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A62) An Occult Anointing and Fallen Angels Will Soon Sweep Across the USA, (S. D

A62) Fallen Angels and an occult anointing will soon sweep across the Churches of the USA and Western World, (S. Dobbs, 2010). 

I am editing this down in Jan 2021, so it highlights just part of another word, A40, (link), which predicts how a great wave of deception will start. This will soon sweep across the Church of the Western World, (Laodicea). It will arrive in the form of a false revival, based on New Age spiritual phenomena, much of which we have been witnessing, to a lesser degree, in recent decades already but not with the same impact. The coming greater flood of spiritual deception will lead many, (most), into apostasy... I have kept the following sections... We know that scripture tells us in 2 Cor 11; 14, that “Satan... transforms himself into an angel of light”. Well I believe the Lord gave me a prophecy in 2005 the following part of which warns about the appearance of fallen angels across much of the church:

Firstly there were fallen angels appearing as angels of light: The first area of deception was depicted as a picture of a church in the U.S.A, (this could perhaps apply to other nations too). This was symbolic of what is going to start happening in many churches, particularly those across the USA. In this picture someone in the congregation declared that God was going to send an angel to them and that it would bring with it a new anointing that would start a revival in that church. Only a couple of Christians were cautious and took time to weigh this word up, the rest just assumed it must be of God without testing it. An angel did then come to that meeting; however it was a fallen angel, sent to deceive. It did bring with it a new anointing, only it was a counterfeit anointing and not of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual manifestations broke out in that meeting, sometimes similar to those one might expect from the Holy Spirit, sometimes different and more obviously demonic. These were all counterfeit and from the kingdom of darkness however, from the occult realm. All but a few of the Christians opened their hearts to this and almost the entire congregation then started following this other spirit. The Lord then gave me a prediction that this was going to happen in many churches scattered across the U.S.A. in the future. There are going to be many false angelic visitations that will bring deceptions and a counterfeit anointing.”

[The full word, A40 can be viewed here, it reveals the vulnerabilities that already exist in the US church to this]. 

S. Dobbs, March 2010.

P.S: So a great wave of deception will, therefore, start in the USA with a flood of fallen angels appearing across hundreds of churches at once. This will quickly spread to Europe and be followed by all sorts of other types of deception. This will lead to a great apostasy as many become discouraged when they finally realise that this move is not of God. Others will start to adopt this New Age spirituality and the occult belief system and false teachings that will accompany it later, denying that Jesus, as God incarnate, is the only way to the Father.

 I am reluctant to guess any dates as this has proven futile in the past, however, with Trump now appearing to be about to lose power many are now moving into increasingly desperate levels of deception to maintain their belief in a Christian Triumph across the USA. They now appear to me to be even more open to a great wave of deception and even more likely to fall into acute discouragement when this doesn’t bare any fruit but harms many instead. There are lots of other prophecies warning about a wave of deception and apostasy on this site, (especially on the "Warnings" page, (the first button on the bar under the Trees on the Home Page). This is very depressing but it is better to be forewarned so we can prepare in advance as the five wise virgins did. After this other parts of the Global Church will then lead a great global revival after the falling away has started, so the effects will then overlap in the Western World. It will then also become more obvious that we are in the end times. This will be too late for many, though, as the counterfeit revival from the enemy, and falling away will start first. (Note added Jan 2021). 



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