C2) God is Displeased With His House the Church in Britain, (P. Miller, 2002).

Prophetic evening 17.06.02. God is displeased with the house…

I feel the Lord saying when the flaws in that house become apparent, when I have shaken it a little so that the flaws were apparent, you have shored it up to keep it stable and to keep it upright, but you did not pay attention to the foundations and so you have shored it up again and again to keep it going and you have been ingenious in shoring it up, in newer and newer ways, compensating for the inadequacy of the building and that which once served my purpose at one time-the sense is- that I have long since moved on from. And at the moment I am removing the props of this house, like a house of cards, (what comes to mind, this is me, is that game Jenga, where you pull out the blocks) ,I felt the Lord saying that I am removing the props in a hidden way and there will come a time when it collapses. What appears to be there and strong and going to remain is an illusion, for its mere structure has been found wanting.  For I have wanted to get to the foundations many times, but you would not let me and many in this land will not deal with the foundations until the house falls and they are forced to deal with them, but as I have said to you before, I want you to dig so that I can lay good foundations.  For I am wanting to build an alternative to all that has passed for my church thus far. I want to build something that is solid and deeply rooted, so that when the house collapses my people will have somewhere to go, have some anchor for their souls. For many of my people serve in this house and I want to release them from it, not wanting to destroy my people, but to bring them out.

But I want you to understand that I am removing the props bit by bit and stage by stage and this house will not stand for it, has not been built by me, for the foundations have been flawed from the beginning, but I will build a house for myself in this nation that will hold my glory and manifest it to the peoples. For I would encourage you to dig on good foundations, dig deep and build straight and true, pay attention to my spirit, hearken to my word.

You are still struggling to believe that I mean what I say and in many ways you are like the Jews, when Jeremiah prophesised that they would go into Babylon and they could not believe that I would do such a thing, because they could quote when I delivered them from the Assyrians in Hezekiah’s time, but actually what I spoke to Jeremiah came to pass.  So the thing that I am saying to you will come to pass, whether you believe them or not: I will do as I have said. And I will do things in this nation that stagger your imagination, I will do things that show that I am outside the box and the booth and the house that you have prepared for me, for I am not your domestic property to use as you please, for you have used me, you have used my Name for your own pursuits. I will not allow you to do this for indeed I will vindicate my own name in this nation. I will do it the way that I have purposed to do it.  And I will show that I am not the property of any man or any group that claims me for themselves, but I am truly the God of all creation and I will remove what I have not built and will establish what I have determined to establish so pay attention to what I am saying to you, for even though everyone in this nation should say to me “No far be it from you Lord” ,nevertheless it shall be according to my word, nevertheless I will do as I have said. For I have purposed to build a temple in this nation, to spread the knowledge of my name throughout the earth, but it is a temple that I will build, in the hearts of those who are truly submitted to me, so I want to caution you to take your bearings very carefully from words I say to you, for they are true and no lie. Align yourselves up very carefully with the yardstick of My Word for then you will endure as my word endures.  For though heaven and earth pass away, my words will never pass away.   And what I say to you I shall perform.  For the house you have built for me has been found wanting therefore I will turn and build a house that will glorify my name.

P. Miller.