’s release of CO2’s which they claims requires a united global response, (they want a Global Government), a change to our economic structure, (they want to move towards a command economy), the monitoring private companies to check they stick to CO2targets, (they want to control all businesses, the World Economic Forum, W.E.F have suggested they have members on the boards of all companies to ensure this), and the monitoring of all the consumption patterns of individuals, (as well as being another form of control of the population the W.E.F is, this year proposing the state, that they intend to oversee, ill own everything and we will all own nothing but have to rent everything from them). They hope to get the public’s consent for these changes by claiming they will then be able to stop climate change and global warming by controlling man’s C02 releases, which in reality will make very little difference to global warming etc. 

There must be some very intelligent people planning these strategies for the Globalists over a long period of time, experts and specialists in MENSA with historical, philosophical and psychological knowledge about how the population can be manipulated with these various scenarios. This reminds me of a one sided game of chess; with the rich globalist elite with huge resources having prepared and planned ahead for decades, whilst the general public they seek to control are  largely unaware they are even in a completion with them or that they should be standing up for their liberties and democratic freedoms. It’s a bit like a grand master playing some school kids who don’t even realise they are involved in playing a game of high stake chess.  The public may have grown too accustomed to our democratic rights and liberties and appear to now be too trusting the T.V News without thinking about which vested interests may control or manipulate it as a source of propaganda. This is particularly dangerous in W. Europe where, unlike in the USA, no main stream media provide an alternative non globalists perspective. Many Brexiteers started to notice how biased the BBC was during the Brexit campaign in 2016, when there was a clear E.U bias but don’t realise the same globalists are also using the pandemic and Climate change in the same way, and now have an almost 100% bias with those speaking out being derided by the same mainstream media.

Over ten years ago the media was a lot freer. Back then the BBC, reported for e.g. how emails from some of the world leading environmentalists had been hacked and released into the public arena.  They revealed that conversations had taken place between influential environmentalists concerning how they could rig the figures for global warming in order to maintain the validity of the hockey stick graph which predicted further rises in the future. About fifteen years or so ago the figures had stopped rising which ruined that graph. The main media reported this honestly which I don’t think would happen today. The real Global warming figures revealed that there had not been any more warming, and this remained the case for at least a decade. This scandal resulted in the environmentalists movement appearing to lay low for a while, no one ever appears to have been called to account though, (it’s important to remember that the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s have always been the major funders of this movement). Then the term “Global Warming” was dropped and “Climate Change,” was used instead. Since that time the way in which data is collected has also been changed. Satellites now choose the locations from which temperatures are taken as opposed to the fixed positions of weather stations as was always used before. This makes it possible to cherry pick locations and rig the figures again, (paralleling the way changing the method by which death figures for Covid 19 were changed to co morbid figures enabled the same for the “pandemic”). So we are now being told that global warming has started up again after about a 9 year lull, but how can we trust those claiming this since they have already been caught lying to us about global warming in the past? They clearly have a political agenda behind this with no concern for truth.

There’s also the issue of supressing people like Piers Corbyn, (former Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn’s brother), an expert who, with others has done years of research into how the sun dictates the climate on earth each year. His predictions have been amazingly accurate as opposed to the erroneous predictions of the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s funded environmentalist movement. You won’t hear him on the main media though because the elite Billionaire’s money has gained an increasing influence over policy. We need to make hey whilst the sun still shines as censorship is increasing so quickly I doubt if any alternative, free sources of information will be allowed online soon.

Only a minority of people realise the need to do their own research in order to check the facts being presented to them on their T.V sets. Few realise that the globalist’s oligarchs have extended their control over most of our News Stations. The elite’s money reaches everywhere and it always works in line their self-centred, political agendas. Climate Change, virus pandemics and a global economic depression from to the effects of their lockdowns, appear to be the three main issues they intend to use to manipulate the public into accepting their future authoritarian agendas. As Christians we all know that there will be climate catastrophes in the end times too, so they are going to have a lot of facts to twist and work to their political advantage concerning the environment in the future. Their false claim that mankind is the main cause of Climate Change also leads straight on to another one of their agendas; population reduction:

