C26) UK A Word Describing Today’s Spiritual Climate, (L. Duns, Feb 2004)

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During the past few months I believe that the Lord has been showing me things about the current spiritual climate in Britain. It may also relate to Europe.

Recently I was walking along a beach in the late afternoon. At this beach the tides go out a long way exposing dangerous mud flats which seem to extend as far as the eye can see. The sea comes in very fast and many people have been caught by these tides in the mud and some have died as a result. As is common here the sea and the cloudy, misty sky were both grey and it was very hard to see clearly or distinguish between these two elements. I felt the Lord emphasise that the spiritual climate was similar to the scene I was looking at in the natural world. I saw that the enemy was at work with subtle deceptions that were hard to distinguish. I felt that a spiritual tide from the enemy could come in unexpectedly at any moment but that it was hard for us to see or be aware of this danger. I saw that in the times in which we were now living it was crucial, for us as believers, that we build our lives on Jesus, so that we would not then be in danger of being swept away by any fast approaching tide from the enemy.

L. Duns, Feb 2005.