(C54) UK: A Sinking Ship, Falling Away and a Grassroots Move of God in the UK, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2006).

Introduction: I have included other prophecies that appear to link to this word as part of the notes at the bottom of the page. This prophecy may just relate the native white Anglo Saxon part of the UK church rather than to Christians from the ethnic minorities living in the UK as well although this is not made clear in the word itself. I received this prophecy as a series of pictures accompanied by the interpretations in Jan 2006. Any scriptures used were added as notes of my own and therefore put in brackets, taken from the N.K.J. version of the bible.

The timing of this word: I removed this section in Dec 2020 since it was not part of the actual prophecy itself and consisted of my guessology concerning dates which I've since realised is usually impossible to do.  

The Hills: In the first picture I saw a view of many undulating hills, large rounded mounds which stood close together. They were covered in healthy, vigorous short green grass, a bit like the grass you would see on the causeway of a golf course. The hills were all roughly the same size and shape, not particularly large or high, perhaps about forty to sixty feet high. These had narrow valleys dipping down sharply in between them. This picture symbolised the state of churches in the UK just at the start of the season, (possibly around 2010/11). Each hill symbolised the spiritual condition of an individual church. The hills were not that high. This was a good thing as it symbolised the fact that, generally, there was no excessive pride amongst believers in the UK at this time, no excessive pride in them being a Christian that is. The valleys represented humility and these were narrow and took up less space implying that there were fewer Christians in a humble state during this season. The picture also suggested that generally speaking, the more humble believers tend to be on, the outskirts of churches, at the bottom of the hills or in the valleys that surrounded them, (explained later on by the towers). The healthy green grass meant that there was life in the churches across this nation. However there was only the short grass, no larger vegetation or fruit bearing plants or trees. This would suggest that on the whole the churches of the United Kingdom are not that fruitful at present.*1

The Sky: The second picture described the spiritual climate across the nation at this time.*2 The sky was overcast with a complete covering of cloud. However this was mostly thin cloud so although the rays of the sun could not penetrate this the sunlight was still filtering through. It reminded me of an overcast day in mid autumn. There was a lot of brooding activity in the sky as if the clouds were about to suddenly change. It was as if the spiritual situation was in the balance with things about to either get much better with the clouds separating in places so they would start letting the sun’s rays through again, or get dramatically worse with dense dark storm clouds developing which would then block out even more of the sunlight. I was not shown whether the situation gets better or worse after this, (this was one of the major ambiguities within this word), the notes below examine this.*3

Snowflakes: Next I saw the same picture of the sky again only this time there were snowflakes falling from it. Where ever a snow flake touched a believer it symbolised their hearts turning cold as their love for God waned.*2 I could see that about half of the Christians in the UK would be affected in this way. [The bible tells us that in the end times "the love of many will grow cold," (Matt 24; 12)].

The Towers: The fourth picture was a close up one of the hills or mounds that I’d seen earlier. This symbolised the situation concerning most churches across the UK. On top of the hill was a very tall tower, taller than the hill itself. It looked like one of those tall red brick chimneys’ you often see at quarries; rounded with a narrow base but rising high up into the sky. I understood that this symbolised a different type of pride that did exist within the UK church, it was the pride that most Christians have about their own church or fellowship. The fact that the tower was high but only had a very narrow base suggested to me how disproportionate this type of pride was. It was quite excessive which contrasted with the lower levels of pride in the UK church overall. [As we know "pride goes before destruction", (Prov 16; 18), and "God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble," (1 Pt 5; 5), and this was pride in ones own church].

Leaving and moving down into the valleys: The fifth picture was a repeat of the fourth except that it also showed people flocking down the hill away from the tower. I understood that something huge was going to happen in the UK at this time that will cause all Christians of good conscience to feel that they cannot continue fellowshipping in any of the official churches or places of worship as we do now. [I was not shown why this will happen or what will cause this but have looked at this in the notes below*4]. These believers were moving away from the tower, down the hill and into one of the narrow valleys of humility below. I understood that people will be leaving churches in this way right across the UK during this season.