N) Global Population Reduction: From day one of the “pandemic” people were arguing that the rich oligarch elite planned to use vaccines as part of a global depopulation program. I did not want to believe this to be true because it made me look as though I was part of the tin foil hat brigade. However, although I’m still sitting on the fence here, the more I look into this the more likely it appears to be possible, especially now that well informed Doctors and researchers are coming to this same conclusion from the most recent scientific studies. The following discussion amongst five Doctors is an example; https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/urgent-5-doctors-agree-that-covid-19-injections-are-bioweapons-and-discuss-what-to-do-about-it/ (it gets a little too rich at the end for me because they are so overly optimistic about being able to fight back in this info war). This may be too extreme for many others, and is the most extreme medically based argument I’ve yet heard, but, whilst its beyond my remit, (as I just don’t have enough medical knowledge) it is surely something we each need to listen to and take into consideration as we weigh this issue up for ourselves. Their conclusions also appear to be supported by studies that are emerging such as he following; https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/  Each month more evidence is appearing from new research findings that suggests that the four main vaccines used in the western world, (from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna), are all causing/or could potentially reduced fertility or the complete sterilisation of many men and women. This also supports the conclusions of those scientific experts who claim a deliberate policy of population reduction is already taking place via the vaccinations. I still don’t personally know what to think. Even if this isn’t happening yet surely it is likely to do so during the future One World Government?  Depopulation was also definitely on the list of headings I believe God anointed in my original notes on this. Surely this is possible, so something we shouldn’t shy away from considering, going by the level of nastiness depicted amongst the leaders of an emerging New World Order in the Book of Revelations? Perhaps I was just not ready for the biblical symbolism to work out in such a modern sci – fi type of way resulting in me still being too shocked by this? Modern medicine and science has now reached this level. One of my friends claimed, only yesterday, that a month after taking the jab his sperm production had stopped altogether, just as these doctors have claimed is happening, and far more often than we are being told by the corporate media. This is all hard to take in. I am belatedly inserting this here, at the start of this section, as it definitely now seems to me to be a strong possibility. All I would add is that the Fourth Horse of the Apocalypse named “Death” (Rev 6; 8), doesn’t yet appear to me to have happened by could do so soon according to my own end times date guessology. Historically many scholars have believed its “pale” colour refers to global virus pandemics in particular. This appears to result in 1/4 of the world’s population suddenly being wiped out, some possibly killed by virus pandemics but others from famine wars etc too. So if these vaccines do produce a real pandemic, unlike the present exaggerated Covid 19 one, (whether or not this is deliberately planned by an elite), then this is not likely to kill more than about half that number, (?), perhaps 10% of the world’s population. Whilst this is extreme, and hard to imagine it is less than the renowned Dr Bossche expected in the videos posted above, (link, again). So there now appears to be a huge amount of evidence, appearing from many different scientific perspectives, which suggests that the vaccines will cause a second greater and real pandemic and huge numbers of deaths on a catastrophic level. Even now I can feel my emotional reluctance to accept this but the evidence does appear to be there. I can feel and sense my soul trying to remain with the mainstream but maybe, if this is now the end times that just isn’t realistic?  The rest of this section now continues as I originally wrote it:  

Bill Gates and other members of the elite have stated their desire to reduce the global population. Due to the dangers and all the lies told about the safety of the present vaccines many believe they form part of a depopulation program. Others believe the media claims that they are an attempt to eradicate Covid 19. My views lie between the two. If the pandemic ends then the globalists have no excuse to continue with their radical plan to reset society and maintain the planned, extensive authoritarian system of control. If Dr Bossche proves right about vaccinating half way through a pandemic causing superbugs, as well as reducing peoples  own antibody response to future viruses, (vid link again), then maybe this is a deliberate policy rather than down to irresponsibility and a textbook error by the elite? Maybe they want new more extreme pandemics to follow to underpin and give reason for their program of change? I think that’s likely. And maybe the resulting deaths will be higher than they predicted, possibly even a Rev 6; 7 scenario, with those plagues being caused by man not God? The Vaccines would then form part of global depopulation even though they may not have been originally intended to do so at such a level? It’s also likely that later on they could be used to target depopulation in places like Africa too, where the birth rate is highest. This would depend on the levels of empathy in the hearts of the leading globalists. I expect that Satan will be raising up people with low empathy and high sociopathic and narcissist tendencies in the very end times, it is very likely that the ten kings and the antichrist will be just such types, (Rev 17; 12). The following quote by the globalist banker, David Lang, may have already reflected this attitude, as he addressed the Rockefellers and other oligarchs in 1987 concerning the implementation of their other plans; “…This should not be through a democratic process…. That would take too long and devour far too much of the funds to eradicate the cannon fodder, unfortunately that populates the earth. We have to take almost an elitist program,” [recorded live by George Hunt, from the 4th World Congress Meeting, in 1987, 7.20 min’s into this video linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8c-NKjOOA0 ].

