B7) Humility Protects, (S. Dobbs, 1999).

The Lord showed me four pictures. In the first I saw a soldier running into battle through a wood or forest. The enemy aircraft were not able to see him clearly through the tree cover and he therefore made a very difficult target. This symbolised a believer who had much prayer support from others following and serving God. This gave him a great deal of protection from enemy attack.

The second picture was of the same soldier but out in the open plain. Here he was a much more visible target for the jet aircraft, from attacks from the enemy.

In the next picture the soldier had built himself an earth mound on which he was standing. This made him an even easier target for the enemy. The mound symbolised an attitude of wanting to promote oneself or ones ministry, to raise it up.

In the last picture the soldier was out in the same open plain but crawling along with his gun in the grass. This made him less visible and a much harder target for the aircraft to shoot at. This symbolised an attitude of humility which gave him more protection from the enemy.

S. Dobbs, 1999.