C16) An encouraging word concerning the effectiveness of men and women coming together for the Kingdom of God. (L. Duns, 2003).

In October of this year I had a dream which I believe came from the Lord. I saw a dessert plain. On the left of this plain was an army in pairs represented as blue metal ball-bearings. On the right was another army in pairs of pink ball-bearings, they were on the same side. In the dream I asked the Lord "why are they separate?" Almost before I had a chance to finish asking the armies rolled in unison together at lightning speed and formed one single unit that went straight ahead and expelled the darkness.

I felt these two armies were a representation of men and women, and that the dream had particular significance for a certain city in the UK. What encouraged me was the speed of which the Lord brought them together and expelled the darkness over the city. They formed one single unit, men and women side by side working together in God with one goal and purpose.

The dream was like a computer generated enactment of a historical battle:

  • Pairs of blue ball bearings symbolising the army of Christian men in the city
  • Pairs of pink ball bearings symbolising the army of Christian women in the city.
  • The two armies of men and women coming together very quickly side by side, then moving forwards as one unit and expelling the darkness in this city.

L. Duns, 2003.