B27) "Please Remember the Cross,” (T. Caskill, 20th June, 2020):

Transcribed from video.

“I was just in prayer with God, and um, just talking with God and just worshipping him and spending time with Him and He was just pouring His heart out to me you guys and, I just, I even broke down and started crying, cos I just felt the burden of the Lord and just what… just what He’s dealing with you guys, and what Jesus Christ is… the pain and the sorrow that He’s feeling and, as I was praying and talking with Him I heard the word “lament” and that’s just like a pp, a passionate expression of grief or sorrow, I believe that’s what I looked up, a passionate expression of grief or sorrow, and the Lord started speaking to me and He said;

“My heart is so broken, “ He said, “My heart is so broken,” He said, “no one is listening,” He said, “this is the stage I am in, I am in the stage of lamenting,” He said, “I want to save those who are lost in this earth but I keep getting rejected,” and then the Lord He was speaking to me, He said “because you are close to me you are feeling this burden as well,” He said, “My heart is heavy with despair," He said, "My heart is heavy with despair,” He said, “no one cares to seek Me,” Oh thank you God, He said, “only the few, only the remnant,” Oh Jesus, He said, “only, only the remnant will seek Me.” And then I heard the Lord say to Me, He says, “and so go, be a voice for Me, tell My people I am coming, tell them I am coming quickly,” and then the Lord said, “please wake up, O generation,” this generation right now, “please wake up,” and He said “wake up sleeping generation,” and I heard Him say, and He said again, “wake up,” and then He put this scripture in my spirit, its John 15 and 13, “greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for His friends,” and then the Lord said I see them, Jesus said, “I see them as My friends,” He said, and then He said, “lament, I am lamenting, I am crying out to and over Babylon,” and then the scripture came again to me, “greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends,” and the Lord, whoopf, thank you Jesus, He said, “please remember what I did for you,” thank you Lord, He said, “please remember what I did for you,” He said, “please remember the cross,… please remember the cross,”

… and I just want to tell you, those who see this video, this, this video wasn’t planned, I was just talking to God, I just had to say this… to you… ooufph… “please remember the cross,” don’t forget what Jesus did for you, for He is coming soon, and He is coming quickly, He is lamenting, He is in the state of lament, He is coming soon and He is coming quickly… hhrhh God… I am here to tell you what the Lord told me… to tell you, “please remember the cross.” God bless you, turn to Jesus before it’s too late, turn to Jesus He wants you, and He’s crying out for you, He’s crying out to you, oophfwo, you can’t hear Him, you can’t hear Him because your ears are closed, your ears are shut, your eyes are shut, your blinded, and I’m here to tell you “please remember the cross,” wake up, wake up, God bless you, ehhr, God Bless you, thank you, Jesus.