B19) The very end times season has started and carona viras,” (S. Dobbs 28th March 2020):

About 16 years ago I went to a particularly anointed meeting at a new African Church planting. This anointing remained on us after the meeting had finished. As I walked down the street in this anointing God gave me the feeling that I understood I would have, (some of the time), when I was in the very end times in the future. He was giving me a glimpse of what it would be like.

I was recently walking around the isles in a Tesco Express supermarket, for the first time seeing the new systems put in place to deal with the present carona viras outbreak.  We were let in one at a time, there were barriers in place, tape on the floor so you could keep two meters away from the person in front several things were missing from the shelves. It was a little bit of a shock as I had only expected to see this in the larger main Tesco’s. I wasn’t that perturbed though, (I have felt fairly complacent about this coronavirus outbreak as, for years now, I had been expecting something worse). However, as I walked down one of the isles I felt God drawing me to Him at the same time as drawing me back into that experience that I had had about 16 years ago. This only lasted for about three seconds but has had a profound effect on me. It was confirmation that I had now entered the end time season that I had had that previous predictive experience of. I was now actually, properly in the very end times. This has really shaken me out of much of my complacency, although I realise it’s up to me to respond accordingly though and to keep responding each day.  

I had already thought that this carona viras, was probably an end time’s pestilence but I wasn’t sure. I had spent so many years expecting an imminent start to the very end times season that I had become cautious about thinking this each year in case it was not yet the time, (expectation deferred is as draining and discouraging as hope deferred). That recent experience and confirmation from God has really affected me though. I hope it helps others get ready for the end times so we do not become like the five foolish virgins.

July 3rd 2020: I am being honest here, I gradually lapsed back into semi complacency despite receiving that experience but have since repented/turned again over the last week or so.  In that time I have had another experience similar to the first one, although less pronounced and less shocking. This time it was as I responded to someone else’s prophecy which had really shaken me up, (A77), I had already been responding and submitting to God more and as a result had posted a word out which was why someone sent me this one back to me.  I don’t know if this was a coincidence but I was on my way to Tesco’s again and praying that I would get discernment on this other person’s word, (it seems to me to be of God but I still need actual discernment on that word to check the details, particularly at the start concerning the viras being man made). Whilst I was in the queue at Tesco’s I was still thinking about this when I had the  similar spiritual experience of the end times as before, except that this time it was for the present, with more precise details on the time/year were in. I believe I had a revelation that we were now, in July 2020, about one year away from the last 7 years. It seems to me that this was probably about the time this other prophecy was suggesting too. So unless I was being deceived this would be a confirmation of this other word overall, (A77),but not discernment on it, and not necessarily confirmation of all the details in it. [If you are thinking this must be a deception because “No one will know the day or hour” then please read the notes on that below].

Timing: There doesn’t appear to be any exact definition of the very end times, in terms of years, in the bible. Some say the end times is the last 7 years, (the last period of tribulation), others the last 50 years or more, others that it has been the end times since the Book of Acts. The phrases "end times," “last day” and "end of days" is also used in the bible in different contexts, for different apocalyptic events in Israel’s history, making it somewhat ambiguous in terms of dates and years.  As these were personal spiritual experiences and communications from the Lord to me, (one about 16 years ago the second yesterday), they, therefore, relate to what I understand the very end times to be in terms of years. To me the very end times relates to the season when the events in the book of Revelations start to come to pass and become very evident in our daily lives around us. To me this means the last seven years or thereabouts. Rationally, from my own scriptural study and my personal analysis of world events I don’t believe we are in the last 7 years quite yet but that we may well be close to the last 8 years or so. I base that rational guestimate on my expectation that Donald Trump will probably oversee the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple as many Jews now expect. Also my view, from scripture, (Ez 39: 9), that there will be at least 7 years of this age left after the end of the Ez 38 war at the start of the rebuilding of the Temple suggested in Ez 39. Trumps involvement and an imminent war against Israel both look politically likely to me. As Trump can only run for one more four year term this would put the start of the last 8 years at about May 2020, and the start of the seven years tribulation at about May 2021 give or take several months.  Those dates are not a prophecy, though, just what seems likely and rational to me. This does line up with what I felt in terms of years from that recent spiritual experience. This would mean that the events in the Book of Revelations are now well under way and will be directly impacting our lives in more obvious ways from now on. The carona viras being an example. In fact I believe we are now entering a season of sensory bombardment concerning the end times which will greatly test Christians faith as things accelerate, (see this link prophecy or the prophetic extract* from this below as a footnotes). That would also mean that the coronavirus is an end time’s pestilence. [Please link to this word from J. Berret on how to relate to the carona viras without fear as I don’t want to be stirring up fear of the end times here, although fear of God Himself is healthy. By that I do not mean this viras is necessarily sent by God as I haven’t been shown anything about that. It may just be that viruses are more powerful and prevalent around this time and this was predicted in the bible, or even that they are being created and released by fallen angels or man even to help give a reason for mankind to unite behind a One World Government?].

