(C47), AFRICA: Christian Leaders in Africa Should not Compromise Gods Plans in Order to Stay in Unity With U.S Ministers, (S. Dobbs, 2004).

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I received this word in 2004.

The Lord showed me a picture of the continent of Africa as if I were looking at it from the north, from above in the skies of Europe. Rising up from Africa was a great mountain that stretched from the east coast to the west coast, filling almost the entire continent; on top of this mountain stood a black man.

The mountain symbolised the great purposes of God that will arise out of Africa. I understood that God wants these to be led by black African men.

I then saw another mountain which appeared next to the first mountain, to the right of it, from the direction of America. It had the same outline shape as the first mountain but it wasn’t real. It didn’t arise from the ground but was suspended in the air, over where the sea would be. It was also translucent, you could see right through it. It was like an illusion, or mirage, or a pencil outline drawing of the first mountain.

The two mountains occupied different places except at a small area where their two lower bases overlapped each other, where the right hand base of the African mountain overlapped the left hand base of the outline of a mountain. This was only a tiny fraction of mountains total area. Apart from that there was no common ground occupied by them.

I understood that the second mountain symbolised ministries that will come to Africa from the USA. These will offer to support the African leaders as they go about serving Gods purposes. At first the US ministries will appear to have the same agendas. That is why the two mountains had an identical outline and shape. However the African leaders who team up with the US ministries will soon realise that this is not really the case. The U.S ministries will really have different agendas. That is why the second mountain was in a different place and wasn't a real mountain at all, only the appearance of one.

I understood that where African leaders team up with US ministries the US ministries will start asking, and even demanding, an equal role in leading the purposes of God from Africa, but this will not be God's will. That is why the two mountains were the same height. The US ministries will not be satisfied with only the supportive role that was originally offered.

Satan will then try to use the ministries from the USA to thwart the true purposes of God from Africa. What at first appeared to be the same agendas will turn out to be very different. The US ministries will start introducing agendas that are not from God, that were never intended to be part of Gods plans. This will put the African leaders that link with them in a very awkward position. This will be one of Satan's major plans to oppose the true purposes of God that will arise from Africa in the future.

Satan will then start ministering thoughts into the minds of the African leaders saying “you must keep unity with these U.S leaders, you must therefore compromise on the leadings of the Spirit and the plans that you have received from God in order to maintain this unity”. This will be a cunning and subtle ministry from the devil.

However the Lord says “make it your priority to obey the Lord you’re God, do not compromise on any of the leadings of the Spirit that God has given you, not even for the sake of unity”.

The African leaders who do compromise, and start watering down or changing the plans that God has given them, who start introducing some of the agendas from the U.S ministries instead, will find they are diverted from the path God has for them. They will drift away from the true purposes of God that are arising from Africa. They will move away from the true mountain to the false appearance of a mountain, they will move into the plans of man and into diversions from the enemy. They will then fail to fulfil their true callings in God for Africa and beyond. Obedience to God should be their first priority. This is of paramount importance.

This word is warning against African leaders making such alliances with ministries from the U.S.A. This may seem a harsh word but it is what the Lord has given me to say.

[Comment; this does not necessarily mean that all such US ministries will be bad, (some will be), but I think that they will all lack the specific gifting needed to follow, and stick to, the type of leadings of the Spirit that God will be giving to African leaders in the future.]

S. Dobbs, June 2008.