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A93a) Linked from A93: Potential anti voxxine protocols:

A93a) Linked from A93: Potential anti voxxine health protocols: 

As the use of mRNAa voxxines spread and start to be used for other things besides the cavid jabs, for e.g. soon for the flu jabs too, the death rate is likely to increase substantially. We, therefore need to know how to assist our bodies in defending against the toxins contained within these jabs, particularly as they are now know to shed even to the unvoxxinated via sweat and the breath. This is controversial and, as I am not a doctor please take responsibility and check these things out for yourself, either at or video sites where many respected doctors and scientists, acting as whistle blowers, can be found giving interviews and advice about this. There will be other medical protocols that I am not aware of but I have tried those below with no ill effects so feel happier about mentioning these.  

A) Medications thought to block the voxxines spike proteins, (as well as assist with cavid1/9 spikke proteens too):

1) Ivermectin: To block the spike proteins that the cavid1/9 jabs cause our bodies own cells to create in the tens of billon’s Although much maligned by the oligarchs mass media Ivermectin is a safe, tried and tested drug used by humans for decades as an anti-viral and anti-parasite medication. It was maligned due to it also being used on animals too. The mRNAa and DNAa cavid voxxines could not have been authorised using Emergency Use Authorisation, (EUA’s), and rushed into production without being fully tested if any other drugs, such as Ivermectin, were known to be effective against cavid1/0, so the alternatives had to be suppressed.

2) Nicotine and nicotinic acid are also believed to block the cells receptors to the cavid1/9 spike proteins (found in both the viras and voxxines), so operates in a similar way to Ivermectin.

3) Pine Needle Tea. These are believed to have a similar blocking effect on the spike proteen’s  created by the cavid1/9 gene based voxxines? I’m not certain but it may only be certain types of pine needles though.

B) Medications that can reportedly cleanse the blood from the mRNAa and other toxins found in the new genetic jabs, (for e.g. the magnetised graphene and heavy metal nano particles being found in many of these jabs):

1) NAC or NAC with Glutathione taken with Bromslain.

2) EDTA cream, (this almost certainly appears to cleanse the blood when injected and some claim when applied as a cream as well).

3) CBD oil.

4) Chlorine Dioxide: This is the most controversial and is maligned even more by the oligarch controlled mass media and fact checker sites than Ivermectin was. It is often (deliberately?) confused with other chlorine termed products, though, which are very harmful and shouldn’t be consumed. It is even confused with drinking ordinary bleach. However Chlorine dioxide pills or bottles of liquid, (which must be mixed before use), can be purchased online that are designed to be used by campers to purify their drinking water. This is also used as a disinfectant, and the product named Twinoxide is often being used and ingested although I have not tried it in that form myself. I have only used the camping water purifying versions of this with no ill effects. You do need to be careful of dosage though and some people may be more sensitive to it than others. Some doctors and scientists are claiming that taking Chlorine Dioxide in advance of taking the cavid jabs will also block the effects of the DNAa and mRNAA or modRNAa voxxines too. This may be an option for those who are forced to take the jab in future or lose their jobs, although I wouldn’t recommend taking that risk, it would be better to find other employment if possible. Chlorine Dioxide is reportedly effective against 99% of all known viruses and bacteria. It is sometimes marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).  

5) Zeolite powder: There are larger and smaller grained versions and its best to combine both. I found this extremely effective in detoxing from what I suspected to be graphene nano particles, (which according to some scientific papers can also be shed via the breath or sweat from others, and, under certain circumstances, can also self-replicate within the blood, such happens with some metals too at the nano level). I had been ill and virtually bed ridden for 9 months and could find no way of improving the situation until I took a few days’ worth of zeolite power which appears to have cleansed my blood from any nano metals and graphene. The powder attaches to and absorbs toxic graphene and nano metals due to it having the opposite electrical charge. You have to be careful, though, as it is attracted to some particles more than others and can drop some that it has collected in order to attach to those it is more attracted to later on as it travels through your blood. This can result in the toxic dumping of nano metals or graphene in certain locations in the body, increasing toxicity in those areas. This can result in headaches or spots or rashes in the skin etc.  If you start getting these side effects the experts claim you should then take more zeolite powder, (even though this may seem counterintuitive), so that the extra powder will then absorb and carry the dumped toxins out of your system as well. So it may be a case that more is safer. Once I realised I could safely take much larger than the normal dose I started off at higher doses and found I didn’t get the headaches. However, it shouldn’t be used too often as certain minerals can be cleansed from your system by zeolite powder as well, e.g. magnesium if I remember rightly. The nine month debilitating, energy sapping illness I had suffered from, (which I think I caught via shedding from someone I had put after they became very ill with similar symptoms after their cavid1/9 shot), disappeared within 2 days of using zeolite powder. However do your own research, as everything has its dangers, (remembering that the oligarch Co.’s behind the Pharma Co.’s are pumping out huge amounts of misinformation about anything that stands in the way of them making $100’s of Billions from their mRNAa jabs).

Other safeguards (besides prayer of course):

Hydroxychloroquine when taken with zinc is said to be very effective against viruses like cavid1/9. During the pandemic the mass media maligned this by looking at its effect without zinc which was effectively misinformation. Zinc is effective in eradicating viruses in cells and the Hydroxychloroquine assists the zinc in entering those cells so the two must be used together. Quercetin also has the same effect in assisting zinc. Vit C, D, E and K are also thought to be important in assisting our immune systems. The Government of the UK even advise everyone to now take a Vit D supplement.  Obviously good sleep, plenty of exercise, sunshine and decent food, (organic being the purest), are vital for good health and in assisting the natural processes of our immune systems in detoxing from the effects of the voxxines. This list is by no means comprehensive and I don’t claim to be an expert in this field - so your own research. The trouble with having to rely on whistle blowers scientists and doctors is that few are giving an overall list of info like this but are instead each focussed on their own area of expertise. Researching these subjects online can, therefore, be extremely time consuming. I hope this article gives you a heads up and place to start. I think its very likely societies that use the new mRNAa voxxines for flu and other jabs will soon be awash with shedding and spreading these toxins to almost everyone. Pffizer have boasted they have the technology to voxx just 5% of the population and get this to shed everyone else as well, i.e. 100% of the population. Having access to backup protocols such as those above may, therefore, become increasingly important, especially for those who have weaker immune systems or have had many jabs already as the effects are thought to be accumulative. It is likely that waves of side effects could be blamed by these Pharma Co.’s on new pundemics, especially haemorrhaging diseases which can have similar effects. We cannot trust the main media which is mostly controlled by the same oligarchs behind the voxxines Co.’s or leading politicians who, as we have seen are also often aligned or compromised in some way. As mentioned I expect this will form part of the wave of deaths warned about in Revelations Ch 6, possibly the plagues associated with the Fourth Horse of the apocalypse.

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