A1) A prophecy about the coming season, (J. Richardson, 2004).

You have entered into a season where I am pouring out of my Spirit in a very mighty way all around the earth.  The heavens are declaring my glory.  There shall be many signs in the heavens and on the earth.  For this is the day and the hour when men will recognise and realise that I am God and that there is no other.

A lot of man-made gods will crumble.  A lot of things that man has poured so much of their time, effort and worship into will crumble.

I am raising up in this earth a people who are consumed with Me; a people who have a hunger and thirst after Me. A people who desire to walk with Me, even through the fire and through the flood. A people who have answered the call and are determined to take up their cross daily and follow Me. A people filled with my power; a people of divine purpose who will not allow the cares of this life or the weapons of the enemy to distract or stop them.

For yes, I am calling forth a people in the Earth that dare to believe Me. A people that will do the mighty works that were prophesied in my word. For this is the day and this is the hour that those mighty works will be fulfilled. Align yourself and position yourself so that I will mightily use you for my honour and glory. It is no longer time for your agenda and your plans. Take up the mandate that I have given to you and follow my agenda and my divine plan.

For if you do this, saith the Lord, I will work mightily in you and through you and I will accomplish my divine purpose in your life. It is not about you. It is all about Me. It is not about what you hope to accomplish in this life. It is about what I need to accomplish through you. For if you yield to Me, I will fill you with My power, My wisdom, and My anointing, and My glory will be upon you and My divine purpose will be done in your life.

Yes there are perilous times ahead but in the midst of it, look not at the perilous times but at the glorious times, for My Spirit is moving in a mighty way all throughout the earth. Keep your eyes enlightened through My word and keep your ears in tune to my Holy Spirit. For in this day and this hour I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

For yes, I will raise up those who are desolate, rejected, cast down and bowed down and will use them to spread My Word and deliver My people. For many who have been like the rejected stone will become the chief cornerstone. For I have not called you to perfection as defined by man but to holiness. I have called you to have a clean heart before Me and a right spirit. I have called you to walk in My Spirit. I have called you to a place of humility in Me so that I will exalt you in due time.

The rain of my Holy Spirit has begun. The latter rain has begun. Allow Me to wet you, allow Me to soak you in my latter rain. Nothing or no one will stop this move of my Spirit. This is your time of visitation, do not miss it. Do not miss me. It is raining!