The Rockefellers, who appear to be the architects of the present Plan based on Covid 19, have been deeply involved in eugenics in the recent history.  John D. Rockefeller III, (who only died in 1978), invested a great deal in the eugenics movement in the decades preceding the 2nd World War. Many do not realise that the result was that 70, 000 US citizens were forcibly sterilised against their will, (vid link, the first 3 min’s of this video will give you a flavour of this). He also funded many of the German scientists in the field of eugenics even as Hitler rose to power. The result was 400, 000 people forcibly sterilised across Germany, (not to mention the impact eugenics had on the persecution of the Jews). I personally doubt the Rothschild’s were involved in eugenics, though, since they are of Jewish ancestry. Bill Gates Senior, however, was a well-known eugenics expert who, with his wife, ran “Planned Parenthood” together and were closely linked to the Rockefellers. “Planned Parenthood” had been closely associated with the evils of this movement in the USA. So the history of both the Rockefellers and Gates family’s concern population control verges on evil. After the WW2 the eugenics movement lost its credibility with the public due to its association with the Nazis. At this time the Rockefellers then started investing in the global conservation movement, some say as a disguise under which to continue their eugenics agenda under a different name, this time to help save the planet as opposed to purifying the human race of undesirables. I’m sitting on the fence still concerning this. The U.N, however, became central in this with the idea sustainable development. It is interesting that the U.N’s main buildings were donated to them by the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers also controlled much of the big Pharmaceutical Industry by this time. In fact the history of medicine in the western world, and its (over) emphasis on drug solutions, has been largely influenced by the Rockefellers investments. They set the medical agendas by giving huge grants to education establishments and investments in other bodies. Most people don’t realise that the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, therefore dominate Big Pharma and the vaccination issue in the west today. This is all very worrying considering the eugenics background of both families in the recent past and their stated, present desire to reduce the population of the planet.

O) Authoritarianism and the Loss of True Democracy of True Democracy: The World Economic Forum is now calling for the introduction of the “checks and balances,” on democracy. They have stated a desire to move towards the Chinese form of modern, communist system, within which some businessmen and billionaires are allowed to function if lined up with states aims. The U.N's Agenda 21 and 2030 are believed by many to provide the means to reduce the influence of nations compared with global Institutions in line with this. This will further reduce people’s power to withstand the elite. We could end up with democracy in name only, with a system of voting that the elites could easily rig, with no power for the people to protest, with the elites owning and controlling everything within an authoritarian, Chinese communist styled system, with the state having systems of all out surveillance of the population, within a cashless society which will operate chip in the hand technology in order for people to access resources, (as predicted in Revelations Ch 13).


IV] Evidence of a Conspiracy: Many believe that the rich Rothschild’s banking family have been planning a New World Order since the 1770’s. Their influence in W. Europe is paralleled by the Rockefeller’s in the USA. This video reveals the way in which Rockefeller linked insiders were able to dominate both the Carter and Reagan administrations. The same is probably true within the Biden administration today. The Rockefellers also invested in the Pharmaceutical Industry, followed later by the Gates Foundation, also joined in unity now by the Billionaire Warren Buffett. A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report stated that a viral pandemic should be declared to gain the publics support for the introduction of lockdowns and other authoritarian measures in order to control the masses. find. These and other aligned Intuitions and Organisations have used the declaration of a Covid 19 “pandemic,” along with their influence over the media, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the World Health Organisation and other international bodies, to forward their political agendas and moves towards global governance and a New World Order. Video; “World leaders Discussing a New World Order.” Video; “President John F. Kennedy Warning Us About N.W.O.”


V] Conclusion: Powerful groups/families within Freemasonry, such as the Rothschild’s, realised hundreds of years ago that by controlling the money supply and government debts they had the potential to control those governments and from there possibly the entire world. Billionaire business moguls, like the Rockefellers, who gained influence through the oil industry, then banking, and then pharmaceuticals, realised early on that in order to stop governments challenging and limiting their power and braking up their monopolies and economic empires they had assert influence in the realm of politics too. These billionaires associate together, living behind barbed wire fences, cut off from the general public by the fear of being robbed or kidnapped by those jealous of their ill-gotton wealth and critical of the unscrupulous ways in which they acquired this at the expense of the majority, who they fear will one day bring their empires down in French styled revolutions or communist uprisings. It was only a matter of time before they made their own bid for complete political power by setting up their own authoritarian command styled system before the proletariat or middle classes did so against them. It was only in 2010 that many people started supporting the anti 1%er protest movement after the banking crisis that was blamed, quite rightly, on these elites. How better to nullify any resistance from the population to an elite power bid than to claim it was being done for the people, out of necessity, for reasons of public health?  What better way to do that than to declare a virus of pandemic proportions was spreading around the earth, a claim backed up by the globalists controlled media, internet and Pharmaceutical Corporations, who used their control of the World health Organisation, to encourage all national governments to use a new way of calculating death rates, in order to declare this a global crisis. A crisis that they claimed required the very authoritarian systems the elite wanted to implement anyway? All done under the guise of public health to minimise resistance. Promoted each night, almost obsessively, through the private, internet and state controlled media outlets of which these oligarchs had gained increasing control of. Most of the ill-informed public then yielding and willingly giving up their civil liberties in order to “help save lives,” and losing the influence they previously had through democratic process to these shadowy Billionaire figures, often sociopathically inclined people who falsely present themselves as well intentioned philanthropists. Those who control the wayward banking system and unscrupulous Pharmaceutical industry, big media corporations and internet social media companies in particular.  Any reasonable analysis surely suggests that this is what has been going on? The idea that this is, alternatively, just a series of accidents, according to “cock up theory” is surely based on political naivety and a lack of historical knowledge as to how these same people have behaved historically.  Conspiracies for power have always existed, it is these Billionaires who have been using the media to tell us they don’t, whilst they themselves make their bid for power, so that the public don’t listen to the watchmen and whistle-blowers of whom there are now so many, especially in the medical field. Since the dawn of civilization there have always been conspiracies for power and control, it’s part of man’s fallen nature.

