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A9) A Prophetic Word for Europe Incl Britain and France, (John Mulinde, 1998).

A9) A Prophetic Word for Europe incl Britain and France, (John Mulinde, 1998).

This prophecy also appears as C7) on this site.

The following is a summary of a prophetic word that the Lord gave to John Mullinde concerning the nations of Europe. John Mullnde is the leader of a ministry known as WORLD TRUMPET MISSION. He is based in Kampala Uganda from where he pursues a vision to reach the whole world with a trumpet- call to the nations to arise and prepare the way for the Lord. His ministry is inter-denominational and maintains very good working relations with all Evangelical Christians both within Uganda and on the international scene.

Very often the Lord has given prophetic revelation to John which has come to pass with amazing results. As God sent him in other nations in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and America, He also gave him prophetic utterance addressing the nations with a trumpet call.  What is it that God requires nations to do, or take into account in order to see revival come? Below is a prophetic revelation written in John’s own words. It is a word for Europe with specific reference to UK and France.

WORLD TRUMPET MISSION prays for the nations of the world that God would prepare them for revival. It also sends out missionaries to every nation that God specially points out to us. These are people prepared to pay any cost in contributing to revival and the evangelisation of the land wherever they go. We believe in the need for all churches to join hands in working for revival and that is what our missionaries seek to encourage when they go in any nation. They work with the entire body of Christ inter-denominationally.

What I am going to share below is just a part of a bigger picture that the Lord allowed me to see with astounding clarity. It concerns the destiny of the nations in the near future. The whole picture cuts across the World covering nations like USA, UK, France and rest of Europe as well as Israel, the former Soviet Union and the African continent.

One day as we prayed for Western Europe, I had a picture shown to me in the Spirit. In this picture I saw the map of the continent of Europe and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. The fumes rose up very slowly and gradually began spreading out.

From the pillar came a thin mist and it began spreading out almost imperceptibly but within a short time it had formed a dark film over the entire continent of Europe. As the mist grew thicker the features below blurred out and became difficult to distinguish under the film of black fumes.

Then suddenly, saw a small light spring out within the Isles of the UK. It grew rapidly with finger-like rays of light spreading out in all directions. The rays to the South spread out wider and with longer beams than the rest and soon cut across the European mainland. For some time they disappeared into the thick, black cloud rising and spreading over the rest of Europe, then they broke through and reappeared from within the fumes. They spread out even further touching across the entire African continent, eastwards across Asia and Australia and westwards across north and South America. Then the picture disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared and in its place came a scripture.

Isaiah 60.1-5…

“Arise, shine;

For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you, For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and his glory will be seen upon you. The gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. “Lift up your eyes all around, and see: They all gather together, they come to you; Your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be nursed at your side. Then you shall see and become radiant, and your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, the wealth of the gentiles shall come to you…(N.K.J.V)

Later, as I continued to seek God about the meaning of this picture, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. He said that the picture was a representation of what was happening in the spiritual realm of Europe right now. I cannot quote everything word for word but the following is the sum of revelation I received.

A thick darkness is rising out of the continent of Europe right now. It is going to grow in intensity and will soon cover the whole continent and on to the rest of the World. It is a force of evil. Wherever it will gain full control over any land it will turn the hearts of the people totally away from God. They will hate anything to do with God, with righteousness or indeed with any goodness .Sanity will be cast overboard and people will call good evil and evil good. They will desire to give vent to the basest animal passions in them and will look for wilder and wilder ways of doing this. They will enjoy evil and will love others who enjoy it.

In this vision, I understood clearly that because of the above conditions many unbelievers would perish without Christ and many Christians who are weak and staggering would lose their endurance and give in to evil. But the lord of love and compassion has a plan to pour out revival and cause righteousness to triumph.

The Spirit of the Lord said to me, “The light that you saw is my power of renewal soon to be released upon the land and people of Europe. It will come if my people will give themselves wholeheartedly to seeking my face. Its coming will be like a great storm. It will be a mighty power against the darkness and will protect my people from the effects of the invasion of darkness. Wherever the light will break out of the darkness shall be neutralised and defeated .But this calls for the co-operation of my people in seeking for it to happen.”



Later the Lord said to me “say to my people in Britain, Arise and shine for the light of the Lord is come upon you” (Please read verses1, 2and 3 of Isaiah 60 for the full text.)

Yes…I understood the Lord to be clearly calling Britain into a special place of responsibility. While the darkness is still rising fast in the nations and many are loosing all sense of direction God will cause Britain to birth a new thing .A great light will spring out of Britain. It will be a wind of the Holy Spirit and will sweep across the whole of Europe like a bush fire. Indeed, it shall stretch out to the ends of the world where it will join with other fires in world wide revival.

If you will answer this call, oh Britain….

And give yourselves to institute prayer in your land….

And seek the Lord with all your heart….

With groaning and travelling prayer, even as a woman in labour pains… Yes if you will repent of your sin and iniquities….

If you will heal the wounded hearts within you…

And cause unity to abound among your people….

Oh if you will return to your redemptive purpose….

And again be faithful to the work of being a witness of the gospel in the nations….