“No one will know the day or hour” so how can we know we are about to enter the last seven years? Some people may quote this as evidence that  I have just had a counterfeit spiritual experience, stating that we cannot know when the last few years will happen or when they start. However, many Jewish scholars, from the Messianic (Jewish) Christian Churches state that this is not the case and that we can know the timing. They claim that “no one knows the day or hour” is a well-known idiom or saying within Jewish tradition and relates to the timing of the Feast of Trumpets and I believe a wedding banquet. They state that, traditionally, on the day of a Jewish wedding the bridegroom has to go and see the bride’s Father first and until then only the Father will know the exact timing of the wedding that he will have been arranging. The timing of the Feast of Trumpets is determined by the first sighting of the moon, officially confirmed by two witnesses and the Jewish religious leaders. This can commonly be delayed up to a day or so if it’s obscured by cloud. In both cases you cannot know the exact timing in terms of the day or hour in advance. These scholars claim that we should take Jesus words literally, i.e. Jesus wasn’t saying you won’t have any idea when HE is coming but that we cannot tell the literal day or literal hour of Jesus’ Second Coming as until the time only the Father in Heaven knows that. By implication though we may, therefore, know the year or even the week of Jesus Second Coming perhaps? According to the scriptures we should certainly know the season if we are keeping watch.  Jesus was constantly telling His disciples to watch this so they/we won’t be taken by surprise like the five foolish virgins were in that parable. Some teachers even believe that the phrase “no one knows the day or hour, only the Father,” suggests that Jesus was hinting to His disciples that He would return on the feast of Trumpets on the last year of the end times. As mentioned above this feast, which takes place every year, can’t be predicted to the exact day or hour until the moon is first spotted at that time.  I tend to believe that Jewish Christians are better than Gentile Christians at understanding things pertaining to Jewish tradition, culture and law so I I think the phrase probably has some relevance to the Feast of Trumpets and a wedding banquet in some way. The Book of Revelations ends with the Seven Trumpets of course, and the Coming of Christ is likened to the wedding of the bride of Christ to Jesus her groom. I have no dates in years but the point here is that if these Messianic teach are right then there is no reason to believe that I couldn’t have been shown by God that I would see the very end times season in my lifetime or that we are soon to enter the last seven years. What would be the point of God giving us so much information about the signs of the last seven years in the bible if no one was going to be able to know we were at that point in time when they happened? Surely God was giving us all that information so we would be able to recognise we had entered that season, so we could be ready and prepared for Christ’s Second Coming? Anyway that’s my scriptural defence of those two spiritual experiences. It’s pretty obvious from world events that the end times are closing in, that the season is definitely here but sometimes we just need that extra personal confirmation from God to move us out of any reticentce and complacency. 

Link to J. Berret’s insights from God on not fearing the carona viras despite its seriousness.

* Prophetic extract from C15); “I saw a picture of a grave which symbolised the lost souls of all those unbelievers who had died without having received Christ. Meanwhile though many of the Christians had sought amusements for themselves in their meetings and ignored the plight of these unbelievers. Jesus was emphasising the need to "die to the self in the Christian life"… I saw a picture of different routes that Christians could choose to follow. The choices were down to each person’s freewill. Some routes were more in line with Jesus' will, others routes were laid out by satan for Christians… The Lord was saying that we were about to enter into a period of history known as the "END TIMES". That there would be a bombardment of their senses "and that "the enemy would attempt to sow deception and lies into their hearts". That it was important for individuals to "keep a tight grip on their loyalty to Jesus Christ and to serve the purposes of God in order to avoid these snares in the future".

S. Dobbs 28th March 2020.