Freemasonry appears to be the major organisation that these powerful oligarchs use to organise themselves, with only those at the top, often the richest that really know what is being planned. What’s harder to work out is the role of the Jesuit Order within all this, now aligned with those private business moguls from the Freemasonry stream. Their founder, Ignatius Loyola, was forced to become a Catholic after being arrested and threatened by the Spanish Inquisition for being in a, (gnostic), occult group called the Illuminati. He and his associates then set up the Jesuit Order to gain power within the Catholic Church system where they were by now forced to operate from. The Jesuits became the espionage wing of Catholicism, set up to undermine the protestant Reformation. Their method was to recruit young people as undercover agents from within its vast network of secondary education and university’s establishments, who it would then promote, through its network, to high office within the protestant denominations. However they soon extended this to every area of politics and society too leading to many western monarchs complaining about their political activities. It’s no surprise we see their image of the illuminati flashed around in the music and entertainment so often today, although few realise it originated with the founders of the Jesuit Order. Everyone aligned, who can then benefit from their network of contacts in every area of society and business, has to agree and help assist moves towards establishing a New World Order. Some recruits operate as Jesuit priests but at the top these are not Catholic people, that is just the age old facade. Now they have an openly Jesuit Pope shows they have finally acquired full control of the Catholic denomination and its huge wealth. This includes not only its gold reserves but its vast investments in stocks and shares, which gives it control of many powerful companies and corporations. The bank of America was, for e.g.  known to have been run for the Catholic Church by members of the Jesuit Order, not priests but modern looking businessmen with wealth and modern lifestyles. Over hundreds of years they have been able to infiltrate every aspect of society and politics within the western world and beyond.  

Surely none of this would be possible for they or Freemasonry, though, had not the devil been behind this, deceiving and using them for his own long term ends. The Clintons are known to have always been backed by the Jesuit Order, Obama and Biden are likely the same? A temporary schism between the Jesuits and Freemasons during a battle for control of the Knights of Malta, in the lead up to the 2016 US elections, allowed Trump temporarily into power, halting the previous momentum of the globalist movement. It appears that Plans carried on underground though, which may explain the present sudden advance in these Plans and the manner in which Trump was ushered out of power.

Since the “pandemic” has been used to help get him out of power there is now no effective opposition left. We have the globalists influenced/controlled Biden in the USA and the globalists E.U controlling Europe. It was obvious that mankind was going to have to move towards a One World Government at some point, that’s what the imaginative prognosticator, writers sci-fi books have always envisaged. This is, after all, the natural progression from families to tribes, to nations and then larger bodies such as the E.U, which incorporate many nations in alliance. Global economics and technology have both now reached a point where an elite can realistically gain control of the entire world and its population, through control of a cashless global economy which everyone has to engage with via a credit card chip in their hand. This is surely the ultimate form of control with no need for prisons, a person’s chip can just be switched off instead. Anyone who doesn’t comply can be said to have chosen not to, masking the true authoritarian nature of this system. With consent given by most of the people as this chip could also be used to monitor the health of everyone, determining who has been vaccinated against the ever present threat of viruses that it will be claimed will otherwise wipe out mankind. With that plus the threat of environmental catastrophe hanging over everyone’s heads the loss of ones liberties will appear to most an acceptable compromise. Few will know otherwise due to an almost complete control of the flow of information and the media by the elite.  With all businesses in the system being likewise controlled and monitored by the deep state in order to control the output of pollution into also presented to “help save the planet and lives.” Both presented as necessary for the survival of mankind. A new aristocracy, another rich elite, thereby comes to power again, this time with the technology to prevent any uprising from the masses, to avert chance of another French or communist styled, command economy and limited democracy, stealing the communists clothing from them before the masses have time to mobilise or even  realise what is going on.  The elites control then backed by an impregnable system of technological control. Everyone will have to have a chip in their hand or forehead, (plans already exist for the right hand as the bible predicts), in order to be able to buy and sell. Everyone’s movements will also be monitored digitally and controlled by an algorithm so no protests on the street of can be organised. We are already seeing this happen, suddenly, in our day. And should any group attempt to rebel then lockdowns could be initiated again, due new real or imagined pandemics, without even the need of the new police laws, because the public, moving in agreement with its new masters and the media they control, will tell them social distancing rues must be enforced for the sake of public health to “help save lives.”

