A18) The Four Seasons Before The End Of This Age, (Mark Aldrige, 2004).

As I was praying in 2004 I saw a picture of an archery target. I believe this to have been from God. It revealed the four seasons from the present time through to the end of this age.

The target had a bull’s-eye at its centre with three rings around it. Each ring symbolised one of these seasons as did the bulls-eye. The outer ring symbolised the present season. The second ring symbolised the beginning of the great move of the Spirit, as predicted by Smith Wigglesworth, and the years that immediately follow this. The third ring symbolised the period of prophecy and power of the two Lampstands as predicted by St John in the Book of Revelations, (Chapter 11 v 3 - 6).  The bull’s-eye symbolised the period covering the introduction of the mark of the beast up until the end of this age at the centre of this target.

[As each of the inner rings were of the same width I felt that it was likely that each of these two seasons would last about the same length of time].

In Aug 2004  I received another picture, similar to the first, which I also believe to have been from God. I saw the same picture of the target but this time symbolised by rings of coloured light that overlapped each other. It symbolised the same four seasons but this time revealed that the events relating to them would partially overlap one another. The central bulls’ eye was coloured red and this colour bled out into the lighter colour of the inner ring next to it. This was showing us that some of the events associated with the last season in the end times will start earlier on in the previous season. Notably I saw that the mark of the beast will start to be received voluntarily by some people, in advance, before it is made compulsory in the very end times.