C85) Donald Trump will be President for Two Terms, (Marcus Rogers, various words, 2014 - 2020):

Marcus Rogers has a YouTube Channel and I have compiled these quotes, myself, from memory, from various videos of Marcus,’ that I have watched this week, in mid-June. I am paraphrasing here as I didn’t keep a list of each video noted at the time, so this is being typed up by me, S. Dobbs, from memory, in June 2020, as a witness in advance of the next Nov election in five months’ time. I heard these things repeated several times across his videos and whilst I don’t actually have discernment on them I thought I would record them here for others to weigh up and consider too, i.e:  

“Donald Trump will be President for two terms.”

“Trump is being used by God as a wall to hold back the enemy.”

“The Church in the US will be persecuted through legislation which is being held back by having Trump as President at the moment.”

“After Trump leaves office people in the US will get the King Saul that they want.”

From Marcus Rogers' videos.