This would, therefore, be an extremely intelligent plan, perhaps too much for most to suspect possible? But we are now living in a extremely advanced age, on the verge of the use of robot and transhumant technologies. Surely people with MENSA level I.Q’s, i.e. philosophers, psychologists, political historians, scientists and strategic planners have probably been employed by these globalist oligarchs to come up with plans to implement their agendas? Such plans have probably evolved with science over hundreds of years. Most sci-fi books and films have long since imagined such a scenario, in “Brave New World,” “Big Brother” etc. Today global vaccination programs, followed by scalable I.D’s to track and trace people, followed by insertable devices so people cannot remove themselves from the system, already offer the ideal technology for complete control of every individual. We have already arrived at this point in time technologically. The World Economic Forum are, this year, now presenting this Plan in plain sight, mirrored by their slogan, “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy.” Except no one could be happy controlled by a elite to that degree. When combined with genetic engineering this could be the end of humanity as we know it. Perhaps following sci-fi predictions of the development of an a compliant, oppressed, perhaps drugged out, low intelligence, semi autistic proletariat, incapable or even wanting to resist the will of the all-powerful rich elite, those  who have always seen themselves as superior and entitled to rule. Even if the present vaccinations prove to be harmless who is to say a Stalinist like leader wouldn’t want to use a future vaccinations   to develop a compliant population. Perhaps this is already in the pipeline? Maybe that’s why they are already promoting new genetically altering vaccines without the option of ordinary ones in the west?  Perhaps that is what the W.E. F mean by “… And You Will Be Happy?” i.e. the nature of the majority will be altered to become happily complacent followers of the elite? They surely know that no one is ever happy to be chipped, monitored and control whilst in a normal human state? The Billionaire Warren Buffett, (who has now merged his multiple Billions with the Gates Foundations), recently stated that there is now a civil war going on between the rich and the poor and the rich are winning. Is his perception based on the anti 1% er protests that followed the banking crisis in 2008? The elite must feel threatened by such movements and by history itself, which until recently saw power move away from the elite towards the common man as they enforced democracy upon the rich. Over 40% of the world’s resources are currently controlled by less than 2000 Billionaires.  Surely a new elite would prefer to have a compliant population, otherwise they remain in a constant state of danger from competition and a rebellion from the masses as in the past. And we are in an age of new genetic technology, and the World Economic Forum is recommending forms of Trans humanism, Bill Gates has said he would like to see everyone connected up to the internet via a chip in their head, (so they can both download information themselves but also have someone else download info to their brains). In the age of nano technology this is now already entirely possible. The Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Gates and Buffets are amongst the richest and most powerful Billionaires of all and have an uncanny influence on the present control of and response to the present exaggerated pandemic. There doesn’t appear to be any effective systems in place to control these Billionaire “charity” Foundations which are now more powerful than many nations. Even the USA Government is influenced by the media these Billionaires also influence. This is a terrible state of affairs and the common man is oblivious to the dangers. If, as most psychologist agree, 3% of people are sociopaths, and 6% are full blown narcissists, then before you even factor in covert narcissists and other forms of malevolent behaviour patterns, a huge percentage of the ordinary population should not be trusted with this sort of technology or power. And most believe that a higher percentage of such people exists within the upper echelons of politics and amongst big business moguls. In fact power itself is thought to change brain patterns and create sociopathic inclinations. And historically the common man has been proven to be easy to manipulate when confronted with external threats. Why else would so many people have complied with going to their potential deaths during the 1st WW? They were told it was necessary as “a war to end all wars,” but they were deceived because WW2 followed just two decades later.

