B11) Why God Allows Deception in the Church of the Western World - Humility, (S. Dobbs 2005).

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I received this word in 2005.

The Lord showed me a picture of a cube. This symbolised the global church. Above it I saw a layer of grey and off white coloured cloudy smoke. This moved down the left hand side of the cube and entered it from there. The smoke symbolised the influence of deception and to what degree this will influence the worldwide church in the future.

Much of the inside of the cube was obscured by this smoke. The smoke was densest in the top right hand part of the cube moving across to its centre. From there less dense smoke moved to other parts of the inside of the cube. The Lord is sovereign and He will allow a significant amount of deception to enter the church.

God wants the church to reach out to unbelievers so that they can also find salvation, this is Gods highest priority. He therefore needs the church to be fit for this purpose. God wants to use humble believers. He does not like to use proud people but resists the proud. If the church were perfect Christians would become proud of it, they would be proud to be Christians. They would then be reaching out to unbelievers with pride in their hearts. This would create one of the greatest blocks to God using them to reach unbelievers. So for the sake of reaching the maximum number of unbelievers God is allowing the church to become/be very imperfect. He is allowing Satan to infect much of it with deception in order to bring this about.

Those believers who are not deceived, or those who are least deceived, will be saddened and feel sorrow and remorse for the overall state of the global church. They will not feel very proud of it. They will not feel proud of being Christians either. Most will be humbled by this. When they reach out to unbelievers it will therefore be from a place of humility. God gives grace to the humble, God likes to use humble people. His Spirit will therefore be with these Christians by as they reach out to unbelievers. Overall more unbelievers will receive the gospel as a result of this. Ultimately the deception that God allows into the church will therefore serve the purposes of God. It will enable us to reach the maximum number of unbelievers in the most effective way. God is sovereign and all things work out His purposes.

[Note 2008: As I look again at this picture I would estimate that about 35% of the cube was greatly affected by this cloud of smoke and totally obscured by it. That another 25% of the inside of the cube was influenced to a significant but lesser degree so that here I could still see it through the smoke. The rest of the cube was influenced by wispy layers of cloud or vertically none at all. This was hard to judge from this picture. However, it may not be a coincidence that if the cube were turned into a square map of the earth the areas that appeared influenced by the cloud would roughly correspond to those places on a map of the world that other prophecies on this site predict will be most influenced by deception. The areas of a flattened cube that correspond with the locations of N. America and W. Europe are those predicted in other prophecies to be most impacted by this deceptive cloud. S. America and E. Europe would be significantly affected in places but to a lesser extent. Most of Africa and much of Asia, particularly around China, would be least affected. There would be hardly impact in the area corresponding on a map with Siberia but then that is largely unihabited.]

S. Dobbs, July 2008.