A87) Shaking China and the World into Awakening, (Yvonne Coombs, 27 June 2020):

I had a powerful vision as I held out my hands in prayer and a globe of the world appeared, as I felt it begin to spin faster and faster, my hands began to shake at the velocity of its speed. Then there was a crashing down of a sword from above that drove into the top of the globe and came out the other end. As I saw this powerful image, I saw cracks going down across the earth and the sword began to turn in the opposite direction of the globe. I asked what this meant and a key came into my mind. I believe this is the key of authority as described in Isaiah 22:22.

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

There’s an unlocking to be brought about and I can hear mechanisms clanking as the key within the earth moves with mighty cracking and scraping!

Remember who you are!

The sword is the declaration of our mouths to decree a thing, by calling it into being. The earth will shake as the Kingdom of God's Glory moves forward.

A week before this vision, I received a dream that affected me deeply. I saw a mountain scape that I knew was Switzerland. Suddenly the picture changed and I found myself in a large city in China. There were crowds of commuters walking along and I found myself looking at a businessman with a briefcase hurrying to work. Suddenly a mighty earthquake snapped the ground beneath him in half. A ravine opened up swallowing many, this man miraculously steadied himself and managed to stop himself from going over, yet many others close by fell. I felt such relief over him, yet suddenly there was yet another mighty quake. By this time he was standing near an arched doorway of a church. As he stood in shock, the doorway crumbled and it fell close by him and he once again survived. By now there was dust everywhere and he seemed totally shaken.

A few days later I had a vision of giant fresh shoots sprouting up from the cracks of this earthquake, as I prayed over the underground church in China. Fresh strong shoots grew suddenly and upwards towards the sky.

I then had another night of dreams where I saw minor earthquakes in many lands across the earth and it felt as if they were everywhere; a wakeup call to the inhabitants of the earth. I believe that we are coming into a period of time that could be as short as two or three years, where the earth will be shaken in the natural, so that the unshakable kingdom will emerge.

I believe this businessman represents the economy of China and there will be two major quakes over her. As the Chinese businessman survived by the skin of his teeth, so shall China’s economy. Through this quaking, China will humble herself for a period and from her a remnant shall arise. The underground church will not be hidden and it shall rise up suddenly with strength! This fresh new life church will be prepared, ready and willing to go out and harvest for the kingdom! The building that crashed over the man the second time represents the church controlled by the elite communist agenda. The building that represents man-made worship, but lacks the leading of the Holy Spirit, shall come down.

While I do not yet understand the meaning of the first image of Switzerland and how this connects to China, it is for us to pray over. Others may have an interpretation of this. We need to pray over China as the Lord shakes her and the rest of the earth freeing us from the control of man-made elites. We decree all darkness shall be brought out and God’s light shine upon it for all to see.

From the cracks, both physical and spiritual, new life will grow. We are to be encouraged that God is revealing His plans and use the sword he has given us and take the authority of the key of David that rests upon our shoulders.