A24), The Emergence of the Beast from the Sea in the World Today, (S. Dobbs, 2003).

I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the following four words in the spring of 2003. They came separately on four different occasions. I’ve tried to briefly explain the background to each of these words, (of how I perceived them), in order to help the reader weigh them up for themselves.

1. I was watching a news report on the television at the end of the second gulf war in Iraq. On the screen were pictures of some of the victorious coalition forces driving slowly down a road in tanks and other armoured vehicles. As I watched this scene I suddenly saw some words superimposed upon what I was observing in the natural. I believe this to have been from the Lord. The words I saw were “the dragon (satan) is behind the raising up of the coalition forces” and “this is an early stage of the rising up of the beast from the sea,” (the dragon/satan is referred to in Rev 13v2 and 12v3).

[I had not expected to receive a word on this subject and it left me feeling startled for several days. It had contradicted my opinions and world view I had held up until that time and left me feeling somewhat insecure in the world. Prior to this I had expected the beast from the sea to be a combination of the E.U and U.N. I had not anticipated that our own nation Britain, or the U.S.A, (the two main coalition forces in the gulf), would be at the heart of this. Nor had I expected this beast to start appearing in the world around us so soon].

2. Revelation 13 v 1 “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns”, (K.J.V).

On another occasion I had been reading about this beast from the sea in the book of Revelation and wondering what the above verse symbolised. I then got up and walked across to my kitchen. As I did so the Holy Spirit came upon me quite strongly and at that moment I received a revelation which I’m sure came from the Lord. Although I didn’t actually hear anything it was very clear, as if I’d almost heard the Lord audibly. The following is what was said to me. “The seven heads are seven nation states” and the “ten horns are ten leaders who will have authority in these seven nations.”

3. On a separate occasion I believe the Lord spoke the following to me; “all seven of these nations will be western styled democracies”.

4. Lastly I believe the Lord spoke to me on the same issue again, as I was watching another news program. Pictures were being shown of the leaders representing the G8 group of nations.  At that moment I believe the Holy Spirit told me  that“the seven nations are already there”. I also received the impression and understood this to mean that the seven heads of the beast, (these seven nations), would be seven of the G8 nations.   [This would mean one of these eight nations will not have authority as part of this beast empire/coalition]. I believe the Lord showed me therefore that seven of this G8 group will join forces and become the seven heads of the beast from the sea.The G8 group of nations are; i) The USA,  ii) Great Britain,  iii) Italy,  iv) Germany,  v) France,  vi) Japan,  vii) Russia, viii) Canada. [Note 2017: Some time later in 2003 the Lord showed me that Canada would be excluded from power as one of these nations and so was not one of the seven heads on the beast, (I presume this was because it was the smallest and least significant of these G8 nations)].

From the first word I believe the USA and G.B will therefore be included as two of these seven heads of the beast. It is perhaps also of interest to note that the four leading E.U countries are all represented here in this G8 group, i.e. Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy.

S. Dobbs, Typed up in Aug 2004.