A grassroots move of the Holy Spirit: Next I was shown that the Holy Spirit would accompany this movement away from churches. It was actually Gods will and would be part of an anointed grassroots move of God across Britain.

Fellowshipping at grassroots level: In the sixth picture I saw a group of Christians who had just left one church. They then met up at street level with a couple who had left another church. This was symbolic of what will take place across the UK at this time. They were excited yet sober minded and shook hands enthusiastically in warm fellowship. They were aware that even more dramatic events had started to happen in the world, things of truly biblical proportions in far off places.*5 It seemed that things in the world were about to become truly awesome. This encouraged these Christians. The Holy Spirit worked in and with them. Their attitudes had changed to something more along the lines of the first Christians in New Testament era.

Becoming Kingdom of God orientated: Neither of these groups of Christians even thought to ask what church the other had just left, this didn’t even enter their minds. Their thinking had changed and they were now centred on Gods Kingdom rather than on a church orientation. They had great unity because of this and Gods kingdom had become real to them. They were starting to experience more of this in their ordinary everyday lives. [I would like to add here that this did not mean they had become spiritual supermen, they were still ordinary people, earthen vessels, but their Christianity had taken on much more of the flavour of what we read about in the New Testament. No doubt healings etc will take place amongst them but this was not in any way being highlighted in this word. It was their attitude that was the most important thing. They appeared as true humble disciples, followers of Jesus Christ].

Only the better leaders will respond: I saw that it will be easier for ordinary Christians to leave their churches than for leaders. In general leaders will have to have more humility in order to respond to this grass roots move of Gods Spirit. They have more to lose by leaving their churches, (their status, positions of influence and incomes as full time ministers etc). Because of this I saw that a smaller percentage of leaders than ordinary Christians would respond to this grass roots move of God away from meeting in church and fellowship buildings. I understood that many leaders would compromise with the negative forces in the UK instead in order to keep their buildings open and their position as leaders secure. A leader who responded to this grassroots move of God would find themselves on the same footing as the ordinary Christians around them.

A C16th sailing ship: I saw a picture of an old sailing ship, the sort used about five hundred years ago, medium sized with the rear third of the deck raised higher than the rest, with just three main masts from which square sails hung. This symbolised a typical church within the UK. [I think the use of a picture of an old ship was used here to reflect the fact that that many US Christians view UK Christianity as being fairly old fashioned. We also still have programs like Songs of Praise shown on T.V in the UK. This image of an old ship may also therefore reflect how unbelievers view churches in the UK. If you look through the phonebook the vast majority of churches in the UK are still in the historic denominations which in many ways do still appear a little old fashioned]. I think this picture was more to do with image than the quality of such churches though.

Short of crew members to sail the ship: I then saw that only about one third*6 of the crew were onboard this ship and that this was barely enough to keep the ship sea worthy. This reveals how many Christians will stop going to church in the UK at this time. Many churches across the UK will be in danger of closing down due to this. They will barely be able to keep functioning. The one third of Christians that will be left attending existing churches and fellowships will be those who did not fall away but who did not respond to Gods leading to stop fellowshipping in official Christian buildings either. They are the ones who resisted the grassroots move of Gods Spirit.

Stout captains who resisted God: On the deck of the ship stood the captain, he was a sturdy man, (implying he still carried considerable influence). He was larger in stature than the others. He symbolised the leaders of the churches across the UK who will compromise with the event mentioned to keep their church open instead of leaving and joining the grass roots move of God instead. Below deck was the church caretaker. I understood that he symbolised a Christian who had continued to fellowship at the existing church building because he enjoyed his work as handy man there and the sense of purpose and status that this had given him. He had chosen this over Gods will for his life. The others who remained on board had also compromised in similar ways.

The sinking ship: I then saw the same picture again only this time the sea was almost level with the forward deck where the captain was standing. The situation was perilous as the water was on the verge of coming onto the deck and sinking the ship. The captain seemed to be standing strong though and still appeared to be a force to be reckoned with. This reflected the fact that the present church set up across the UK will be in danger of completely collapsing at this time due to so many people leaving churches. The leaders of these churches will continue to try to keep things going though.

