A52) The European Union, Interfaith and Deception, (S. Dobbs, 2007).

I received this word seven months later in Aug 2007.

I saw that “we were in the calm before the storm in Europe. All will seem calm here before the enemy advances, (the kingdom of darkness)”.

“The unity that has occurred previously between Protestants and Catholics will be a forerunner to the Interfaith Movement”. [I assume from this that the unity between Protestants and Catholics came about by human means and not from Gods Spirit moving.]

“There will be great floods of deception coming into Europe and there will be casualties from this in the UK. At a personal level some believers will get deceived by counterfeits of the Holy Spirit, (that come from another spirit, from the kingdom of darkness), others will waver through distractions and make errors in their lives as a result”.

“Under the surface the European Union, the E.U, it is New Age.”

“At present the deceptions from the enemy are subtle though, (i.e. in Aug 2007)”.

S. Dobbs 2007.