A43) The Interfaith Movement, a False Form of Christianity, to the End of the Age, (S. Dobbs, 2006).

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The Lord gave me the following prophecy in October 2006.

“The Interfaith movement will be the greatest danger to Christians in the future. This is the reason Satan is stirring up Islamic terrorism. Satan will use this terrorism  to distract the church from the dangers of the interfaith movement, to bring about a blinding of Christians.

Many Christians today are influenced by materialism. They have many worries about material things. Many build their homesteads in this world. When they see what’s happening in world affairs they fear that Islamic terrorism will have an influence on their lives. Such Christians depend on themselves in this life. The heavenly perspective though is to enter the Kingdom of God; it is being prepared to suffer in this world for the sake of Christ, not an attitude of worldliness.

These Christians depend on themselves, building homesteads in this world and their own territories in their lives. They are reluctant to believe that they may have to suffer for Christ. They say to themselves “we are the worthy ones, worthy to have pleasures in this life". They experience despair in their minds at the thought of suffering for Christ. Rebellion surfaces within them resisting this. They fortify themselves against this. They think of ways to avoid the possibility of any such suffering, ways of escaping this, warfare, (military), to stop anything that might impact their lives in this way. This is carnal mindedness, a sinking into carnal mindedness and deeper into the sinful nature. It is man centeredness, a moving further away from the cross.

[I saw a picture at this point. I saw a spiral of lava funnelling into a central black hole. This symbolised the influence of these things from the enemy, pulling at believers to suck them into the darkness. The gravitational pull was greater the nearer one got to the central black hole. At present I saw that most Christians were on the outskirts at the periphery where the pull upon them was not too great. I then saw that in the future some Christians would suddenly move nearer the centre. It was as if they would jump position very quickly halfway towards this black hole. Something was going to happen in the world to cause this. They would suddenly shift position to a place where their faith would be in danger from these things].

Grandiosity emerges from this and warfare. Counterfeits of Christianity also emerge from this. This is what happened in Catholicism historically. The power of man emerges in the church, distorting Christianity, producing a counterfeit of the ruler-ship of Christ. A counterfeit Christianity starts to appear, varied and complex in its deceptiveness. This will influence politics, presenting and imposing ideas upon the minds of the people.

Powerful men will emerge with distortions of Christian truth. There will be demonic activity in the minds of such men. Excessiveness will emerge from them and authoritarianism. The ultimate man of this type will be the antichrist. Above them, in the spiritual atmosphere, will be the clouds of deception and counterfeits of Christianity. These powerful men will push their programs forwards under these clouds of counterfeit Christianity.

Then these authoritarian leaders and their progress at ground level will link with the clouds of counterfeit Christianity above. These two influences will be joined together as if by concrete. They will then put yokes on genuine Christian people. Many genuine believers will be imprisoned by them. And from the ground beneath will emerge the beast empire, (see Rev Ch 13).

Images of the Lamb of God will be misused. False prophets will emerge distorting the truth. They will have cravings in their minds.

Finally there will be a closing of this age - with the introduction of 666, the mark of the beast - before the return of Christ when the sun rises again.”

S. Dobbs, 2006.