C21) UK The Lights of Revival (L. Duns, 2004).

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I received the following picture and word as I was praying in the Spirit in 2004. It came as part of a word for a well known Christian ministry in Britain, to encourage them to persue being led by the Spirit in where they held their future revival meetings. It is likely though that this picture also portrays the general pattern of revival centres across Britain in the future.

I saw a map of Great Britain with many lights burning brightly across it, in various towns and cities. It was hard to recall exactly where all of these were later on but I remembered these lights had been situated most densely in the vicinity of London, Bristol, Birmingham and in other cities and towns scattering northwards. Most surprisingly perhaps was that I had seen that one of the places with highest density of these lights was along the West coast of Scotland.

L. Duns, 2004.