A65) The times are dark. The Kingdom of Light, (David Noakes, March 2015).

This is also included as word No B14).

"I believe the Lord wants me to say, "Beloved, the times are dark, and will become darker yet, and this is something which is already well known to you, you sense it in your hearts and the signs of the times make it clear. Beloved you are My people, dear to My heart, I know the secrets of every heart, I know the courage and confidence in Me which you have. I know also the fears which arise. I know all too well how the Father of lies will come to My people even as he came to Me, to inspire trepidation, to inspire heaviness and trembling, do not forget that even I asked my Father if the cup could be taken from Me, but beloved I do not want you to be afraid. By My Spirit I am able to do what My word says as I want you to be strong and of a good courage and have no fear, so as you walk close to Me My Spirit will make that true for you even if you find that hard to believe, even if you tremble at the thought of what is coming. Beloved look to Me, I do not tremble, I know the end from the beginning and I am always with you to carry you through. When you are brought to account for your belief do not be anxiously concerned, you will find the truth of My word, that My Spirit will give you words in the hour when you need them. Do not give anxious thought in advance, do not wonder how you will answer them, do not tremble at stern faces or angry voices or threats. Beloved they can do nothing to you that I do not permit, they can harm the body, they can do no worse, they cannot destroy the soul, and I will be with you at all times, and you will find often that when you think you are in a difficult situation that my word which comes through your mouth will be of such power that they will shrink back before it, that my word of wisdom which I give you will put to flight their arguments, will put to silence their hatred, therefore do not be concerned.

And beloved do not cross bridges before you come to them, this is another trick of the evil one, he will build bridges which do not even exist and then try to cause you to look and wonder how you will get across them when in fact they will not even arise. Keep your eyes fixed upon Me for I will minister My love and My truth to you in such a way that you will have assurance in your heart that no accusation against you shall prevail. You will refute every tongue that accuses you, the weapons brought against you will rebound in those who bring them, that at the end of it all My truth shall prevail and My enemies will be put to shame. Therefore trust Me and count it all privilege beloved, count it all privilege that in these days you have been called into the Kingdom of Light for such a time as this and that your reward is eternal and you and I will rejoice together and that rejoicing will never cease. Beloved receive My love for you and let My peace dwell in your hearts, as you gaze upon Me so I will give you My peace, as you give Me thanks so I will give you My joy and do not forget that My presence will surround you always, and I will never leave you even to the end of time for you and I are destined to have the joy of spending eternity together. Beloved I love you with all My heart, believe that, receive it and find your eternal security in the heart of your God toward you.

David Noakes, (given and recorded onto C/D at one of Clifford Hills C&M Mininstry, Issachar Ministry meetings in March 2015).