B5) A dream describing the dangers of being a Christian yet not living fully for Christ, (L Duns, 2005).

A few years ago the Lord gave me this dream as a word of encouragement to keep following Him during a difficult time. I saw a vision of many white houses on a beach; they were simple in structure with flat roofs. The people inside were warm and comfortable yet their homes were built on the sand. I saw that the tide could come in at any minute causing everything and everyone to perish.

I perceived that the houses were built by people who had faith in Christ. They were good houses symbolised by their white colour. They weren’t over extravagant or built out of greed but were modest in size and wholesome looking. They symbolised the sort of blessings God would be more than willing to give to His people. The trouble was though they were built on the sand. This symbolised believers pursuing their lives outside of God. They weren’t being immoral or obviously sinful, indeed they were good people they would have been church goers who looked like good Christians to those around them. However they were distracted by the things of this world instead of following Christ.  Everything looked comfortable and wholesome but in fact these believers were in perilous danger. They were in danger of being swept away spiritually if an enemy tide came in because their lives were being built on the sand of the world instead of the rock of Jesus Christ.

I believe that the Lord gave me this dream as a word of encouragement to continue to follow Him and to build our lives on the “rock” of Jesus no matter what the cost. Then when the enemy comes like a “flood” we will not perish but stand firm in Jesus.

L. Duns, 2005.