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A91 The new WHHO Treety few vid links

A91) The new WHHO Treetyy; a few short vid clips:  

Please pray, seek other info online and send to your local MP, whose email and contact address can be found here:  

Added:  Dr Campbell gives a great breakdown of some of the new changes to the 2005 International Health Regulatons here that take sovereignty away from nation states and give the WHO new auhtoritarain powers, not just over Health issues but during any emergency real or imagined, 

1) MP’s discuss the dangers of this Treetyy: (1 min).

2) Dr Campbell’s gives an example of these subtle but huge changes in the wording of the wHHo Treetyy: (50 seconds clip).

3) Dr Campbell; the wHHo can now use its powers for any issue not just Public Health issues, and also cut out member states;  (1 min clip).

4) Senator Robert Kennedy, (who has just entered the Presidential race as a Democrat), reveals just how corrupt the Drug and Health and Scientific Advisers to the US Government are. The UK’s mMRHAa and other Government Advisers to our MPs are just as much in the pockets of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and also subject to corporate capture.

As soon as this clip starts click “Watch Full Video” to see through to the end, from 12:50 min’s in:

5)* GB News interview with Dr Kay Lindley, an expert on this issue;

It may also be worth mentioning that the Director General of the WwHHo, Dr Teedros, is a VET not a human/Pharmaceutical Dr. He has recently shown his willingness to overrule voting within the wHHo, by declaring a 6:4 majority a draw and then use his own deciding vote to force through his agenda as if he were a dictator.

The original draft of this wHHo document openly stated that the wHHo would have power over the sovereignty of nation states but was watered down after complaints from African and South American nations. However the later draft still does not guarantee sovereignty and is open to interpretation. It’s quite clear which sly and cunning direction this is going to go over time.

The wHHo are also still pushing towards having all covid vaccines being mandated for everyone over six months old even though the pandemic is now over.

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