A79) There will be a bombardment of our senses as we head into the end times, (S. Dobbs, 2003):

This is the end section of a prophecy I had in 2003 for a specific city, C15. However, I think it is now imminent and relevant to all believers as we head into the end times.

I saw a picture of a grave which symbolised the lost souls of all those unbelievers who had died without having received Christ. Meanwhile though many of the Christians had sought amusements for themselves in their meetings and ignored the plight of these unbelievers. Jesus was emphasising the need to "die to the self in the Christian life".

I saw a picture of different routes that Christians could choose to follow. The choices were down to each person’s freewill. Some routes were more in line with Jesus' will, others routes were laid out by satan for Christians. I saw that satan had set traps in the future for those Christians who had wandered away from the route of loyalty to Jesus Christ and serving his purposes here on earth. I saw that satan would be able to bring a clouding of the spiritual vision of such Christians, so that many of them would have great difficulty in discerning things in the future. The Lord was saying that we were about to enter into a period of history known as the "END TIMES". That there would be a bombardment of their senses" and that "the enemy would attempt to sow deception and lies into their hearts". That it was important for individuals to "keep a tight grip on their loyalty to Jesus Christ and to serve the purposes of God in order to avoid these snares in the future".

I saw that many Christians felt "revolted" at the idea that we could be heading into troublesome times in the near future. They did not want to think that world affairs were moving into a period of history known as the END TIMES. Instead they wanted to enjoy themselves down here on earth and hide away, secretly in their hearts, from such thoughts. Jesus was saying however, "that this could result in them revolting, in the core of their hearts, against Gods truth in the future". That "there was indeed going to be a start of the FALLING AWAY of Christians from the faith in the near future", (this was predicted by the Apostle Paul, see 2 Thess 2;3, K.J.V & N.K.J.V).

I saw that "there was a reluctance amongst many of us to deny the self and walk the way of the cross". That this reflected the "grip satan already had on many of our hearts. That the real struggle and biggest battle was within us. That this was reflected by whether or not a Christian was willing to serve the purposes of God as the priority in their life, and was committed to seeing unbelievers getting saved, or whether they were more concerned about pursuing their own selfish desires instead".

Finally Jesus was reminding us of how he had knelt down and washed his disciple’s feet in order to teach them to serve at cost to themselves, for the benefit of others, and to walk in the way of the cross.

S. Dobbs, 2003.