A68) The Falling Away of Ministers, Interfaith, Grassroots Christianity, 666 and a One World Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2014).

I received this word for an intercessor in Aug 2014, however it contains information and warnings that could prove useful for all of us.

 “Daughter of Zion, link to the older styled ministries because many of the newer, modern ministries are dissolving into deception. The secrets of men’s hearts are about to be exposed within the structures of modern Christian set ups. The blindness of many modern mind sets will be revealed, of those who seek to be overlords, ministers who seek lordship over the world before Christ’s return. This is the error and disgrace of dominion theology. Have they not heard that the Kingdom of God is a poor man’s kingdom?

Soon many of these higher ranking, higher up ministries will fall into deception. They will then stop moving forwards with God and this will be the end of their ministries. Sadly disasters will come upon many of them and on many of those who follow them. Like a switch being flicked from heaven to earth they will then start trying to move forwards with natural thinking and political ways. Once facing Heavenward’s they will then pursue earthbound ways instead. This will lead many ministries from heaven to hell fire and apostasy.

The door is still open ajar before the five foolish virgins run out of time and oil. Jesus’ heart is for many. Many will say “it’s not our fault” but they planned ahead wrongly from a natural level of thinking. Many will be rejected from Gods presence as judgement comes from the throne of the Lord, on the judgement day. Many need to escape the flames before this, even if their works were mankind orientated, coming from their imaginary ways.

Satan laid traps for many of these ministries long ago. This era is now ahead of us. Many will fall away from the faith in the coming season.

New wine skins are needed for the new wine, “Grassroots Christianity,”* for ordinary people, like the first disciples, for poorer people. Their riches and rewards are in the storehouses of heaven, as the scripture says. The rewards are not in the world, not in this life, that is worldliness. There is a cry going out to end that error. Satan has been allowed to lay snares that will end it.

Soon many “Christians” will suffer from disappointments and despair and will dissolve away from the truth, as they lose their faith. Others will cry out  in anguish from under the power of the oppressor as spiritual oppressions and afflictions from the enemy come upon them unexpectedly. Then the image that many of the modern ministers have in their imaginations, concerning building Gods kingdom on earth, will start to seem unreal to them, as if it were just a comic strip. Their previous beliefs and expectations of the Kingdom will then start to seem ridiculous to them. Many of these ministers, along with other former believers, will be sucked into the interfaith movement and its influences at this time. Some of these ministers will then apologize to humankind for their previous views. They will apologize for the truth that they have turned away from, as they dissolve into interfaith thinking, as they merge with mankind and mans ordinary ways and ordinary thinking, as they rely on the self. Amidst their contradictions and hypocrisies, they will then say that bible verses are false, and ask questions such as “is the gospel real or false?”

As doors close to their ministries in the Holy Spirit many of these ministers will feel frustrated, angry even, and fly above, into the political hierarchies above, but Gods paths are in the valleys of humility below.

Mortal bodies die and return to the dust. Nebuchadnezzar’s idols fell. There will be a division of ways; a division of paths is soon coming. The diehard ministries of God will follow the path beneath, into Grassroots Christianity*. The ambitious, self reliant ministries will follow the path above, up into the high hierarchies of political power. This will lead them into blindness and spiritual death. The first path leads into Christ and His crucifixion, the second into mans ways and the interfaith movement, where greedy men want their values set up for others to follow.

Many former believers will have dissolving views and changing attitudes at this time, leading them into the One World Religion and the antichrists empire, 666 and the mark of the beast. That will be the end of their life and salvation. They will then face disappointment before the throne and heart of God. Once forgiven then in disgrace, without their sins forgiven anymore.

 [I felt led to include the following scripture]:

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity,” (Matt 7; 22 – 23, K.J.V).

Steve Dobbs, 21st Aug 2014.


*“Grassroots Christianity," My understanding of this is that it is a movement of genuine believers who operate more at street level, sometimes secretly if necessary, from house to house without large external organisations being pre dominant. Much like the form of Christianity we see in the N/T, where they had leaders and apostles etc but these weren’t exalted in a worldly sense. These believers moved in Gods power but not through large conferences organised in big halls etc. I suppose the church in China is more reflective of this form of Christianity than the type we see today in the western world.