A10) The Lord’s promise to reveal himself to the Muslim people, (L. Duns, 2004).

In the summer of 1998, after watching the news, I sat thinking about the Muslim nations and how blessed I was to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I was praying for the Muslim peoples and thinking about the many conflicts that have been fought and argued about concerning God’s name and who He really is . During this time the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said that He was going to reveal Himself to the Muslim nations and that He Himself will tell them who He really is.

A few years on my sister and I were at a conference with enough money between us to buy one Christian book. We prayed together for Gods direction about which would be His choice. For both of us our eyes instantly fell on a particular book without any prompting from the other. The book was “Daughters of Islam” by Miriam Adney. This was published in 2002 and is filled with testimonies of God revealing himself personally to Muslim women in many ways, for example in dreams, visions or a still small voice speaking directly to them. Perhaps this is the beginnings of God revealing Himself to the Muslim Nations?