The back of the mirror: The ninth picture was of a full length old fashioned tailors mirror, the sort that spins around 360 degrees on a central pivot. The back of such mirrors used to be rough untreated wood in the past because this part was not on display. In this picture a leader of a church was looking at the rough wooden back of such a mirror. This symbolised the view most leaders in the UK have today of the new Christian trends coming across from the USA. In general they see these as rough, crude and not fit for purpose in Gods kingdom. In the main most leaders in the UK don’t therefore see themselves getting personally involved with these trends. [It is worth noting here that most leaders in the UK are still part of the historic denominations although this wasnt referring exclusively to them].

180 degree turn and reflective glass: The tenth picture showed the same mirror only this time it had spun around 180 degrees on its central pivot so that now this leader was looking at his own reflection in the glass at the front of this mirror. This symbolised how in the future, when churches across the UK are struggling to remain viable, many leaders will then start seeing themselves as part of these new Christians trends from the USA. Those who would have previously had nothing to do with such trends will start seeing the advantages of getting involved with them. They will see the benefits these new trends could have for their ministries popularity and their churches survival. Many will then decide to compromise a second time and link in with the new movements within “Christianity.”*7 [It seems to me that this must include leaders of the historic denominations in the UK as well as the more modern fellowships. A powerful spiritual principle seems to be reflected here. Some of the more discerning and doctrine based leaders, even those who previously emphasised scripture as opposed to moving in the things of the Spirit, will find that once they have resisted Gods will and put their flesh first they will then be susceptible to spiritually deceptive influences that they would never have had any truck with before].

A gang plank and a modern cruise ship: In the eleventh picture I saw a massive modern ocean going liner which looked like a pleasure cruiser. It was off white in colour and had the word “USA” written in large letters on its side. This symbolised new Christian trends coming from the USA. This cruise ship lowered a gang plank down to the old fashioned ship from the UK which was about to sink. It was offering a way out for those on the older sailing ship, a way to keep their churches going. Anyone who wanted to could cross over and join in with this new Christian movement from the USA. It appeared to be open to all with no strings attached. It was not sinking like the older UK ship.

Inside the cruise ship: The modern liner had the appearance that it was going places. Strangely though it appeared almost empty, I couldnt see many people onboard it. I saw that there was no crew steering this modern vessel, and no captain, there was no actual leadership of it, (at this time). It sailed as if on its own with no one at the wheel. It was not a denomination or church organisation but this Christian movement or trend.

Travelling on board this ship: There were many positions vacant on this ship. It appeared easy to join this Christian movement and set up one’s own ministry within it. Inside I saw different decks, most appeared fairly empty so there were many potential roles people could try to take upon themselves within this ship. It was almost as if anyone could have a go at creating their own ministry within it.

Sailing away from biblical truth: Lastly I saw a series of pictures, snapshots, as this modern vessel headed out to sea. It got smaller and smaller with each picture until it completely disappeared from view as it vanished into a hazy cloud near the horizon. This symbolised how this new Christian movement will become full of ever increasing deception. The more time passes the greater these deceptions will become and the less and less relevant this movement will be to the true purposes of God. Eventually it will disappear from the body of Christ altogether as it abandons the central teachings of salvation through faith in Christ’s death on the cross.

S. Dobbs, Aug 2011.


Notes revamped in 2015:

*Although the Hills *1 represent only a medium level of pride overal they are only covered in grass not larger vegetation or fruit bearing plants which suggests to me that the UK church was not particularly fruitful for Gods Kingdom at that time, I would suggest because of its church orientation rather than Christ orientation as depicted by the immense pride people did have in their own particular place of worship/fellowship despite not being excessively proud as Christians more generally.

