A49) This coming season, Avoiding Deception and Overwhelming Spiritual Attacks, 

(S. Dobbs, March 2009 updated Oct 2015).

This is part of a longer word that I received in 2003, which I would like to emphasise;  “I saw that Satan had set traps in the future for those Christians who had wandered away from the route of loyalty to Jesus Christ and serving His purposes here on earth. I saw that Satan would be able to bring a clouding of the spiritual vision of such Christians, so that many of them would have great difficulty in discerning things in the future. The Lord was saying that we were about to enter into a period of history known as the "END TIMES". There would be a bombardment of their senses and the enemy would attempt to sow deception and lies into their hearts.  It was important for individuals to keep a tight grip on their loyalty to Jesus Christ and to serve the purposes of God in order to avoid these snares in the future".

Prior to this, in Nov 2002, I believe that God showed me that in order to be able to serve the purposes of God we would have to have this as our “major and overriding priority in life" and that this would "have to  be more important to us than all our other priorities put together. If it wasn’t then all our other priorities would combine to distract us from serving Gods purposes.”

I believe that those who adopt this attitude will obtain the extra necessary protection from the invading clouds of deception and the extra spiritual attack that will accompany this. It is therefore vital that we are now serving Christ as our major priority in life.

S. Dobbs, March 2009, updated in Sept 2015.