In a tech savvy world, where there is now so much more information available, I expect the oligarchs made sure their own people became the leaders within the internet world, so they could keep control of the agenda, and the reach of their own the propaganda. How else do we explain Bill Gates sudden rise to power and his Fathers long term connection with the Rockefellers?  And Gates subsequent Rockefeller copycat behaviour as he then moved into making even more money from pharmaceuticals. Or his central involvement in birthing what appears to be a Rockefeller Plan to use a pandemic as an excuse to bring about authoritarian control of the population? Or Gates massive donations to the World Health Organisation along with his petition to them to declare a pandemic in the first place. Or EVENT 201, a choreographed response to a coronavirus pandemic, with a special emphasis on how to control the media, just one month before anyone knowing we had a coronavirus problem?  Surely only a fool would think this was all just a coincidence? And we know from history that these rich oligarchs cannot be trusted nor their big corporations, nor the Pharmaceutical industry or the banks they influence, nor the big institutions that often appear to do their bidding, the I.M.F or even the U.N. So what are we doing trusting them now? I wouldn’t put it past them to start putting something in future jabs to undermine people’s ability at critical thinking, to make them more gullible. In fact, thinking about that, that has already been happening for decades, by coincidence or not, with vaccinations thought to be responsible for the sudden rise in autism within western civilisation. Even if that was an accident it hasn’t gone unnoticed, (see the well-known documentary called “Vaxxed”).  

Look at the dictators of the past, Mao Tso Tung, Stalin, Hitler, even the Caesars, they’ve all tended to be, or become, sociopathic with little empathy for the people they rule over. Surely we have grown too secure within our western liberal democracies. The power mongers behind the scene, beyond the democratic processes,  have kept well out of view, so that, by stealth, they have been able gradually increased their unseen influence, particularly over the media and medical services, e.g. perhaps the new non medically trained managers within the NHS. The elites at the top surely see us as their competitors, jealous of their wealth and angry at the underhand ways in which they often acquired it, at our expense. We are told, however, that these people are loving philanthropists motivated by wanting to help us. But when people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates promised to give 95% of their wealth away, over ten years ago, they didn’t, instead they gave it to their own Foundations, that they control, from which they made even more money for themselves. The more a person has the more paranoid they are said to be about losing it. Our governments and politicians don’t know what their agendas are, and are themselves bullied by the media into conforming with the W.H.O’s medical strategies. This is a terrible state of affairs, surely this in itself is another sign we are entering the very end times? The bible predicts an elite plan to control us all through a mark, (chip?) in the right hand. Surely God wouldn’t allow Gates and W.E.F plans to move mankind further than that, into trans-humanism, (being part man part machine)? It would be the end of the human race as we know it. Mankind is Gods greatest creation, God made us in His own mage, which includes having free will and choice, choice to go against God even if we so will. Perhaps that is why the end of the age is drawing near as these things start to manifest, as technology has reached this point? We cannot afford to trust individuals, that’s why we have developed a democratic system and freedom of speech. The very fact that we are not allowed to protest as before, or speak about alternatives to lockdowns and vaccinations, surely reveals the times are changing. And we have plenty of predictions in the bible warning about this.

I believe that the Freemasons and Jesuit Order are like two poisonous vines, cultivated by the devil, historically, as the organisational means by which to bring all this about, which in turn are controlled by individuals. They have weaved their way through history, to the point where they can now control humanity, with modern technology, through a modern globalists system.  They appear to be using a virus as the centrepiece for this agenda as it can be sued to gain the willing consent of most people. Utilising an exaggerated virus alert, and then maybe causing a greater genuine one from the effects of that, (?), used to take control of politics and the governments of the western world. Britain may have just Brexited the globalists controlled E.U, however I believe that in 2003 God showed me that it will be through the G8 group of nations that this unified political alliance will form, link.  Russia will, therefore, also be drawn into this Unified Government. Globally that will only then leave China able to resist, and they are already forging even further ahead with a similar system of their own. Some sort of clash must surely happen, (?), either economically or military, or both, to bring China down, forcing it into compliance with the G8. This may happen during the 3.5 years reign of this Beast Empire in the west, not necessarily before it emerges. After that no other nation on earth will be able to resist, so this will suddenly become, in effect, a global government dictating social, political and religious policy to all. The Jesuit Pope chair’s and oversees the global interfaith movement. I believe the global religion will be given a superficial “Christianised” external gloss as a result, under which the contradictory doctrine will be, “there are many ways to god.” The appearance of a historically white European led global religion especially designed to lead Christian’s in particular astray. I believe this will undergird the western G8 nations global Government ultimately led by a sociopathic antichrist leader. Mankind will be at a loss, it will all appear to be over for us as a race, until Christ’s returns a second time, once again as the saviour.

