C45) UK Waves of Deception Entering the UK, (David Noakes 1990).

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The wording below was taken from pages 167-9 of “Blessing the Church”*

David Noakes' prophecy:

“During the summer of 1990, the members of the ministry team of which I was part met together for a day to pray and wait upon the Lord about this perplexing matter of the then-impending visit of the Kansas City prophets. During that time, I received and shared a vivid mental picture.

I saw first a large flat empty expanse of sand on a seashore. The sea was a very long way back down the beach, and scattered about on the sand were a number of large rocks, all of which seemed to be about four to five feet high. Each rock had a flat top on which was a small lighthouse.

The picture then changed. The rocks no longer supported lighthouses but were otherwise unaltered. The sands were covered with many people, enjoying themselves on the beach on a fine warm day. Then, as I watched, there came sweeping in across the sand a sudden very swift flood-tide. Nobody had time to get out of it's way, except for some who scrambled onto the tall rocks and stood there, above the level of the water which seemed to be about three to four feet deep.

There was no panic from those in the water. After momentary surprise, they were splashing around and shouting to those who were up on the rocks: 'Come on in, the water's warm and it feels lovely', but those on the rocks were refusing, saying 'we don't trust it'.

Then, as suddenly as the flood-tide had come in, it receded back across the sands and all those in the water were swept out with it. The sands were now empty again except for those standing on the rocks, whom I saw had now become the lighthouses which I had first seen.

Asking the Lord what this meant, I received the understanding that the flood-tide signified a coming wave of deception; it was not the first and it would recede, but it would not be the last and further more potent waves of deception would come. Those who remained happily in the water were deceived by the fleshy appeal of what was happening to them, and their failure to discern the true nature of it and withdraw would mean that they would be easily swept into the next wave when it came, and further deceived. Those who stood on the rocks were those who stood on the rock of God's Word and distrusted what was suddenly happening, and they would continue to be as lighthouses of warning, when further flood-tides came in to try to deceive God's people.

The Toronto Experience: The phenomenon of Kansas City did receded, although it left behind a lot of confusion and unresolved issues, and I thought little about that picture again for some years.

Then, in the early months of 1994, we began to hear of the amazing things which were being reported from Toronto....I was convinced the Lord was requiring me to make the trip and I went to

Toronto for a weeks visit....During these times of worship, many people began to exhibit jerking bodily movements which were unnatural.....From a number of years experience of deliverance ministry, I would identify a good deal of what I saw as proceeding from demonic spirits....What disturbed me most was not that Satan was active - of course he always is – but the failure of leadership to distinguish between the spirits which were operating”. (D. Noakes).

David Noakes.

* “Blessing the Church” was co-authored by C. Hill, P. Fenwick, D. Forbes and David Noakes and published by Eagle in 1995, it can be bought online 2nd hand from Amazon.com.