C52) John Mullinde’s Word for France, 1997.

This is part of words No A9 and C73. This is part of a longer word for Europe, (see No A 9).

I will briefly say of France that as a nation, it needs a lot more prayer now than ever before. In May 1997, just before I visited France I received a very unusual impression upon my heart. I was praying for France and I felt deep in my spirit that God is pushing France into a position that it has not experienced for a very long time, being at a crossroads. He is giving France a chance to reconsider its destiny. On the one hand, is the darkness rising over the nations of Europe, and on the other is the revival God is about to send to sweep Europe.

I felt deep in my spirit that God is giving a period of two years to France during which everything done will be like a seed for the future. If the church in France will arise in unity to cry out to God to remember mercy,… If it will work at cleansing the land, reconciliation and instituting prayer all over the land….. Yes if deep travelling prayer will arise to God in desperate seeking, then the Lord will certainly visit France with a new refreshing touch.

But if complacency reigns and the nation drifts away from the Lord of Host , if the church dies not rise up to the challenge there is no doubt a great judgement will come upon France and no one will be able to save it. It would be totally consumed by the dark cloud of evil hovering over the continent. The whole destiny of the land depends on what the church will do in the next two years. If it will, the church can determine the course of this great nation.

I do not claim at all to understand the full meanings of the above word. I believe a lot needs to be made clear to me and I am eager to allow the Lord to teach me. I however, feel a great sense of urgency for France. The next two years are crucial years that France should not waste. Whatever is sown is what will be reaped.

As people from other nations, God has burdened us to pray for Europe. All we can do is pledge our faithfulness in this and also a willingness to come over and share experiences that God has taught us in praying for revival in our own nations. It will take a lot of work to produce the required results in Europe. It will also call for substantial contribution from people of other nations. May his will be accomplished, Amen!

If anyone is interested in other prophetic words God has given John covering nations like Israel, USA, Africa and others they can be made available from World Trumpet Mission, Kampala, Uganda.

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