I haven’t done an extensive enough research to get a panoramic view of this, however, if I had to guess who the top players within this globalist elite are, I would argue; the Rothschild’s in Europe, the Rockefellers in the USA, other private Billionaire Industrialists like Warren Buffett, all of whom probably also control Freemasonry. Now there is also Bill Gate’s, with his recently made Billions.  I’m not sure but his parents may possibly have been advanced through the Jesuits network, (which I doubt anyone can ever leave so maybe those billions are really Jesuit owned?). All the other younger leaders of the social media space appear to be lined up with the globalist’s oligarchs too, (like Gates I doubt whether many are really self-made but, instead, were probably assisted to semi monopoly status and influence through their family or Freemasonry connections and/or the Jesuit network). George Soros is another influencer, who uses his billions to promote the globalist agenda. There are secondary players, (like the former Henry Kissinger, also generally regarded to have been a sociopath), who rise to power because of their intellect and usefulness to the elite as strategic planners. Another influential group are/were the Bush family, from where arose two presidents, both of whom appear to have supported the globalist’s agenda. Both of the Clintons, on the other hand, came to power from nowhere and are known to have been backed and steered by the Jesuits. In Europe President Macron of France arose from nowhere into the top level of politics after having been employed, and I believe groomed, by the Rothschild’s within their banking empire. Other young politicians, who similarly appear in power almost overnight like that, may also be aligned. A tell-tale sign would be their link to the Catholic Church, which makes Tony Blair a candidate. After he left office Blair immediately joined the Catholic Church and had a meeting with the Pope, who oversees the global interfaith movement. Is it a coincidence that the Blair Foundation now focuses on promoting interfaith dialogue? I expect he will soon started promoting this across the pond to the Biden administration in the USA. The E.U of course is a major influence on the European globalist movement and many of its politicians will be aligned that way. Groups like the Bilderberg group and World Economic Forum appear to be talking shops that unite members as well as operate as recruiting grounds to draw other prominent people into their sphere of influence. Both the Dutch and English Royal families have made fortunes investing in the same industries as the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers in the past and some individuals may, therefore, play a peripheral role, (e.g. Prince Charles possibly?), although I doubt as part of the real inner circle.  An eye should definitely be kept, (please note), on politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger whose day in the sun may not yet be over – an understatement, (also thought by some to be highly sociopathic). The fact that atheists like him and Bill Gates attend Catholic Church every week is suspicious if you ask me, as is Joe Biden having a Catholic priest accompany him everywhere he flies to on political assignments, (a tell-tale sign he too, like the Clintons, and perhaps Obama too, are under Jesuit influence/control). I’m convinced the idea that such people are secretly worshipping Satan is a red herring, though, put about but the globalists oligarchs themselves to throw watchmen off the scent. This makes any warnings they issue about them appear ridiculous and unpalatable to the general public. Another red herring proffered today are the alien conspiracy theories which promote the idea that many globalists are shape shifters from another planet or time dimension, or the Christian version which claims they the new Nephilim, the offspring of women who mated with fallen angels, which previously resulted in the birth of giants not little grey aliens, see Gen Ch 6. Atheism appears to be the real belief behind the scenes, although the interfaith movement is used to draw in all men, (only 9% of the world’s population are atheist so that is not a very attractive belief to them). The Jesuit Catholic Pope chairs the global interfaith movement, (because Catholicism is the largest religion in the world), he however appears downtrodden to me, and is under orders having sworn an oath of allegiance to the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. All the leaders of the Jesuit Order probably operate as overseers of the globalist’s movement, along with their intellectual, scholarly planners too, (see this prophecy for comparison, link).  I think, if correct, that this prophetic article, (link), reveals how the devil will lure in other ministers from within the protestant stream, especially from the prophetic movement, who will be raised up over the interfaith movement in the future, post apostasy, to lead a One World Religion.  Apostasy can sometimes come in degrees and I would suggest that any “Christian” minister who joins the Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta, (Order of St John), is already headed in that direction unless they repent soon, since this involves swearing an oath of loyalty to Pope Francis, who himself has made statements that do not appear biblical at all.

