C23) UK A Wind of unbelief blowing across the Nation, (S. Dobbs, 2004).

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In 2004 I believe the Lord showed me that a spiritual wind of unbelief is now blowing across the nation, (in the UK but probably also in other nations in the Western world in particular as well). This can cause those affected by it to doubt the faith, and even fall away, far more rapidly than has previously been the case. I also saw that a good way to avoid this wind was to serve God's larger scale agendas and purposes* for e.g. by regularly spending time praying for the town or city in which one lived. Whilst it is God's will that we should pray for personal issues and for our own family and friends as well, I saw that this would not offer the same level of protection as praying for God's larger agendas.

Note inserted in 2009; and pursuing ones calling in God as ones major priority in life.

S. Dobbs, Jan 2005.