C28) UK, A False Teacher Influencing the People of God. (C. Nambassa July 2004).

(This word also appears as A57 in List A and links to words C41, C27, A40, C45, A46, A48, A49, A37, C27, C46, C41,).

After arriving in Britain from Uganda I moved to Bristol, (in the month of November 2003), and stayed there with a Christian family. As I continued visiting different prayer meetings for Bristol I realised that God was leading me to be more involved in whatever was going on in this city, and that my being there was not a coincidence, but that God has led me there for a purpose. I then devoted myself to pray more earnestly for Bristol during my private prayer time. It was during one of these times of prayer that I received a trance; this related to Bristol but also to Britain as a nation as well. The following is what I saw:

I saw a white lady, her back towards me, who was looking directly at an open door which had a very bright light in it. Her legs however were shackled in chains so she could not move through this door. As I continued looking I saw the chains being loosened from her legs and immediately she started walking through the door. Though all this was shown to me during the time I was praying for Bristol I also believe that it also applies to Britain. I did not understand exactly what God was showing me so I prayed for more revelation.

God is so faithful, for the following night, as I slept; I received a dream which I believe was from the Lord. I dreamt that I was walking through a city, being led and guided by someone who I did not know. As we moved around the city we reached a place where there was a big gathering of people. As we approached them I noticed that there was someone there giving a speech; he was preaching to the crowd. I also noticed something else, everyone present at that meeting was attentively listening and were very much in agreement with everything this person said. I then realised in my spirit that whatever the man was saying to the people was not godly but was false teaching and that the devil was using a spirit of deception to confuse the people of God. I immediately confronted this man to refute all that he was saying. I then received much opposition from the people listening to him but I took my stand and started binding the spirit of deception that was working through the man. There was a kind of spiritual battle between me and the man who had been speaking but God was on my side and caused me to prevail.

Thereafter in my dream I found myself led to a prayer meeting where the people had gathered to pray. I was then asked by the leader of this prayer meeting to lead in a song. As I stood up to sing I found myself singing, “There is power in the blood of Jesus” and also “Victory in the blood of Jesus”. All the people were rejoicing, jumping, shouting and clapping their hands. The meeting showed that we were celebrating a victory.

After this dream I sat on my bed and started meditating on the whole thing and it was at this time that the following was revealed to me. The trance and the dream were related. I saw that because I had asked God for more revelation after the trance He had then given me the dream and this is the revelation:

The woman I saw bound in shackles in the trance represents the nation/Church of Britain. God was showing me that although this lady is bound there is before her an open door of blessings, victory, prosperity, revival, spiritual breakthrough, etc. and there is hope that she will be unbound and be able to walk through this open door. What had bound this lady and what can bring her release was revealed to me in the dream. The gathering looks to me to be the church. The person who was speaking to them represents deception/a false teacher which is invading the people of God, and it seems that it has overpowered many people and deceived many. Most of the Christians are content with what is going on, but the Spirit of God is leading me to tell you that there is need for some people to stand in the midst of opposition to confront this spirit of deception and according to the dream the people who stand will receive a lot of rejection. But God also showed me that the people of God/the church will be helped to receive revival breakthrough by these few people who can come together and pray against this false teaching/deception.

As the Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land”. I saw that although there have been people praying there is also the need for humility by those who pray against such deception.

Dear brethren, I would also want to bring to you the Scripture which God had given to me earlier on, before I had received this vision; Hosea 2:14-16. In this portion of Scripture God showed me that He has led the church of Great Britain from her comfort zone into the wilderness. In this case the wilderness means a place of thirst, hunger, discomfort and need. God is saying that it will be in this place that he is going to bring back that which the devil had stolen from the people of God, and that there will be singing and rejoicing because God is going to speak to the British church tenderly in that place.

C. Nambassa, July 2004.