C38) USA The Creeping Influence Of The Banks And Freemasonry Within The USA. (S. Dobbs, 2007).

(This word links to Nos A47, C37, C33 , C42, A45, B11, A52,).

I received this word in the summer of 2007. The Holy Spirit showed me that increasing environmental disasters were going to become financially burdensome to the USA. The American governments will be forced to borrow more dollars from the banks to cope with this. This will combine with the high cost of the US foreign policy and its bid to remain the dominant influence in the world. As a result the USA will have ever increasing debts to the banks.

These banks are greatly influenced by Freemasonry. Many leading bankers are secret Freemasons. They will gain an increasing influence over the USA as a result.

I saw a picture of the U.S flag flying from a flagpole. Climbing up the pole was a creeping ivy like plant. This symbolised the creeping influence of Freemasonry over the USA.

Freemasonry is part of the occult. As the USA becomes increasingly dependant on funds controlled by Freemasons it will be drawing its power source from them, from freemasonry and the occult. That’s where their money and power will be drawn from. The US influence in the world will therefore be drawing increasingly from an occult source.

The spiritual atmosphere in the USA will be influence by the spirits associated with this. The minds of many people in the US will be blinded by this change in the spiritual atmosphere there, this increasingly occult atmosphere.

S.Dobbs, 2007.

[Note added in Aug 2009: Since the banking crisis of 2008 most of the governments of the nations in the western world, and beyond, have run up huge debts which could increase the effect mentioned above.]