C56), The Growth of Paganism in UK, the New Age floods into the W. Church, (S. Dobbs, 2011).

Please test this for yourself. Whilst praying with a friend in March 2011 I believe the following pictures and words were given to me by the Holy Spirit:

I saw that thick light grey/off white coloured clouds had already moved down from the sky and were now very close to the ground over the UK, (I believe something similar to this word will happen across the entire western world). These symbolised spiritual influences from the kingdom of darkness. These did not look threatening as their light colour belied their true nature. I saw that this symbolised what was already going on in the spiritual realm over the UK at present.

In the same picture I saw that there were pagan influences already operating at ground level in the UK but that these worked in “obscurity” at present, i.e. the public were not generally aware of this. However the descending clouds would soon reach down and connect with these pagan influences which would then become “empowered.” Although I was given no dates I sensed that these things were not far away and would happen very soon, (I would estimate towards the end of this year).

The Lord then brought back to my memory the subtle way in which the media in the South West had referred to the summer solstice over the past few years. I saw that this had been a ploy of the enemy to cause the general public to become aware of this time of pagan celebration without any direct reference to paganism itself. This had been preparing the way for a more obvious emergence of paganism within the UK and the open celebration of this pagan festival.

I understood that as pagan beliefs started to emerge more openly in British society those involved would highlight the idea of “diversity.” However despite this the pagan movement already had a different agenda and plans to bring about a “unified belief system.” In the meantime I saw that “likenesses” would emerge, deceptive pagan influences that would appear to be like Catholicism or forms of charismatic Christianity. I was then shown the first picture again and perceived that many Christian would go “astray” due to these influences which will at first appear to be “nice” and “attractive”.

I understood that during this time the devil would also be attempting to work as much as possible in the hearts and minds of both Christians and unbelievers to prepare them to accept his next moves. The kingdom of darkness would stimulate and increase “controlling influences"* within people’s souls, the aim being to pave the way for them to accept a more controlling form of paganism in the future. I understood that if people were already be in the habit of thinking along these lines they would more readily accept the emergence of the fuller form of paganism that will follow.

I was shown that this would affect many Christian’s walk with God, their spiritual vision and the direction they would take. It will result in greater levels of spiritual blindness and cause many to believe that the bible was no longer as relevant to their lives. At this time many Christians will also experience a “revolution” in their souls and a turning against the truth.

The first lighter picture which symbolised the initial phase of these spiritual influences will then be replaced by a much darker and heavier picture. Many people will then find themselves “dumbfounded” at what they see appearing around them. Unfortunately though many “Christians” will have already been “deafened” by these spiritual influences by then and will have become “trapped” by these influences.

Having been taken by surprise many of the deceived Christians will then think to themselves “but this isn’t Christianity.” At that time the Christian believers who have not fallen for these deceptions will be called to help the deceived believers. I saw that it will be very important that they do this with PATIENCE.

Lastly I saw a picture of dust being blown up into the air by strong movements of swirling, gushing hot air from the enemy. The dust reflected people/Christians and the wind these spiritual forces of the enemy. Because many “Christians” will not be prepared for these things they will be easily overcome and influenced by these spiritual winds from the enemy. [I believe this implies that we are not to make judgements about those who get deceived as many will be overcome by forces greater than themselves].

* It is now Jan 2021 and I find myself wondering whether some of these "controlling influences" relate to the new rules brought in relation to the lockdowns, social distancing, wearing of face masks, track and trace and associated with Covid 19? Along with the idea of having to have ones mobile phone scanned to prove people are virus free in order to go into shops and/or a vacine passport which may be placed under the skin of ones hand to be scanned, a likley forunner of the 666 mark of the beast at the end of this age?

S. Dobbs, March 2011.


Christians Receiving These Deceptive Clouds:

Later that day I was pondering a word that a friend had also had on this issue as we had been praying. This stated that many “Christians” will reach out and embrace these descending clouds of deceptive spirituality. As I was wondering why they would do this I believe the Lord brought to my remembrance previous words concerning this. These stated that a great wave of deception would soon flood the church of the western world, based on occult counterfeits and a New Age spiritual anointing. Many Christians will willingly receive this into their hearts, in error, due to their belief that it is a new move from God. This suggests to me that the enemy clouds in the above word will descend in the UK at the same times as a great wave of deception invades the church of the western world. If interested the following prophecies all relate to this wave of deception and how to prepare for this; http://www.propheciesfortoday.uk.com/newpage.php

S. Dobbs, March 2011.

[I believe that that soon after these things there will be a great global move of the Spirit which will also have impact in the UK. It appears to me, from various other prophecies I've witnessed to, that the church of the UK will start out smaller than it is today but will also be more submitted to God, more anointed and more used by God].