C10) Teaching Flourishing in Britain During Revival Moves, (Derek Prince, 1992).

(This links to word No’s A13 & A15).

Part of a prophecy from Derek Prince given at the Malvern conference 1992:

UCB asked him if there'd be a revival in Britain and Derek Prince said yes. When he was in South Africa there was an area called Namakwaland. A very desert area, very little grows on it. And it can stay that way for five or six or more years ,but at rare intervals it rains heavily and when the rain falls there's the most gorgeous display of flowers you could see anywhere in the World. The reason is the seeds had lain dormant beneath the soil but because of the dryness they didn't germinate. But when the rain fell, all those dormant seeds suddenly burst forth into glorious life. He believes Britain is like Namakwaland. It is dry and barren. But under the surface there are seeds of Biblical Truth. This nation over its long history has had more exposure to the truths of the Bible than any other nation. And the seeds are still there. Once the rain of the Holy Spirit falls we'll be astonished at what comes out.