(A4) The Raising up of the Black Race in the End Times, (S. Dobbs, 2003)

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I received this from the Holy Spirit whilst praying in August 2003. I also added it to the site as C71 in 2015.

"Many black Christians in Britain have already set their minds on seeking revival for this nation as their priority. When God moves by His Spirit He will therefore be raising up many black Christians within the British church".

"The Lord is going to be turning the tables on all that's gone before, on many of the influences satan has had in Britain in the past, particularly those that stem from the days of the British Empire, on the way many white people then exalted themselves above other races, particularly the Negro race. In the future the majority of leading Christians in Britain are going to be black people."

"The gospel went out to the gentiles. Then during the protestant era the majority of the worlds leading Christians were white people. There is a season of change coming though concerning this at a global level as we enter into the end times".

"Deceptions will increase in the end times. In the church however the Holy Spirit will be doing the opposite work by raising up standard bearers of truth. Many Christians will receive an increased ability and gifting in the discernment of spirits. The majority of leading Christians in this field will also be black people".

"In the past the black (Negro) race has been forced into the lowliest position on earth, typified by the African slave trade, and God raises up the lowliest from the earth".

"Whilst the majority of Britain's top Christian leaders will be black men many black women also will be raised up in their roles too…"

[At this point the Lord told me to "include some scriptures here concerning the role of women in the church". The Lord left me to choose which scriptures so they would not be given any particular emphasis by the reader. I saw that later on God will gather together those with teaching gifts in the body of Christ and they will study all the scriptures on this issue and show us how they should be interpreted with the right emphasis, I do not claim to know how to myself. I chose the following four verses which I've put in the order in which they appear in the New Testament.]

Luke 2v36+38 "Now there was one, Anna a prophetess…And coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord, and spoke of Him", (Jesus), "to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem", (N.K.J.V).

Acts 21v 9 "Now this man" (Philip) "had four virgin daughters who prophesied" (N.K.J.K).

Col 4 v. 15 "Give my greetings to the brothers at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house", (N.I.V).

1 Tim 2v12 "And I", (Paul), "do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man", (N.K.J.V).

The word from God then continued at this point: "One of the roles women will have will be moving in the discernment of spirits, the testing of things to see if words are from God's mouth, mans mind or the deceptive tongues of the enemy. There will be a testing of word's, prophecies and miracles. As well as this being a time for Christians to test things it will also be a time when the church itself will be tested- the end times."

The Lord told me to add this scripture at this point;

Mathew 24v24 "For false Christ's and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect" (N.K.J.V)

"There is a call going out from the Lord to the Christian womenfolk to arise in intercession, - the powerhouse of the church. Women of intercession are called to change the powers that be in the heavenlies and to affect the tides of change on the earth, both nationwide and globally". The Lord then showed me that the enemy will "seek to change times" and directed me to include this scripture here;

Dan 7v 25. "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High and shall intend to change times and law."(N.K.J.V). [This appears to be refering to the antichrist.]

The word continued: "There is and will be a rising up of the power of the beast from the sea, this will clash with the Lord rising up many black Christians in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be a clash of powers of titanic proportions that will shake the very foundations of the earth".

"Ultimately the rising power of the beast from the sea will wipe out all but a fraction of the power and influence of these black Christian ministries. A great gulf will then open up between mankind and God similar to that created by the fall of Adam. No one will be able to bridge this gap."*

I saw a picture at this point that resembled the Grand Canyon with the Lord and all the Christians that remain on earth on one side and all living unbelievers on the other.

"From then on none of the Christians remaining on the earth will be able to reach across this gulf to unbelievers to help them be reconciled to God. Only Christ will be able to reach across this gulf."*

"Previously it was only Jesus death on the cross that was able to bridge the gap created between man and God by the fall of Adam. However this later gulf will only be bridged by the return of Jesus*. Then all things will be set in order and brought under the headship of Jesus, (God the Son), and of God the Father."

S. Dobbs, 5.11.2003.

*I interpret this to mean that from then on there will be no polnt in Christians sharing the gospel with unbelievers as this offer of grace and mercy from God will not be available anymore. This is open to interpretation but according to my understanding of the bible only the introduction of the mark of the beast could result in such a gulf being created between God and unbelievers, as those who recieve the mark could not get saved from then on - see Rev 14.9. Only Gods judgment, not salvation, could then bring unbelievers under Gods rule - when Jesus returns to earth in physical bodily form at His 2nd Coming.

*Note added, 8th Aug, 2020: God has no favorites and is racially impartial. However, He raises up those who have been brought low and this applies to groups of people as well as individuals.

Prophecy by Mark Aldridge from about 2004/5: When he was alive a freind of mine, Mark Aldridge, believed that God had shown him that the Beast Empire will be fundamentally racist, particularly against black people, (although they will represent themselves as anti racists for political purposes). He claimed that this was one of the reasons why God would be raising up the black race in order to give the devil and his beast empire  "a right good kicking" in the very end times before being finally overcome by the antichrist just prior to Christs return.