B3) A word from God describing the state of the Church in Britain, (D. L, 2005).

The Lord gave me a dream ten years ago, although a lot of time has passed since I believe that it has as much relevance today as it did when I first received it.

In the dream I found myself in a modern well equipped, brand new purposely built school. This school had the best facilities, equipment, and resources. I was being shown around the school by someone who I couldn’t see but who I believe represented the Lord. The school was packed full of adults who were not actually in class rooms learning but were standing in the corridors. They were there for their own reasons, because they were inquisitive or seeking entertainment. They were there as spectators not participants. They were blocking the corridors and were stopping the school from functioning.

I was taken to a classroom where children were being taught and to a swimming pool where a few were in the water. This was the true purpose of the school.

I was then directed outside to a small corrugated iron latrine that had become attached to this new beautiful modern building. I entered this area and was appalled at the filth inside.

I believe that the school represents the Church in Britain. In this nation we have been given some of the best teaching and revelation from the Lord. This has come through many ministries that have served God over the years. However I saw that the church is not functioning anywhere near her full potential.

 I felt that the small number of children in the class rooms represented genuine Christians who have met with God and who want to follow Him and learn more about His nature and Kingdom. The ones in the swimming pool represented the minority who were living in the will of God and being led by the Spirit on an on going basis. They had risked more in following and going further in God. There was no differentiation in the Fathers love for these two groups. They were all children of God learning from their Father.

The adults in the dream were people who weren’t committed to following God or serving His purposes. They went to church for their own reasons and motives. These people were clogging up the whole school.

Lastly the latrine represented unbiblical teaching about homosexuality being acceptable before God. The Lord was revealing how abhorrent this false teaching was to Him. Of course God is merciful but it is wrong for even a minority to teach this.

The Lord calls us to live holy lives, to commit our hearts to Him, to be led by His Spirit and to be participants in the church, serving His purposes rather than those who clog up the corridors of the school!

D. L, 2005.