 Then God will release upon you a might out pouring of His Spirit.

You will again be clothed with the Glory of the Lord; you will be a nation that bears the name of the Lord like a banner in the sky.

Other nations will see what God is doing in you; Yes those that are struggling against the domineering darkness looming over their territories will call out to you for help and assistance. Then you will be used by the Lord to bring light and redemption to many, even as in the olden days. That is God’s redemptive purpose for you.

There are many in Europe and beyond who would choose Christ, given a fair chance to decide but up to now they are still blinded and cannot see Christ. There are many, too, who are Christians but are weak, wounded and weary they have no strength to resist.

If you will rise up to the challenge then the Lord will use you to take light to such as these.  Then even if the rising darkness covers their land, they will survive its destructive influence because of the revival power of God.  Such is the responsibility God is laying upon you: to birth the revival that will spread out to the rest of Europe.

If you do not rise your to your calling, God will let you go as he said in Proverbs 1; 22-23(please read this passage)

God will cause judgement to come upon you, Britain, for having neglected and forsaken your destiny as a great missionary nation, and for not paying heed when God offered you an opportunity of grace.

It was God’s plan from the beginning to use you to take the good news to the nations of the world.  That is why from the beginning He allowed you great authority as a maritime nation: that you may travel far and wide.

It was his hand that allowed you to establish an empire covering almost the entire world. It was not just for your pride, but so that in the process, you may win over the people’s of those nations to Him. Yes it was even Him that blessed your language, ENGLISH into becoming the most widely spoken language in the world. He intended to use it as a medium of communication, effectively linking the peoples of the world.

Your great missionaries were used to Christianise many lands. Your statesmen helped to end the slave trade and to lay a foundation from which the people of God within the nations are rising to make their contribution to world evangelisation. There is a lot for you to repent of in what you did in the nations but the good things remain nevertheless.

Look what Britain has become today. Once a great Christian nation you have permitted many things to slip away. Very often you turned a deaf ear against all warnings to safeguard what is good and still remains of your great Christian heritage. You have already lost a great deal of that heritage and a lot more will certainly go if you do not take quick action to redeem it. If you will not repent Britain, you will certainly not escape God’s judgement, and will be a victim of the very powers you were called to defeat.

(Please read again Isaiah 60; 4&5. This contains the rest of the prophetic revelation that I understood God to be saying specifically to, Britain.)

Look your sons and daughters come from afar and gather themselves unto you. These I understand to be the people from the lands once ruled by the Uk-stretching across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. They will again form a holy alliance with you and in this networking great and mighty things shall come to pass.

Many will come from Africa and the rest of the third world and will be used by the Lord

God to bless you spiritually. In some places they will take over your abandoned places of worship and will bring new life to them and great blessing in revival. That is why the Lord says (verse5) “then you shall see and flow together, and your heart shall fear and be enlarged”…This will demand great humbling on your part, but your God shall lift you up.  These are the last days and God is calling every nation to take up its position in Gods redemptive purpose and fulfil their calling. You are not the first nation in Gods calling but neither are you the last. Do not let pride hinder you, look at the gifting God has allowed you to acquire over the years, and the unique position you hold in relation to Europe, America, Africa and indeed Asia. Turn now and do not allow yourself to miss God’s timing. All Europe is going to pass through a very painful struggle between two aggressive forces: Light verses darkness! God has called you to play a crucial role so arise.



I will briefly say of France that as a nation, it needs a lot more prayer now than ever before. In May 1997, just before I visited France I received a very unusual impression upon my heart. I was praying for France and I felt deep in my spirit that God is pushing France into a position that it has not experienced for a very long time, being at a crossroads. He is giving France a chance to reconsider its destiny. On the one hand, is the darkness rising over the nations of Europe, and on the other is the revival God is about to send to sweep Europe.

I felt deep in my spirit that God is giving a period of two years to France during which everything done will be like a seed for the future. If the church in France will arise in unity to cry out to God to remember mercy,…. If it will work at cleansing the land, reconciliation and instituting prayer all over the land….. Yes if deep travelling prayer will arise to God in desperate seeking, then the Lord will certainly visit France with a new refreshing touch.

But if complacency reigns and the nation drifts away from the Lord of Host , if the church dies not rise up to the challenge there is no doubt a great judgement will come upon France and no one will be able to save it. It would be totally consumed by the dark cloud of evil hovering over the continent. The whole destiny of the land depends on what the church will do in the next two years. If it will, the church can determine the course of this great nation.

I do not claim at all to understand the full meanings of the above word. I believe a lot needs to be made clear to me and I am eager to allow the Lord to teach me. I however, feel a great sense of urgency for France. The next two years are crucial years that France should not waste. Whatever is sown is what will be reaped.

As people from other nations, God has burdened us to pray for Europe. All we can do is pledge our faithfulness in this and also a willingness to come over and share experiences that God has taught us in praying for revival in our own nations. It will take a lot of work to produce the required results in Europe. It will also call for substantial contribution from people of other nations. May his will be accomplished, Amen!

If anyone is interested in other prophetic words God has given John covering nations like Israel, USA, Africa and others they can be made available from World trumpet Mission,  Kampala, Uganda.




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