A60) Two Boats, the True and False Churches, (M. Alleckna).

Dream of the two Boats:

Something that I take very serious is when children receive
something from the Lord. As it says in Acts and Joel, “in the last
days the children will prophesy…”

About 6 weeks ago our daughter, who is 12 yrs old, woke up one
morning and told us about a dream she had that night. It was a
“strong” dream. One of those dreams that is so very real and vivid.
The kind that you remember clearly and in detail, and that leaves
a very strong impression. As it turns out, it was clearly a prophetic dream.

In her dream she saw two ships. But these ships were as though
they were flying through the air. The one ship, were she was on,
was a raggedy old ferry boat. Instead of seatbelts people were
strapped to their old seats with rope. There was a captain on the
ferry who was kind yet strong and firm. While telling everyone to
hang on tightly, and that the ride would be tough and not an easy
ride, he kept assuring them with a great confidence that he would
bring them safely to their destination.

The other ship was a fancy cruise ship. Both ships were going
side by side, but at a distance. She could see the people clearly
as she looked over to the cruise ship. Some of them were her
friends from church. They were not sitting in any seats or wearing
seatbelts. Instead they were dancing and laughing while on a
large party deck.

Once in a while both ships would come together, side by side,
while drifting through the air. Our daughter called over to her friends
on the cruise ship telling them that they must come over onto her
ferry boat because the party ship was the wrong ship.

But there was also a captain on the cruise ship. He had scary
eyes, and whenever our daughter would call her friends he would
look straight at her and his eyes were evil. He then would turn to
the people on his ship and say, “Don’t listen to them, they are
just jealous that you are having so much fun. You are on the right
ship where the fun is."

Then the two ships drifted apart again and she could only see the
cruise ship at a distance. When they came together again one of
her friends finally listened and jumped over onto her ferry boat.
After they had drifted apart once more, the captain told everyone
on the ferry to hold on, “it’s going to get rough.” Large meteor-like
rocks came flying toward them but the captain was able to safely
dodge each and everyone.

Suddenly and without warning, the cruise ship, which was at a
distance, dropped downward and completely disappeared.

Mario Alleckna.