There are then also many of the wealthy owners of the big tech and other companies in Japan and South Korea, who may have been drawn in more peripherally because they are very much within the G8’s sphere of influence, (link). This may seem a broad breadth of people but it would be easy for a handful of the most rich and powerful to steer the group with the others not wanting to appear to be left out. It’s worth reminding ourselves that Satan is ultimately behind the rising up of the beast from the sea, and that he is attempting to drew all men under its influence, so surely a broad range of leading players would not be surprising. It’s not the groups or the individuals who really control the emergence of a One World Government but the devil, who is deceiving and attempting to control those people. Atheists would make good candidates as they would be less aware of this than anyone as they are least likely to suspect that a malevolent spiritual force is at work. They are also amongst the most likely to believe in or be blinded by a vision of human society evolving into a man-made paradise of their own planning and modern scientific devising. Science can also be very impersonal, with no moral compass, with the end justifying the means, especially if the aim is securing the future existence of mankind. Modern computing research is now advancing into biological Nano technology, and the World Economic Forum are already discussing trans-humanism, man and computer hybrid beings. Bill Gates has famously stated that he would like to see everyone linked up directly to the internet with chip implants in inserted into our brains. Many claim that science is now advancing beyond philosophical considerations of ethical. This provides Satan with, perhaps, a perfect pool of people likely to support the idea of having everyone micro chipped in order to buy or sell within a cashless society, the extreme authoritarian form of control predicted at the end of Rev Ch 13. Many believe that sociopathic tendencies are far more prevalent amongst the rich and powerful elites. This may be a reason why the devils agendas will so quickly swing from appearing benevolent to suddenly manifesting evil in the very end times, despite the good intensions of many globalists earlier on. The public are likely to acquiesce to losing their rights once the climatic disasters start as predicted in the bible. They are already being told that mankind’s very existence is being threatened by pandemics. I believe that vaccination passport chips in the hand, (that will also warn when you first become infected), will precede the mark of the beast for buying and selling, to pave the way by getting people ready to accept the 666 mark.

So I think the two main organisations within the globalist’s movement are the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons. There are signs that both have had aspirations for global governance for hundreds of years. I perceive them as two snakes or poisonous vines which weave down through history and now join together to form the spine of the secretive and underhand globalist’s movement. During His 40 day fast in the desert Jesus didn’t deny the devils right/legal entitlement to offer Him all the kingdoms of the world. Surely we should, therefore, expect that, in recent history, Satan will have been raising up organisations and individuals with power and wealth who he believes he can most easily deceive into following his will, i.e. those who are willing to bring about the One World Government warned about in Rev Ch 13? Powerful Billionaire atheists, who feel they have an entitlement to rule, many of whom made their wealth from their love of technology, many of whom may lack of empathy for the common man surely make the perfect candidates? Very clever people who have used the internet and music industries symbolic, illuminati hand signal’s to distract attention from themselves by encouraging the idea that weird evil Satanists, (or little grey men in flying saucers), are going to be the source of the One World Government. This then becoming what many people, including some Christians, are then looking out for whilst these modern, scientific, globalist oligarchs set about creating the right circumstances under which they can come to power themselves. Manipulating the population, through the media, into support them, by using health care, pandemics and protecting the environment as guises under which they can operate without too much objection from the masses they seek to control. The Jesuit Order and its operatives, on the other hand, appear to simply believe they are destined to rule, perhaps for the benefit of mankind. Humanism. Is this why the mark is 666, 6 being man’s number? The Billionaire Warren Buffett, who has recently thrown his lot in with the Gates Foundation, is surely right though, about there being a civil war between the rich and the poor going on right now, as this has always been the case. A war which often manifests today between democracy and the rich elites. In the past this was surely paralleled between the interests of the aristocracy against the serfs, as their interests are always, in many ways, diametrically opposed. Deep down the wealthy elites probably fear that unless they take full control first, in a way that will last, the masses will eventually rise up to take their “hard earned” wealth, and maybe even kill them, as happened during the French Revolution and the communist uprisings in Russia, China and elsewhere. As they inevitably press forwards to gain an increasingly unfair share of the world’s resources surely the masses would eventually react, especially in times of want, as we saw in the anti-one percenter street protests that broke out after the elites caused the 2008 banking crisis.  And the devil can use the fears of the elites to manipulate them into bring about a modern One World Government that the devil will then use to wreak havoc upon mankind. The devil must surely know that he can’t trust weird cult like people to take control of the rest of us. He is using those who have proved their abilities in the past, by succeeding in the economy, the media, politics and science and technology. And he knows that God gives grace to the humble and lowly so the rich and powerful are much easier for him to manipulate.  

In some places in the South West of England the sea comes in very gently, there are no huge waves, they are more like ripples at times, and for a long way out the sea is shallow which seems non-threatening. At night a mist often hangs over the water making it hard to see how far out you have walked on the beach. But the tide comes in very quickly, taking most people by surprise, often catching those who were not watching off guard. The muddy sand then starts losing its firmness and you can then start sinking into the mud. At first this may seem funny but it quickly becomes like quicksand, as the sea around people quickly rises to knee, waist and then chest height. This means almost certain death unless they are rescued by a lifeboat or a helicopter, sent just in time, link word. We can’t afford to risk our faith through being trusting friends with the world or complacent. We need to remain vigilant. The evidence of a present conspiracy, on the back of the history of these elites conspiring, is so great that it would be foolish to ignore.


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