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A85 Links to other sources of info:

A85) Links to other sources of info worth subscribing to:

You can subscribe to many of the sites below for medical and political news etc. Try and drew most opinions from the virologists though as ordinary doctors can be taken in by false scientific information about Viruses. I’ve tried to place them in order of how I would perhaps rank them, although I’m more familiar with some sites than others so this is a bit of a random list. Most of the leading whistle blower Doctors and scientists do not have sites of their own but can be found on the sites below.

YouTube and Facebook are both heavily censored, so Channels on them will only have limited info.

The TOR browser: I would recommend downloading the Tor Browser for searches, (this is still legal in the UK), as Google appear to be rigging the rankings against Christian and pandemic whistle-blower sites and videos which then makes it appear the main body of science supports the globalist agenda’s when the opposite appears to be true.

Video search sites:

Many of the videos now being censored and banned by YouTube are appearing on these other video sites now.



Telegram: has many YouTube censored videos, 


153 News: Uncensored video site

Truth Search Engine:

News Broadcasters

FOX News Youtube Channel: how long this YouTube will last and how toned down it is I’m not sure. It is probably being allowed when other smaller channels have been censored more heavily because the oligarchs don’t want the millions of Fox followers to discover the smaller, independent video search sites. Maybe this will, therefore, be censored as much as other smaller sites have been once FOX falls and is censored overall.

FOX News Website:  (search for vids on the virus, vaccines, lockdowns and pandemic etc).This is website based so cannot be censored… yet! It is not nearly as cutting edge v the vaccines though. 

GB News: A New UK pro Brexit News Channel. Somewhat tame and with a very withheld info stream v the vaccines but is questioning the pass and civil libreties issues unlike almost all other European News. 

RT, Russia Today: Slighty better than most other European News Channels concerning civil liberties but doesnt address any of the other issues. 

Other websites and podcasts:

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency; made a freedom of info request which legally forced Pfizer to then release these documents. Makes shocking reading.

WorldoMeters; for the real stats,

Americas Frontline Doctors: I believe they did the initial interview with Dr Yeadon which went viral and exposed the false science being promoted by Dr Bossche about new variants, perhaps on behalf of Bill Gates who Bossche was previously linked to?

Dr Carrie Madej: Expert on the scientific elite’s secretive trans humanism agenda,

The Global Cavid Summit: Dr Malone, creator and patent holder of the mRNA and DNA vox technology now turns whistleblower and leads the

Canadian Covid Care Alliance:

The Expose: Contains some in depth analysis of the figures,  

Dr Mercola: (subscribe as due to censorship pressure his website now deletes all articles after just 48 hours).

Christians For Truth:  


Life Site:

The HighWire with Del Bigtree, responsible for the earlier “Vaxxed” docu-film: great integrity, seek out experts, were taken in by Dr Bossche a while back, (most non virologists were, including myself), I’m not sure if they are still promoting DR Bossche, (who I now believe to be a fake whistle blower who advocates the new variants falsehoods), but they have since accepted Virologist Dr Yeadon’s accurate testimony about new variants and the full dangers associated with the vaccines.

**Dr Carrie Madej’ site: An insider who has been warning about the trans human, genetic engineering developments for years, including the likelihood that scientific elites want to use new gene based vaccines to change and then legally patent peoples DNA, effectively enslaving them.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s site:  some good scientific evidence

21st Century Wire News and info incl on the vaccines, (this link).

Prophecy News Watch:

Stew Peter’s podcast:  interviews many of the Doctors, nurses and Virologists who are speaking out against the status quo.

The Corbett Report: Somewhat controversial at times but factually correct and ahead of its time.

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI Expert on scientific problem solving 

His video “the Covid Chronicals” answering tough questions about covid - 

Natural News: Has high output with some very interesting info but maybe overly dramatic at times. Excellent info but maybe a little OTT at times in interpretation though.


Real Clear Politics:

Sons of liberty:


Lockdown sceptics:Lo

Trial Site News: I would put this higher but not all the info on the latest research into corona viruses is free.

Forbidden knowledge:  As I remember it this may have a degree of New Age type content on it too but also some goo info too.  

Health Impact News: I cannot remember much about this site.

The True Reporter: reported early on Dr Bridles warnings about spike proteins, appears to also contain other decent scientific info. I intend to look more into this later.

Red Voice:

Citizens Journal:

Contro-News: I’ve not had much time to look at the last three sites but they appear informative.

Liberty Galaxy: I’ve only used this site for one link, maybe you would want to check it out more toughly?

We Are The Last Generation; for a very clear and direct approach to analysing end times evidence and the 666 sign in particular,

Jay Dyers site, containing his research,

A study by Jay Dyer of Bertrand Russell’s book “The Scientific Outlook,” which, in 1931, advocated a One World Government, and the genetic manipulation and depopulation of mankind through the use of gene based voxxines,  as did many others in his day. I personally think Alex Jones is a fake but Jay Dyer, who presents this on his info wars show, appears legit to me and is highly qualified in this field, to Master’s degree, peer reviewed level

Info Wars run by Alex Jones: I’ve added this site here although I believe Alex Jones is a fake conspiracy theorist who is really in the pay of the globalist’s movement. In order to appear genuine he hands out basically the same info though. You could research Alex Jones’ true identity using the Tor Search Engine.

A film called “Vaxxed:” Why not watch the Docu – Film called “Vaxxed” which predates the cavid 19 “pundemic” by many years. It reveals how much of the medical sector’s safety oversight appears to have been moving deeper into a state of corruption in previous decades, concerning various voxxines,  What has been going on concerning the supposed, (exaggerated), “pundemic” during 2020 – 2021 hasn’t, therefore, been happening in a vacuum.

Terrestrial TV in the UK: There’s hardly any info allowed out in W. Europe except…

**T.V GB News Channel: A new pro Brexit T.V News Channel that has only started up last year in the UK. It has moved from being pro mmRNA voxxine to being the only major terrestrial TV station in W. Europe (that I am aware of), that is warning about the dangers based on the official data now coming out. They have also given air time to the whistle blowers Dr Malone and Dr Yeadon, two of the leading vaccine creators and virologists in this field who have now become prat of the whistle blower movement along with thousands of other doctors. “The Mark Steyn Show,” on daily at 8pm is now particularly informative. The GB News audience is now twice the size of Sky’s.

Channel 4 Aug Documentary “Did Covid Leak From a Lab in China?” a rare piece of uncensored UK information.

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