B23) “God will be raising up some Samson like people to shake things up,” (Marcus Rogers, live 10.6.2020):

From Marcus Rogers YouTube channel (link), on a video entitled “Push the Kingdom Now!” (25 min’s 30 seconds in, link). The following is the transcript I taken from this part of Marcus’ video:

“What the Lord just showed me, we was talking about Samson, alright, you look at Samson’s life, there’s going to be a lot of modern day Samson’s, we always talk about there’s going to be Elijah’s, there’s going to be David’s and Moses’, the Lord just showed me this in the Spirit. He said I’m about to shake some things up by using some Samson’s, alright, there’s going to be some people they’ve been messing up their whole life, in and out of the church, in and out of the church, but then what God is going to do He’s going to put his anointing on them, He’s going to put His Spirit on them, and they are going to come and shake the pillars up and some people are not going to survive, alright, what’s about to happen, when the shaking comes, when God starts shaking those false prophets, the messed up pastors and preachers, He’s going to shake it up and use those people who were rejected and when those things come down if you don’t repent some people are not going to survive, some people who have been playing church, some people who have been trying to kill the move of God,  because you think the move of God should come through you, that’s why we don’t see healings and miracles because people are so arrogant, they think “I’m going to heal this person, I’m going to preach this message in my own strength because I’m so special,” but God is raising up a generation of Samson like people who are sitting there saying “God I’ve messed it up, there’s nothing good in me but if you would, if you don’t mind, would you use me just one time for your glory, would you allow your power to just flow through me.” See the religious folks are going to miss it because you think that God owes it to you, to use you, because you think that you are so righteous, He says I can’t get the glory I want to get out of that because you want the glory, your trying to steal my glory, you want to stand in front of the church with the mic and preach, not because you want to see souls saved, not because you want to push kingdom, you want to push the kingdom of you. And this is what the Lord showed me, He’s about to expose a lot of people when the shaking comes, OK, he’s about to expose a lot of people, he’s already exposing things in us individually and we have the choice to repent but some people are not going to repent they are going to harden their heart. As I told you guys, as I addressed Donald Trump, the Lord wants America to repent because they eyes of the world are on America because we are a melting pot, but watch this, the Lord also told me that America is not going to repent, some of us are going to get it, some of us are going to ride the wave, some of us are going to see revival, but America, what they are going to do eventually is crown a King Saul. And I’m telling you there is no way you are going to make it if you are playing around in church and you don’t have a real relationship and you don’t have a real prayer life. I preached this message two Sundays ago called the seventh peace, and when you go and look in the bible, Ephesians, it talks about the armour of God and it lists the six pieces of armour but after it lists all of them it says then you’ve got to pray, and prayer is so powerful that he didn’t even liken it to a weapon…” [I, (this websites owner), ended my transcript here as this prophecy was being given live, it hadn’t been anticipated by Marcus Rogers and appeared to have moved into preaching by this point, (28 min’s 40 seconds into the video). Perhaps we could end with this quote, though, as it may relate to the Samson’s he was prophesying about, “…when you don’t know what else to do you pray and you fall on your face and you seek God, and when you get in His presence He’s going to respond... and just like when I focus on the news it drains me when I focus on God I’m going to be empowered, but it’s up to you as no one can get it for you.”]