C20) Revival in the UK will be different to what we are expecting, (L. Perry 2005).

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This word is based on the scripture James 5.16, "the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective".

When interceding for the United Kingdom, the Lord brought a picture to my heart of a field of bright coloured flowers, with every colour, shape and form you could ever imagine. The aroma was strong and thick and stretched out all over the world. This was a garden of great beauty, one that would draw many from all over the world to, to appreciate its magnificence and beauty.

This I believe was the Lords heart for the United Kingdom. The Lord longs to build the United Kingdom into a place of beauty, of creativity, growth and righteousness. The Lord longs to pour out His presence in greater ways over the United Kingdom, so that His aroma may rest upon it so strongly, that many may be attracted from all over the world, to the magnificence of His presence. This is the Lord’s heart that I believe will eventuate if the call to the people of God is taken up.

Through the faithful prayers of many intercessors and children of God throughout the United Kingdom and the world, I see green shoots of life beginning to rise up, sparsely in different areas. Where there has been no life in the past, through the prayers of the saints, the life of God is beginning to shoot up in different places. The first signs of life.

I believe the Lord is encouraging the children of God and intercessors to continue in their intercession for this nation.

As I continued to enquire of the Lord for this nation, I heard the words “the eagle has landed”. I believe some have stopped pressing through in intercession and warfare for the United Kingdom because they have become weary of seeing no results, seeing evil rise up and they hear silence in the heavens. I believe the Lord is saying to continue to go forward in your warfare and intercession.

Do not stop. As an eagle rises up high above the storms, the Lord is calling His children within the United Kingdom and the world, to not land. Do not land, but fly higher than the storms in His presence, continue to move forward in your prayers and intercession.

I have also seen scales, and heard the words the scales are beginning to lean towards justice, faithful intercession will tip the scales even more in the direction of the Lord.

As the people of God pray into the very heart of God for the United Kingdom, God will move and His righteousness will come upon the United Kingdom, and slowly control will begin to lessen.

I believe the Lord wants to encourage the church of the United Kingdom ‘remember that the dark always comes before the dawn’.

I believe breakthrough will come to the United Kingdom, but it will not come in the way many are expecting.

I have seen the map of the United Kingdom and very small fires of God being started in many small places. Many are expecting a great huge fire of God to fall onto the United Kingdom and a huge revival to start. I do not disagree that revival will come to the United Kingdom, but I see it starting in a way many do not expect.

As these small fires are ignited throughout the United Kingdom, I see them being started in many places and they end up covering all corners of the nation. As all these small fires are lit by the Lord, eventually these many small fires will be so strong and unite together with others that the nation will blaze.

These fires will be ushered in by the people of God continually holding onto the truth of James 5:16, and continuing in their prayers and intercession.

These fires will burn away thorns in the ground, so the soil may be purified so that many flowers may begin to grow and rise up freely, and the nation of the United Kingdom begin to rise up into the beautiful garden of righteousness that the Lord desires it to be.