A8) Smith Wigglesworths Prophecy the Great Move of the Spirit and its effect in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2004).

This prophecy links to word No’s A6, A12 & A13

Introduction: This relates to the way in which we interpret Smith Wigglesworth’s word "The Great Revival", and the impact this move of God will have on the church in the U.K. Please see "The Great revival" prophecy, No A6 above.  This is a rather long introduction but please bear with me. I asked the Lord some questions which I must  refer to here first. 

In 2004 I was puzzled by Smith Wigglesworth’s word/prediction "The Great Revival".  At first glance this word appeared to imply that the greatest ever global move of God will start in the U.K. This impression arises because the first three predictions contained in this word relate specifically to this nation, [Note added in 2009 - these predictions also relate to events in other Western nations and beyond too], i.e. the baptism and gifts of the Spirit being restored, the new church phase in Britain, and then the waning of this phase, (all these predictions have since come to pass). Not surprisingly therefore many people have assumed that the fourth  prediction was also talking exclusively about Britain, that of  the "biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, indeed, the world has ever seen". As I studied this word  I realised there was another way of looking at it which gave an alternative interpretation, one which was far more likely to be true. [To test this] I then asked God what impact this predicted move of God would have in the U.K. and received the following pictures.

Recovery from near death: These pictures and words reveal the impact that this move of the Spirit will have on the Church in Britain. I saw a picture of a man, who had just had a heart attack, lying on a trolley in a hospital operating theatre.  He had either just died or was close to death.  This symbolised the unhealthy spiritual state of the British church at this time. The doctors and nurses then ran around this man and placed two electronic pads, attached to wires, onto his chest.  These sent an electric shock into his chest which stimulated his heart back into working again. This revived him and saved his life.  The electric shock symbolised the great move of the Spirit predicted by Smith Wigglesworth and the reviving effect it will have on the body of Christ in this nation. God was showing me this will save the church of the U.K from dying. [Note added in 2009, this would imply that before this great global revival something in the UK will occur to almost destroy the UK church and bring it close to the point of death].

The Fruit Tree: I then saw a picture of a fruit tree with plenty of branches and leaves on it but not that much else.  Suddenly it burst into bud, flowered and producing much fruit.  The tree was then covered in blossoms and fruit. This symbolises the many ministries that will suddenly appear in the body of Christ in Britain once this great move of the Spirit has started.  They represented the many and varied expressions of the Holy Spirit through individual Christians who will then become more submitted to serving Christ.

Summary:  It is important to note that these words do not tell us what impact the global revival will have on the secular society of our nation or how many unbelievers will get saved etc. These words are just small pieces of a much larger overall picture and there are other factors that need to be taken into account as well. For e.g. what  moves and influences will the enemy be undertaking in the U.K during this season? How powerful will they be compared to the Move of God? How well will the gospel message be received by unbelievers in Britain compared with other influences? How will this move of Gods Spirit balance out against the enemies impact on Britain in the future? This word doesn’t deal with those issues directly but there are other words on this site which do. It is really up to the reader to put together these different words for themselves, to come to their own overall views on the outcome of these issues. May God bless and help you as you endeavour to do this.

Steve Dobbs, 2004