A80), A Warning to Christian YouTube Channels, (JourneywD'B, link, Nov 1st 2015):

“A warning to Christian YouTubers… those who have a channel like this… who make videos, upload and post and all of that. Today this came really strong to me and I was not going to take action but the Lord would have me do this so I’m doing it. YouTubers or Christian YouTubers who have Channels on here and are making videos and posting and trying to spread the gospel or trying to speak truth or are trying to support the bible and all of that, the warning to you is that there is a wind coming and the wind is already here, and that wind will begin to blow, and has already begun, and just like you have, when you see a storm coming, you can feel some/part of the storm, the wind that comes with that storm hit you but there is a heavier one that comes behind it, and when it comes it will begin to sweep people away. The warning is that if you are not praying, if you are not standing upon the word, and you think you can just go ahead and spread the gospel, the wind is here, and if you are not praying, your not, and when I say prayer I don’t mean wake up and “Lord I thank you I am up this morning in Jesus name,” and you go and grab your camera and you are going to go and do a video and post and all of that, you are in a spiritual battle. This platform is also a spiritual platform, there is a spiritual battle going on, so if you think you can just post, you know go through the media, use the airwaves to send messages and not stand first in the Spirit, to stand in your rightful place, when that wind blows it will take you with it. Many will fall away. Many will be drawn by the wind and even now they are already being drawn. I can literally see the wind blowing and some are still trying in the Spirit, they are still trying to hold on for their dear life but there’s no solid foundation and so it’s just blowing and some are already on the floor and they are being blown away but because they are not spiritually connected to what is going on they don’t even realise it. And what happens they end up spreading lies, they end up working for the enemy and they think they are working for God. They end up saying things against Christ, trying to decipher the scriptures with mental capacity, and just when you open the door, thinking you know it all, the enemy will put kinds of ideas, mix it all up with all that you think you already know and there you begin to be used as an instrument of the devil. The wind is here. There’s witchcraft on this platform, its heavy. I mean a lot of people are already fighting amongst themselves, they are backbiting, they’re, when they see videos of others they’re jealous, they are angry, they’re “why would she say that,” “why would she do that,” and some are going against each other, they are setting up pages and using it to fight a spiritual battle!? The warning has come. The wind is coming and it’s already here. If you will not stand your ground in the word, upon a solid foundation of truth that is in Christ, backed up by prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer. Prayer, the Lord said to actually be prayers, you are doing this and you are not praying and you say you are working for me (?), you must not understand what you are in for. I have served the message, you can do whatever you want to do with it, you can say whatever you want to say but I pray that before that wind carries you away it won’t be too late.



Matthew 26; 41