B4) Walking Uphill, (L. Duns, 2005).

This message started to form in my heart whilst I was struggling as a Christian. I was walking uphill to church, finding the climb difficult and was passed by a young couple who were going downhill in the opposite direction. They looked like they had been drinking and were dressed in party clothes. Their walk downhill was easy. I continued walking uphill when the Lord spoke to me. He showed me my walk with Him and the difficulties I’ve experienced following Him at times. He also showed me that living your own life and following the worlds way can sometimes be easier yet will ultimately lead to eternal disaster. This was like a living parable!

God showed me that following Jesus can be difficult sometimes but will ultimately lead to life. Following our own desires and way may be easier yet the final outcome will not be fruitful.

L.Dunseith, 2005.