C34) Lava Flows of the Spirit Across the UK, (Mark Aldrige, 2004).

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I received this picture and word in 2004.

I saw flows of red hot volcanic lava bubbling up from under the surface of the earth in various places across Britain. In some places a lava stream would emerge, flow for a while, then stop, cool down & solidify. In other places it would stop then start again later on. In others the lava would flow continually and spread out to the surrounding areas or join up with flows of lava from other places.

The lava represented moves of the Holy Spirit and revival in various places across Britain in the future. I saw that this would happen in the towns and cities where the Christians were earnestly seeking and serving God and submitting much to Jesus Christ. I did not see a single stream of lava covering the whole country at once but saw that it would appear in this irregular pattern, in different places at different times across the nation in the future.*

* It was unclear which stage of revival this word related to, whether it was an earlier stage of revival or the peak of revival in Britain.