C12) A Future Wall of Intersession Protecting Revival in Britain (L. Duns, 1994).

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In 1994 the Lord led me into a season of intercessory prayer. After many hours of prayer the Lord gave me this vision;

I saw a picture of the white cliffs of Dover. Then I saw the same image in a different form, this time as many believers standing next to each other shoulder to shoulder. They were praying for this nation once revival had started, praying that the Lords work would be protected. Just as in the natural world the white cliffs form a barrier that prevents the sea from coming into the land so the Lord was saying that he will raise up intercessory ministries that will stand together and prevent the world or the enemy from infiltrating this new move of God's Spirit in Britain. The intercessory prayer of many believers will ensure God's New Move will run it's full course and not be halted or polluted. The white chalk of the cliffs symbolised the lives of Holiness that these ministries were called to.

L. Duns, Typed 2004.