*2 I am of the opinion that the spiritual clouds will become darker during this season, that a great wave of deception will enter the UK after this word opens, that this will worsen the spiritual atmosphere across the nation, devastate much of the church and lead to the discouragement and falling away of many Christians. I believe this wave of deception will enter the UK mainly from the USA via the internet and word of mouth. I expect that this will be followed by a sudden deterioration in the moral condition of the nation and the growth of paganism and the occult in our secular society which will further discourage believers. because many Christians will have been expecting a real revival and an improvement in the UK at this timeI believe. This wave of deception will manifest as a counterfeit revival instead, full of New Age/ocult deception and that this relates to the USA ship mentioned later on in this word.

*3 However I think that just after this season, when all seems lost, there will then be a genuine move of God coming into the UK as part of a global revival from Africa, through African Christians living here. This will result in an improvement in the spiritual climate in the UK for a season, with the dark clouds separating and letting in the sun’s rays of Gods presence and annointing again, enabling localised revivals, whilst the falling away will continue amongst other believers at the same time.

*4 I was not told what this event will be but my guess is that interfaith laws will be passed in the UK, (or perhaps more likely across the whole of the E.U as someone else has suggested). The initial aim or cover storey of the government may be to use these laws to control Mosques and Islamic fundamentalism in the UK, to force more compliance and integration amongst Muslims  to help in the war on terror. The issue of religious equality  used as an excuse to introduce the same restrictions on Christian churches and all other religious places of worship as well. Imagine if every church leader had to register with a Department of Interfaith and sign a form accepting that there were many ways to God in order to gain a licence to keep open his place of worship. This would then make it impossible for any sincere Christians to continue fellowshipping in such a place. We believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father and could not compromise on that point. The churches whose leaders refused to register would then become illegal and could be closed down. Others would separate from comprromisedleaders and set up illegal underground churches themselves.  People would then have to fellowship underground, unofficially, in unregistered places of worship, e.g. in one another’s houses. Surely God would send His Spirit to accompany any such movement of Christians as they followed their consciences and left their churches for Christs sake particularly if this coincided with the start of the end times great revival outpouring from Africa? Those who continued to go to compromised churches though would be undermining their faith and would therefore become open to more deception in the future. That is how I would interpret this.

*5 I would expect this to involve events surrounding the God of Magog’s failed war against Israel as described in this word. I expect a great global outpouring of God Spirit to follow Israels acceptance of the Messiah, accepting Jesus as the Christ, after this war, (see Ez 39; 23, 28, 29, and Rms 11. 25, 26).

*6 At the risk of becoming overly mathematical here it appears to me that if the love of about 1/2, (i.e. 50%), of UK Christians will have grown cold by the end of this period, (see paragraph five entitled "snowflakes"), and if one 1/3rd , (i.e. 33%), of Christians remain in churches after this in a compromised state having refused to be a part of the grassroots move of God away from existing churches, then this would only leave about 1/6th, (17%), of Christians to take part in that grassroots move of God. Take from that the % of believers, who may die during this period, (this may be higher than normal as it will be a period of great demonic attack on the church) and we have less than 17% of present day believers forming a faithful remnant at this time.  The effectiveness of a church is obviously not just about its numbers but I think the UK church will be very much reduced in size by then.

*7 This suggests to me that most of the people who remain in the congregations of compromised churches will have already bought into the new "Christian" trend from the USA. Why else would their leaders think it advantageous to get involved with these trends themselves in order to keep their churches afloat due to shrinking congregations sizes? If these congregations were buying into these deceptions already themselves this would seem to make sense.

As I finish writing these notes it strikes me that a sailing ship is propelled by the wind, which is often used to symbolise the Holy Spirit. A modern ocean going cruise ship is powered by manmade engines and dependant on human ingenuity and political power and is also designed to attract tourists on holiday which appeals to the flesh with all sorts of entertainments on board. Such a church is not dependant or influenced by the wind of Gods Spirit and could easily drift into increasing deception which will ultimately lead to apostasy and abandoning the faith once greater self sacrifice is needed to remain loyal to Christ.

S. Dobbs, Aug 2011.