C19) UK Black Christians and Gods Lightening War in the U.K. (S. Dobbs, Nov 2002).

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I recieved this from the Holy Spirit in November 2000. I had a repeated witness in the Spirit to this word, and to almost every detail of it. As it is a prediction it's outcome is not therefore dependant on the response of the reader. It reveals that the spiritual atmoshere in Britain is going to improve in the future due mainly to the prayers and activities of the black Christians living in this nation. Please note though that this is as far as this prediction goes, we cannot assume from this word that a full revival will necessarily follow on from this.

The Lord showed me that He will be unleashing a "lightening war" against the forces of darkness across Britain. To help us understand this God showed me that the spiritual strategy that He will imploy will parallel that used in the natural by the Germans at the beginning of the Second World War. As the German forces were able to win a quick victory over the equally powerful French army so God is going to use black Christians to win quick victories over many of the powers of darkness across Britain. This will improve the spiritual "atmosphere in this nation.

The Holy Spirit showed me a map of Europe as it was at the outbreak of World War 2. Because of the threat of war both the French and the Germans had built up huge military defences where their borders met each other. This was where the French expected the Germans to attack from. This was in the bottom half of the map I'd been shown by God, ( the French line of defence was called the "Maginot Line" and the Germans the "Siegfried Line").

In the top half of the map the French and German borders forked away from one another either side of Belgium which formed a buffer between them. The French defences were weaker here. The French had thought that it was impossible for the Germans to invade with their tanks through this forested area of Belgium. The Germans were however able to get their tanks through this area and lauched a surprise attack on the French from here. This attack was known as the "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightening War". The Spirit showed me that the Lord is planning His own "Lightening War" against the forces of darkness in the U.K . This will be a sudden attack which will out manouvre the kingdom of darkness, attacking where our spiritual enemies defensive strongholds are weakest.

On the forefront of the Blitzkrieg were Germany's most mobile forces, those that could move and respond the most quickly. The speed of this attack enabled the Germans to invaded down into France and circled behind the main French forces, taking them by surprise. The result was that the Germans won a quick victory over an equally powerful army because of the tactics they had employed. Gods strategy in Britain is going to parallel this.

The Lord is going to raise up His own "mobile frontline troops" who He will use to out manoeuvre enemy spiritual strongholds across this land. These Christians will be sensitive and quick to respond to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will lead them in quick victories against many of satans spiritual strongholds as they hear His voice and quickly obey God in prayer and action. I saw that the vast majority of these mobile frontline troops will be black believers. The Holy Spirit showed me that in Britain the kingdom of darkness is not prepared for a move of God being led and dominated by black Christians. The Lord will unleash this attack before the enemy has got effective strongholds in place to deal with this.

I understood that over the centuries our spiritual enemy has built up many spiritual strongholds in Britain. These gained their roots and entitlement through the natives of this land, primarily through white Celtic and then Anglo Saxon people; through our particular temperment type, culture, attitudes and spiritual lapses or weaknesses over the centuries. From these roots the enemy has gained entitlements to develope particular types of spiritual strongholds in Britain. From these strongholds the enemy can most effectively minister into the hearts and minds of the same types of people, i.e. to the descendants of those who lived here in the past; to those with the same inherited tendancies, historical heritages, mindsets and soul types. These influencies are very adept at stimulating certain responses and influencing the flesh of white British people.

Many of these strongholds can opperate very effectively against white British Christians as well. For e.g. by inducing certain reactions from Christians so they deviate from following the leadings of the Spirit. For e.g. stimulating the fear of man, concern about ones statuts in society or the church, or a desire to conform etc. In this way the enemy can hinder Christians from responding to Gods Spirit. This can prevent, slow down or halt a move of God. I understood that the enemy had thwarted many moves of God in Britain in the past in this way.

I saw that these enemy strongholds are not as well suited to ministering effectively to black Christians though. They have a different ancestory, which was exposed to different enviromental and cultural influencies from the kingdom of darkness. Black Christians are therefore less easily influenced by the enemy strongholds that exist in Britain than the natives of this land are. God showed me that this is one of the factors that will, generally speaking, eneble them to be more spiritually mobile and more open to respond quickly to the leadings of Gods Spirit in Britain than we are.

As the French were unprepared for the German attack at the beginning of W.W.2 so our spiritual enemy is unprepared for a move of God in Britain dominated and led by black Christians. There is no historical precedent for this and the enemy does not have suitable strongholds readily available to counteract this, nor has he got enough time to develope such strongholds. The result will be this lightening move of God which will improve the spiritual atmosphere in this nation.

The enemy will of course launch a counter attack against these black christians. The Lord showed me that this will come mainly through some white Christian leaders in our nation. They will launch campaigns of criticism against the black Christians God is using. Many of these critics will be those who have gained "status" within thier own sphere of influence in the church; from people who have become puffed up with knowledge; particularly from some well educated theologians who understand Greek and Hebrew. Pride will be their motivation although they may be unaware of this themselves. I saw a picture of them firing arrows of criticism at these black ministries from their ivory towers of self importance and intellectual superioity. These critics will be moving in presumption. I saw that they have already assumed that if there were to be a move of God in Brtain it will have to start with them and be led by them. When they see it happening through others instead they will assume, quite wrongly, that it must therefore be a counterfeit move. They will claim that it is not of God. In their pride and arrogance some of these white leaders will spend much of their time seeking to find fault, preaching and writting articles that criticise what God is doing. I saw that the Lord does not want His mobile frontline troops to waste their time defending themselves against these criticisms and accusations. The enemy wants to use these criticisms to distract them from following the leadings of the Spirit, to slow down this move of God. Instead God wants these black Christians to remain focused on following the leadings that He will give them and the lightening war that He has called them to in Britain.

S. Dobbs, 2002.

Note added, Jan 2017: Since receiving this prophecy, which looks at the possitive in the UK, God then started giving me other words, over the next 15 yrs, that revealed the other side of the storey for the UK. Before this wave of God, which primarily involves black Christians in the UK, there will be an enemy wave of deception which will lead most UK Christians into deception. I am not sure if this will impact black UK Christians too or not.  Ive just prayed about this and saw that a shield or dome of annointing will defend African churches from this ennemy wave of deception soon to come to the UK. As a higher proportion of black British Christians Christians  than white white Chrstians choose to go to African churches in the UK I guess that this is one way in which they will be protected more. This is the 2nd time I have had such a word, a short word which may nonetheless be very important for UK Christians, be they black, yellow or white, ie join African led denominations. This probably has something to do with the annointing on the African church itself, providing them more protection. At present many of these African denominations seem to have problems in terms of many advocating the prosperity gospel and are often quite authoritarian but the protection they will offer against this wave of deception in the UK will out weigh this in the majority of cases.